Chapter 3814: Celestial Decapitation

The golden light tore apart the darkness and blinded the spectators.

“Righteous Scion!” People couldn’t help blurting out his title.

In fact, some found him to be quite cute right now despite prior distaste or even animosity towards him.

After all, when they were lost in the darkness, his light returned their vision. This gave them a better impression of him, at least momentarily.

Meanwhile, the darkness didn’t give up. An invisible hand seemed to be gathering everything beneath heaven. A massive tree could finally be seen after being illuminated by the golden light.

The area around it was darker than black and the tree itself was even darker. Thus, due to its extreme hue, its faint outline could be seen. If there was a god of darkness, this tree would be it.

It immediately devoured the power of darkness to gather more energy. However, people thought that this might not be the right interpretation since it seemed like the source of darkness. It was only recalling what belonged to it in the first place.

“Boom!” It stretched one of its branches and a dreadful dark power came crashing down, enough to smash everything into pieces.

This devastating power pushed the scion several steps backward. The golden light from his spear dimmed immensely.

“So strong!” Someone commented because the scion was still at a disadvantage despite his oceanic level of vitality stemming from his twelve palaces. His body would be crushed if this continued.

The crowd’s amazement of the sword art grew more and more. The scion’s power was no joke. He had proven his supremacy time and time again.

Now, he was using his supreme grand dao and channeled all of his power yet Dugu Lan’s sword art still had the upper hand. Because her cultivation was inferior, the sword art was doing the majority of the work.

“A technique from Void Zone isn’t only for show.” An imperial ancestor remarked.

By this point, most got a good taste of how frightening the legendary Void Zone was.

“So what is this tree?” A youth stared at the dark tree and trembled with fear. It looked just like the source of darkness.

Many knowledgeable ancestors couldn’t answer. An ancient being from the dynasty finally broke the silence: “It’s a devil typha from the legends, this is just a derivation though, not a real one.”

The few that have heard of the tree before knew that this thing could kill gods.

“Activate!” The scion actually became more excited to see this powerful attack.

He formed a mudra to derive his grand dao further. Celestial brilliance emanated from his seven orbs, forming a separate domain to withstand the dark onslaught.

“Boom!” His fate palaces empowered his spear and a godfiend emerged from this domain.

His grand dao instantly engulfed this new entity, making a path for his true fate. In the next second, he became one with the godfiend.

“A resplendent crow god!” A sacred ancestor from a prestigious clan shouted.

“Whoosh!” The great god immediately unleashed two slashes.

The slashes created two gorges along the way, capable of breaking through all defenses. There was no technique nor variation - only pure murder.

“Bam!” The tree was cut and fell to the ground. The resulting sparks swept the darkness away.

People then saw Dugu Lan staggering backward. Everything turned back to normal with the exception of the massive crow god.

“We can see again!” People heaved a sigh of relief and found the sun rays to be wonderful.

Righteous Scion didn’t let Dugu Lan have time to rest and immediately attacked again.

He and the spear were nowhere to be found; the only thing left was the supreme god.

“Seven Celestial Decapitation!” His roar echoed across the realms.

The figure suddenly split into seven duplicates, one for each resplendent orb. Just one was already mighty enough, let alone seven.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The crow gods used seven different saber techniques. Nonetheless, they worked together flawlessly and aimed for a different fatal spot.

One looked like a hurricane; another looked like the sun… The only thing similar was their destructive nature.

This combination move could decapitate all living beings, as easy as a farmer harvesting crops. Heads and bodies would pile up like mountains; blood would flow like rivers.

“Watch it!” One big shot shouted to warn Dugu Lan.

No one from the young generation should be able to stop this. All they could do was watch while screaming.

Dugu Lan herself simply raised Trinity forward. It instantly split into three swords. To the left was a black sword, the right was white, and the middle was a fusion of both.

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