Chapter 3734: Challenging All Geniuses

This challenge came unexpectedly. The geniuses from the various powers in Vajra had no idea.

In previous years, due to the two supremes working together, the relationship between Vajra and Righteous was closer than ever before.

Now, they weren’t as close but peace was still present. Minor skirmishes only happened between the smaller sects and countries by the border. It had no effect on the grand scheme of things.

This provocative challenge wasn’t a declaration of war. Nonetheless, it could sour the relationship between the two.

“Who is it? How dare they look down on us?” Someone said with indignation.

“It’s Righteous Scion.” Another took a deep breath after hearing the prideful voice.

Those who heard this name were startled, whether it be the top geniuses or the powerful cultivators - the young and old alike.

“He wants to challenge our holy ground?” The angry geniuses started contemplating.

This title was dreadful and intimidating in the south. In fact, even those from Wild East Eight Kingdoms have heard of him.

He was a direct disciple of Righteous Supreme. Rumor has it that he had fought against three thousand geniuses or so without losing a single match. He became the undisputed genius in his region.

This wasn’t even the most shocking thing. Later on, he defeated the sect master of Righteous as well. This made him renown across Eight Desolaces.

Most believed that he was absolutely the number one among the young generation of the southern West King.

His power made his peers lower their head. The older generation who fought him had nothing but praises, even the ancestors. Some went as far as stating that he would definitely become the fourth dao lord of Righteous.

All of this culminated in an oppressive atmosphere for the young members of the holy ground. Even the most talented and prideful ones kept their mouth shut. Their confidence wavered at the thought of facing him.

Who knows if anyone in the holy ground could actually best him right now?

“It’s unfair.” One young genius said: “His master is a Supreme. We don’t have any.”

Logically, Righteous Scion’s opponent should be Buddha Supreme’s disciple. The problem was no one has heard of Buddha Supreme having a disciple. Thus, the responsibility fell on everyone in the holy ground.

“What’s unfair about it? He’s challenging our entire holy ground. If not one genius dares to answer the challenge, Righteous Sect will seize all the limelight.” One older expert shook his head.

The young geniuses became frustrated after hearing this. The scion boldly challenged all of them. If not one could contend, the holy ground’s reputation would be thrown away.

In the historical struggle between the holy ground and Righteous, the former usually had the upper hand. This generation might be different if the holy ground lacked a comparable talent.

“Who will fight him?” The young and old started looking around for a candidate that could hoist the holy ground’s banner.

“The four geniuses.” Everyone immediately thought of this group.

Vajra’s Hu Ben, Golden Cicada Buddhist Child, Phantom Sacred Child, and Dugu Lan of Duality Academy.

These were the strongest geniuses of the holy ground. They had the highest chance of competing against Righteous Scion.

“Can they do it?” Some still felt hesitation about their ability.

This wasn’t a slight towards their abilities. However, everyone still thought that they were missing a certain something compared to the scion.

“I think there’s a chance if they fight together.” An old cultivator said with uncertainty.

“Will they actually team up?” The group thought that this was unlikely. Top geniuses were prideful and arrogant due to their innate gifts. 

“It’s time for them to shoulder some responsibilities.” A senior thought that this was a good opportunity for the four to train.

One ancestor nodded in agreement: “True. If any of them could stop Righteous Scion, that person might inherit the legacy of the holy ground later on.

The crowd became startled. Since Buddha Supreme still didn’t have a disciple, most believed that he was still looking for a suitable candidate.

This could be a great opportunity for the young generation. A commendable display against the scion might result in becoming the disciple of Buddha Supreme.

In a slightly worse scenario, they would still be able to join Sacred Mountain and have a bright future.

“Who among the four will grasp this chance?” Everyone in the holy ground started talking about this topic.

The four geniuses haven’t truly fought each other. No one knew their power ranking.

“It should be Hu Ben.” Someone living in Metropolis and working in the court hoped that Hu Ben would be able to overcome this crisis.

After all, Hu Ben represented Vajra - the current leader of the holy ground. Vajra was under the most pressure to deal with this matter.

“In terms of military strategy and battle, I’m sure there’s no problem listing Hu Ben as number one. This might not be the case in a duel.” A different ancestor disagreed.

“What about Golden Cicada Buddhist Child?” Someone else said: “He’s the youngest but should have the most talent and Buddhist affinity. Maybe he’ll be able to make the most out of the Buddamization Scripture.”

“I do agree.” Others nodded in agreement.

“Buddhamization versus Evil Devourer, how interesting.” One ancestor said.

Dhyana Dao Lord of the holy ground obtained Buddamization from the Four Supreme Truths, allowing one to become a Buddha. He had incredible accomplishments on this path.

Coincidentally enough, Righteous Dao Lord possessed another supreme scripture of the same source- Evil Devourer. It had a total of seven chapters. 

Buddhamization and Evil Devourer have been competing for millions of years through geniuses learning the respective art.

Currently, Righteous Scion was studying Evil Devourer. If Golden Cicada Buddhist Child could use Buddhamization, he would have a chance.

“Has he learned it?” This became the next question.

“I believe so, being from Golden Dragon Temple is as good a background as one can hope for. He has all the privileges in this regard.” Many others had this assumption.

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