Chapter 3806: Only Death

The spectators would certainly love a battle between Ye Mingshi and Sword Hero. It would absolutely be brilliant, a top-ranked match in the holy ground.

After all, both of them were extremely close to being at the level of a grandmaster.

Ye Mingshi showed no reaction to Sword Hero’s aggressiveness. They used to be top students at Duality; this wouldn’t be their first fight.

“And if I pick today?!” Sword Hero remained arrogant like before, always ready to fight after a slight argument.

He resembled a tempestuous youth rather than someone who has lived for thousands of years. This created a stark contrast between him and the calm Ye Mingshi.

“Can’t be today. Pick another date and place, Sword Hero.” Ye Mingshi refused again.

“What if I insist on it being today?” Sword Hero’s murderous aura intensified.

“His Majesty has issued a decree.” Ye Mingshi said stoically, taking out and raising a badge into the air: “Sword Hero, His Majesty commands you to see him first after leaving your isolated cultivation. Go now.”

This badge had a golden dragon carved on top, pulsing with a regal aura. It brimmed with power and authority, causing others to want to prostrate.

“Vajra Dracobadge!” The officials in the court got on their knees.

The other experts in Vajra who weren’t officials lowered their head to show respect.

This was a badge representing the highest authority in the dynasty. Ye Mingshi wasn’t faking the king’s intent if he had access to this.

“What a king…” Sword Hero’s expression darkened as he sneered.

“Sword Hero, leave now. The matter here has nothing to do with you.” Ye Mingshi repeated.

“Ye Mingshi, must you oppose me?” Sword Hero glared at his opponent.

“If you have a problem with this, please go talk to His Majesty instead of wasting breath on me.” Ye Mingshi shook his head.

Sword Hero scowled in response.

The crowd exchanged glances and felt animosity between Sword Hero and Archaic Sun King. These two brothers didn’t seem to get along to say the least.

Of course, this was rather expected. The two were competitors for the throne in the past; the conflict could have reached a life or death level. 

The strangest part was that Archaic Sun King seemed to have Li Qiye’s back regardless of the issue. Now, the question became whether Sword Hero would obey or otherwise.

“Fine, I’ll deal with you another day!” Sword Hero uttered coldly but didn’t garner a response from Ye Mingshi who simply put the badge away.

In the end, Sword Hero acquiesced and obeyed an official order. Ultimately, he was still a member of the royal clan regardless of his power. He had to obey the rules of Vajra and the badge of authority.

To do otherwise meant challenging Vajra’s sovereignty itself. At that point, not to mention the king, even the ancestors would pursue his insolence.

He then turned towards Li Qiye and threatened: “Brat, I don’t care who you are but only Vajra can deal with our descendants. If you dare to harm them-” 

“Ahh!” Li Qiye added more power before Sword Hero could finish. One claw came down and turned Hu Ben into a bloody pulp.

“No!!!” The third prince also felt death coming for him and bellowed. 

It was too late. Li Qiye waved his hand and the pagoda annihilated him.

“Did you say something? I missed it.” He then picked his ear with his pinky and nonchalantly asked.

The crowd gasped after seeing this. Li Qiye still killed the duo despite Sword Hero’s warning. This was akin to slapping him twice in public, treating him as nothing more than trash.

Remember, Sword Hero was awfully close to being as strong as a grandmaster. Prideful geniuses from the young generation needed to show respect and kept their mouth shut. Li Qiye didn’t follow this tradition.

“Is he courting death?” A youth was astounded, the same with his peers.

“True to his fierce style.” One expert murmured with an awkward smile. Li Qiye’s haughtiness never decreased despite the increasing stake each time.

They then stole glances at Sword Hero. The guy must be livid right now after the blatant humiliation. Characters like him were always prideful.

Sure enough, terrible sword rays emanated from his eyes. Each was capable of killing Li Qiye a thousand times over.

The crowd already trembled before he made a move.

“Sword Hero, leave.” Ye Mingshi said indifferently one more time.

“We’ll see how long you can keep this up!” Sword Hero glared at Li Qiye before returning to the royal palace. He came without warning and left just as quickly.

The biggest question for the crowd now became Archaic Sun King’s intent. Why did he keep on protecting Li Qiye?

“I’m afraid no one will step up for you.” Li Qiye spoke to his last enemy - Phantom.

“The winner takes all, I don’t care.” Phantom had an ashen complexion and knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape.

He kept a strong showing to not disgrace Myriad-blood Sect instead of begging. 

“How unyielding. As you wish.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Why not keep him alive, let him help with the external enem-” One spectator shouted.

“Ahh!” Alas, the claw came down and sent Phantom on his way before the guy could finish speaking.

The result of this battle wasn’t easy for the crowd to digest. Putting the third prince aside, Hu Ben and Phantom were two of the four great geniuses. This was a serious loss for the holy ground.

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