Chapter 3804: Eight-tribulation Buddha Dragon

A plethora of Buddhist runes appeared on the ground to resonate with Li Qiye’s radiance. They then floated around him, bathing him in a world of runes.

A grand dao became activated next, turning Li Qiye’s location into the ruler of a Buddhist kingdom that was created solely for his sake.

The runes flowed continuously; each individual rune seemingly contained a supreme scripture of Buddhism, ready to manifest into reality at any moment.

Everyone heard echoing chants as if there were thirty million Buddhas blessing Li Qiye. From the chants came a surging Buddhist power instantly drowning everyone.

Numerous felt an innate urge to worship so they got on their knees.

“He’s really an enlightened monk?” Both the young and old found this astonishing.

The ordinary Li Qiye was nowhere to be found. He looked like a great monk wearing a treasure kasaya and holding a holy bowl - a Buddhist Lord above the nine firmaments.

They began to believe the comment from the monk earlier, that Li Qiye had mastered the samadhi.

This should be impossible because Li Qiye wasn’t a monk in the first place with no knowledge of Buddhism. He possessed a mortal shell without an inborn religious connection.

Thus, the metamorphosis from a mortal to a Buddhist Lord shook the crowd to the core.

“Buddhist Dao, heed my call.” Li Qiye chanted, causing the affinity to intensify.

“Raa!” A dragon roar shook the area.

“Boom!” The ground cracked open and a golden dragon flew out and showed the world its majestic claws and unstoppable aura.

Numerous cultivators were sent flying. Some ancestors turned pale from fear and screamed: “What is this dragon?!”

An ancient character focused his gaze and noticed something peculiar about this dragon.

“This is an eight-tribulation Buddha dragon, born with the Buddha of the western paradise and capable of sending down eight mythical tribulations.” The high monk from Heavenly Dragon Temple became startled.

Only the old ancestors have heard of this type. One took a deep breath and said: “I heard Buddha Dao Lord underwent eight tribulations too during his dao search, he nearly died in this process.” 

“Yes, this isn’t the real thing but it does have the power of Buddhist calamities. It’s not something we can handle.” The monk responded.

Thus, those not in the know became frightened all the same, aware of this dragon’s power. It possessed the power of the calamities that nearly killed Buddha Dao Lord in the past.

“Raa!” The dragon lunged downward with both claws at the ready. Clouds and winds disappeared along with space.

The two claws instantly appeared before Hu Ben and Phantom. There was no technique and merit law at work here - merely an ultimate suppression stemming from the power of a calamity.

“Go!” Phantom roared and became one with his spear. He leaped upward while being surrounded by an incredible lighting current, wanting to take the dragon head-on.

The ancestors were amazed to see this. Phantom’s attack far exceeded his cultivation and limit.

Meanwhile, Hu Ben poured the rest of his energy and vitality into the temporal diagram. The halos circled around him like three thousand planets. 

The spectators felt as if he could withstand any attack under this condition.

“They should be fine taking one move.” One said.

“Rumble!” The heaven seemed to be falling due to the emergence of a terrible storm. It sent most of the spectators flying.

“Boom!” The Eternity Bulwark's halos shattered beneath the dragon’s claws. Next came the entire fortress.

Hu Ben was forced to the ground; his bones shattered and blood splashed everywhere.

As for Phantom, his spear couldn’t penetrate the claws. The weapon was pushed away and the ocean of lighting exploded in this blink of an eye. Alas, the explosion couldn’t reach Li Qiye.

Phantom dropped to the ground, suffering the same fate as Hu Ben.

The battle ended with just one move from Li Qiye, thoroughly defeating the duo. As he had said from the start, they didn’t manage to withstand one attack from him.

The spectators trembled in fear. These were top geniuses possessing peerless weapons. This should have been enough to fight against anyone from the young generation.

“Who is stronger, Li Qiye or Righteous Scion?” Someone eventually calmed down and became curious about this topic.

Li Qiye was on a different level compared to Hu Ben and Phantom. Thus, Righteous Scion became the next point of reference.

They all saw Li Qiye’s might just now but didn’t dare to underestimate the scion.

“Should be enough for a good battle.” One ancestor didn’t have a clear answer.

“Li Qiye absolutely got this when the battlefield is here. The power he can borrow has a higher concentration on top of being purer compared to Golden Cicada Buddhist Child. The scion is strong but he can’t compete against the entire holy ground. As for fighting outside? That’s hard to say.” An older ancestor revealed his analysis.

Li Qiye’s cultivation was clearly inferior. Nonetheless, he should have some devilish methods outside of the holy ground. The answer for this scenario wasn’t clear either.

“Time to go now.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The crowd became frozen, realizing that some generational geniuses were about to die. Nonetheless, the winner takes all so they didn’t say anything. Li Qiye wouldn’t have been shown any mercy.

“Royal Uncle, save me!” Hu Ben dropped his pride and bellowed for help in this key moment.


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