Chapter 3797: Three Fruits, Three Fortunes

Three dao fruits - one turned into a treasure pagoda, another into Vajra Dao Lord, and the final one, Buddha Dao Lord.

The most capable members of the crowd used their heavenly gaze to peruse the scene to no avail. They found that this was no illusion.

“What kind of technique is this?” An ancestor asked in awe.

Though these were only avatars, they had the presence of the actual dao lords, or at least their marks and powers.

This was similar to a dao lord’s intent or clone but neither was the correct assessment. Li Qiye’s Buddhist ability was the thing creating them, not that they came from something left behind by the dao lords.

Ordinary experts had no idea what was going on. Even the ancestors only saw the bare surface, unable to make any solid conjecture.

“This… might be far superior to Buddhamization.” Xu Cuimei said with uncertainty. She hasn’t cultivated this chapter before, only Evil Devourer Seven Chapters. However, since these had the same sources, she had access to the mysteries of this particular heavenly scripture. This allowed her to see further than others.

The appearance of Vajra and Buddha Dao Lord horrified the trio. They still knew that these avatars weren’t the real dao lords. Nonetheless, the aura emanating from them was still too much.

These were supreme existences. In the deepest crevices of the mind, virtually all cultivators feared them.

“It's my turn now.” Li Qiye smiled and casually raised his hand.

“Boom!” The pagoda stopping the murderous beam grew dramatically in size and started flying towards the poisonous dragon.

The dragon’s beam instantly disintegrated. Everything turned dark for the dragon because the pagoda hovered on top of it, ready to come crashing down.

“Activate!” The prince roared and channeled his vitality. He became resplendent as he added more power to the whip.

The dragon flew upward with its claws ready. Its single horn had lightning currents materializing at the tip.

“Boom!” The lightning bolts could tear out the sky vault, intending to penetrate the pagoda.

Meanwhile, Vajra Dao Lord pushed Hu Ben’s halberd away to deliver a direct slash. This vajra of his was considered to be one of the strongest dao lord weapons. Some even listed among the top ten. It played a large role in him being able to assault a forbidden zone. 

Though this wasn’t the real vajra, the resulting power was still cataclysmic.

The ancestors turned pale from astonishment. They knew that this move could heavily injure or even cripple them.

Hu Ben’s expression darkened. He resorted to his battle art again, activating its full potential. After loud clunks, his golden armor gained several more layers of dao barriers.

“Boom!” This dao power swept horizontally for 300,00 miles to build a wall. It then grew vertically for one million miles.

The wall consisted of dao laws intertwining together and was extremely thick, looking like a world wall. 

This was indeed an impressive line of defense. So this turned out to be Hu Ben’s real power while he only used eighty percent or so against the scion.

“Amateurish.” The scion smiled and shook his head after seeing this.

At this time, more and more started thinking that Hu Ben was wrong for not going all out. His legion was killed by the scion while he chose to hide his true ability. 

Of course, the scion didn’t think so. Even if Hu Ben had tried his best, that legion still would have died.

On another front, Buddha Dao Lord stretched one hand forward after receiving Li Qiye’s command.

It lacked palpable divinity and destruction. Nonetheless, it instantly covered the entire sky.

Phantom was caught underneath. He moved with incredible speed; each flash took him ten thousand miles away, wanting to escape the palm.

It didn’t take long before he was ten million miles away, extremely close to the border of the holy ground.

“So damn fast, that’s Phantom Skyshift for you.” The ancestors could keep up while the young spectators lost sight of him long ago.

The former felt that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with this speed. The Heavenly Sovereigns in the crowd were obviously stronger than Phantom, just not when it came to speed.

Unfortunately, his impressive agility wasn’t enough to escape the palm hovering above. Fleeing seemed rather futile. Not even going to the edge of the world was enough.

He eventually realized this and suddenly stopped then turned around.

“Phantom Sacred Child wants to take the palm strike directly?” The capable spectators became startled.

In the next moment, his body vibrated at an alarming rate. Even heavenly gazes couldn’t keep count of this speed. Once reaching the limit, the space around him suddenly melted.

“What is he doing?” Many experts became confused.

“This is speed developed to the limit.” One ancestor said: “It’s not crossing through the current space alone but rather, various dimensions.”

Others took a deep breath after hearing this. They couldn’t quite reach this level yet.

“Pop!” Phantom took one step forward and disappeared from sight, seemingly no longer existing in this realm.

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