Chapter 3805: Opposition

All eyes turned towards the direction of the imperial palace after hearing Hu Ben’s cry for help.

Supreme Brother or Sword Hero - many instantly thought of him. Others speculated about another person from the court getting involved.

Hu Ben was a prized genius of Martial Hall and a general of War Camp. He was both an important seed and an efficient pillar for the dynasty. It wasn’t easy to groom another.

Moreover, the third prince was a member of the royal clan. No matter how one looked at it, they wouldn’t let Li Qiye kill these two.

There was a chance that the guardian, one of the four grandmasters, would show up as well. It would truly be a shocking battle.

Some turned their attention towards National Teacher Ye Mingshi. Logically, he shouldn’t sit idly by and watch this development.

Strangely enough, that’s precisely his choice. He showed no emotional fluctuation while watching this.

“Hmph!” A scowl swept through the area.

“Sword Hero!” People knew who it was right away and had a hard time standing straight. Just this scowl alone showed his incredible power.

“Clank!” A sword intent soared towards the firmaments and illuminated the entire capital. The individual rays were unbearable and seemed like real swords, more than enough to cut down the stars.

The swords nearby started hymning as well. Their masters became afraid and hurriedly gripped the hilt in order to stop them from flying out of the sheath.

This was a harmonization of swords. The weaker ones would be summoned to the strongest sword intent.

“Buzz.” The pressure exerted by the intent caused everyone to feel pain from top to bottom as if they were being pierced by thousands of swords.

“So strong!” Most immediately escaped the radius of the sword intent.

“Invincible with the sword.” People thought of this phrase.

Though Sword Hero has yet to show up, his sword intent alone intimidated the spectators.

Next, the sword rays above gathered together to form a path connecting the palace and Minor Sacred Mountain. It looked like a rainbow, only one pulsing with sword flashes instead of the seven colors.

Loud footsteps could be heard, akin to the approach of a great giant. Accompanying sword energies emerged in a torrential manner.

Someone began walking from the royal palace towards Minor Sacred Mountain using the dao path.

“Sword Hero!” Most were surprised to see this great master for the first time.

Sword Hero was a spirited youth with an oppressive pressure. His eyes seemingly contained countless swords.

Sharp glints emanated from his fluttering robe. He looked just like a divine sword, still sheathed for now. Once it left its sheath, it would shock the world.

He didn’t have a sword on him but still looked primed to fight and take down his enemies whenever.

People were surprised because he looked way too young. Sword Hero was from several generations ago.

Today, both Archaic Sun King and Five-colored Sacred Sovereign had gray hair, looking like a mortal elder. Ye Mingshi was from the same generation and looked like a middle-aged man now. On the other hand, Sword Hero looked as if he was in the same generation as Righteous Scion.

Of course, powerful cultivators could change back to their youthful appearance. Nonetheless, some signs of aging would still be there. This was absent for Sword Hero since he looked vigorous and brimming with energy.

“So that’s Sword Hero.” Everyone found this title to be suitable for him.

“We’re old while he’s still young.” An expert from the same generation became sentimental.

“Vajra Dynasty isn’t your playground, arrogant one!” Sword Hero shouted and raised one finger, shooting out numerous sword rays.

Just this sword technique alone was superior to Hu Ben and Phantom’s ultimate attack. Many thought that this would be enough to stop the calamity dragon and save the duo.

“Boom!” However, it was stopped before making contact with the dragon.

“?!” The spectators were astounded by this development.

“The national teacher!” The big shots gasped as well.

“Why is the national teacher stopping Sword Hero?” One person regained his wits and asked.

No one could come up with an answer. It was one thing for Ye Mingshi to ignore the event, but to actually interfere?

“Political struggles are hard to understand.” One important ancestor calmly stated.

“Ye Mingshi!” Sword Hero’s eyes turned fierce.

“Long time no see, Sword Hero, still enjoying your spring, I see.” Ye Mingshi responded.

“You must stand in my way? I suppose our fight back then didn’t have a conclusion.” Sword Hero’s sword intent intensified.

Terrible sword energies manifested and made the crowd shudder. The top masters realized that he was very close to being as strong as a grandmaster.

“If you wish to fight, you can pick a time and place, just not today.” Ye Mingshi remained unmoved by the pressure.

Many exchanged glances, thinking that Ye Mingshi was quite fierce as well, not relenting in the slightest.

Of course, both of them were students of Duality in the same class. The stronger of the two remained unknown. Moreover, they also had similar status in Vajra Dynasty.

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