Chapter 3807: Not Interested

Various emotions surfaced in the spectators’ mind. Numerous geniuses were fans of Phantom and Hu Ben while looking down on Li Qiye, thinking that the guy relied on a non-traditional path…

Now, their stars and pride have been killed by Li Qiye. Those who hated Li Qiye before felt their hatred extinguished like a candle in the wind out of necessity.

Hell, two top geniuses stood no chance against Li Qiye, let alone them. It was better to swallow their indignation and grievances instead of courting death.

Of course, some also celebrated. For example, the crown prince.

Who benefited the most from this battle outcome? The crown prince, not Li Qiye.

His strongest rival, the third prince, was now dead - the same for his supporters. It couldn’t have gone any better for the crown prince. One could say that it was only a matter of time before his coronation at this point.

An old servant behind him became excited since they could ride his coattails as well.

“Congratulations, Your Highness.” The servant celebrated.

“Watch yourself!” The prince shouted. Even though this was a joyous matter, expressing joy was improper.

“My mistake, Your Highness.” The servant realized it and slapped himself twice.

The prince watched quietly, not expecting this day to actually come. The third prince has been truly successful so he felt great pressure.

Now, Li Qiye alone changed the entire direction of Vajra Dynasty. The crown prince was glad that he had made the right choice. Just one misstep could have resulted in unimaginable consequences.

Meanwhile, the crowd had no criticism regarding the trio’s death. Li Qiye beat them fair and square.

“Anyone else wants to rid Vajra of evil or stand on the side of justice?” Li Qiye laughed heartily and asked the crowd.

No one responded since they preferred to keep on living. Most only wanted to watch since this was the court’s internal affair. There was no need for outsiders to worry themselves, not to mention the risk in doing so.

In fact, some of the larger sects actually wanted an escalation so that Vajra would weaken as a result. They have been coveting Vajra’s position for so long now.

“If no one wants to play, I’ll get going then.” Li Qiye smiled.

With that, he handed the statue of Dhyana Dao Lord over to Wei Qianqing.

The crowd didn’t expect this because he thought that Li Qiye and Xu Cuimei were accomplices, wanting to betray the holy ground.

Now, he gave the statue to Wei Qianqing, one of the five geniuses of Duality but most importantly, the commander of Black Wood Cliff. They didn’t know why but it looked better for Li Qiye now.

“Thank you, Young Master.” Qianqing bowed deeply to show her gratitude before leaving with the statue.

Li Qiye was no longer interested in staying at Minor Sacred Mountain and planned to leave.

“Young Master, why not spar with Righteous Scion?” Someone in the audience suddenly suggested.

Everyone else became interested and agreed right away. All eyes were on Li Qiye.

“Yes, spar against Righteous Scion and show him the might of the holy ground.” Another said.

Prior to this, most thought that he wasn’t qualified to fight the scion due to his non-traditional path. Now, it became abundantly clear that he might be the only one among the young generation that has a chance of winning.

Thus, the disdain and prejudice of the past disappeared into smoke. They hoped that he would be able to beat the scion and regain some face for the holy ground. Otherwise, it would be too vexing for the younger generation.

“You’ll win for sure, Young Master.” In fact, some shameless souls began to flatter Li Qiye despite having made fun of him not long ago.

He suddenly became useful to them so a change of attitude was necessary.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye didn’t bite. He looked back and flatly responded, “not interested”, before going on his way.

Some were annoyed at his departure but didn’t dare to say anything to him.

After he was long gone, one youth finally spoke: “Hmph, he has to be conspiring with Righteous…”

“Shut up!” A senior immediately reprimanded.

The older ones could see that something was going on. Li Qiye had killed three important youths and yet, Sword Hero was still called back.

Thus, this matter wasn’t simple. It must have something to do with a broader picture, perhaps political conflict within Vajra Dynasty. This might spread to all the five divisions soon since Phantom was from Divine Ghost Division.

If that’s the case, they needed to stay away from this quagmire, waiting for the right moment to take advantage of the chaos.

“Buddha Holy Ground is indeed full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.” Righteous Scion finally spoke, not holding back his rampant aura at all.

Everyone felt the pressure once more.

He looked at them and said: “Unfortunately, no dragons and tigers here, only a bunch of fools.” 

They angrily glared at him but were powerless to retaliate. The truth was that some of the ancestors present might not be able to beat him.

“What a shame, no pointers from the young master.” The scion murmured to himself before walking towards the stone steps.

The experts of the holy ground could only watch him do whatever he wanted.

“Whatever battle comes next can’t compare to the previous, a worthless sequel to a masterpiece. Nonetheless, all beginnings must have an end, so time to finish this.” The scion spoke while walking up the steps. His haughtiness didn’t change despite being on sacred ground.

“Anyone else wishes to fight?” After getting up high, he turned back to look at the crowd.

His momentum and aura didn’t diminish despite facing the mass. He had no intention of relenting.

To challenge the holy ground while standing on top of Minor Sacred Mountain seemed like a blatant insult. This was truly humiliating for the young generation. Alas, no one stepped up to face him.

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