Chapter 3796: Three Fruits For You

The trio staggered backward after hearing this. Fighting against the dao lords would result in unbearable pressure.

In fact, other cultivators saw the shape of the fruits and became fearful as well. No cultivators would ever want to fight beings they deem as gods.

“What the hell are those fruits?” One expert took a deep breath.

“Just an imitation, they can’t have the same abilities as the great dao lords. I’m sure this is just an illusion.” Another calmed down and said.

As for the ancestors, they still had a hard time fathoming the fruits. They exchanged glances and didn’t believe that the fruits had the power of the dao lords either.

“Hmph, your trickery can’t frighten us!” Hu Ben roared.

“Let’s go, this illusion definitely can’t be that powerful.” The third prince shouted and took the initiative.

The longer this dragged on, the worse it would be for him. Thus, he wanted to end this as soon as possible.

“Clank!” His jadescale whip immediately coiled upward and turned into a poisonous dragon. The green dragon had one scale on top of its head, exuding a terrible murderous intent.

The crowd shuddered after seeing how potentially deadly it was. Anything touched by the murderous intent immediately withered.

“Be careful now.” The startled spectators hurriedly retreated in order to avoid a needless death.

“Die!” The third prince furiously roared and raised his hand, commanding the dragon to attack.

It opened its mouth and shot out a beam of murderous intent, piercing through space itself. A withering force spread along the path, going as far as corroding the spatial fabrics to the horror of the crowd.

It instantly appeared right before Li Qiye’s chest. Its speed and power were incredible. Once struck, Li Qiye would die instantly without a chance to resist.

“Go.” In this split second, Li Qiye picked one fruit off the tree and casually tossed it forward.

“Boom!” The fruit actually managed to stop the murderous beam from hitting his chest.

This was the fruit in the form of a golden pagoda. It immediately became larger; its Buddhist light halted the murderous beam.

“What?!” The spectators couldn’t believe it.

“Don’t celebrate just yet!” Hu Ben was the next to seize the momentum and leaped upward.

The Archaic Sun Battle Art was utilized to its limit and covered him in a fiery golden armor. He had a halberd capable of splitting the sky. The flames from the armor were extremely sharp with lacerating pulses.

Hu Ben became tall enough to force everyone to look up to see him. The celestials circled around his head as if he was the only true god in the world. His power under the boost of the battle art started to ravage the area.

“Die!” He swung his halberd downward and severed laws along the way.

Due to his massive size, this strike seemed capable of splitting Minor Sacred Mountain itself, not just Li Qiye.

More spectators started running away, not expecting the scale of destruction.

However, Li Qiye casually picked another fruit and tossed it again.

“Boom!” Something far more overwhelming manifested, capable of breaking everything like dried branches.

The horrified crowd saw a supreme existence coming into being. His vajra easily stopped Hu Ben’s halberd.

“Vajra Dao Lord!” They became dumbstruck right away.

Some felt their legs giving in and dropped to the ground: “Ancestor!”

Yes, this figure turned out to be Vajra Dao Lord. Of course, not the real person.

The fruit Li Qiye picked earlier had the form of Vajra Dao Lord. It immediately turned into this avatar afterward.

Among the four dao lords of Buddha Holy Ground, Vajra Dao Lord was known to be the one most versed in battle. His vajra could sweep through the myriad worlds, slaying gods and devils in the process.

Numerous members of the holy ground began to prostrate to his image.

“Pop!” Meanwhile, the light from the tree flickered and sent someone flying.

“Phantom Sacred Child!” Everyone saw the failed attack.

So it turned out that Phantom stealthily appeared behind Li Qiye for a fatal blow. Unfortunately, the Buddhist light automatically struck him.

Phantom instantly flashed and disappeared once more.

“Trying to run?” Li Qiye smiled and picked the third fruit.

“Amitabha.” A chant echoed across the realms. A boundless radiance engulfed the area with the intensity of a million suns. Everyone was bathed in this magnificent light.

“Buddha Dao Lord!” One expert managed to see through the dazzling light.

He saw Buddha Dao Lord sitting in the meditative pose, looking unrestrained and supreme.

“Progenitor!” More and more prostrated on the ground.

Even the most powerful ancestors became slack-jawed since this exceeded their imagination.

Li Qiye simply tossed out two fruits to summon Vajra and Buddha Dao Lord. Though they were only avatars, this was already terrifying enough.

The ancestors kept on trying to figure out whether they were mere illusions but this didn’t seem to be the case.

“A natural grand dao…” The scion himself was shaken to see this.

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