Chapter 3733: The Third Prince’s Ace Card

The third prince stared solemnly deeper into the palace. For him, the arrow had been drawn and couldn’t be stopped.

“Your Highness, what about the temple?” The strategist was slightly worried.

Sure, Ancestral Temple, Martial Hall, and War Camp were the three pillars of Vajra. They have been holding Vajra together for generations.

However, in terms of the succession process, Ancestral Temple still had the biggest influence.

Martial Hall focused on training talents in order to produce experts for Vajra. The majority of nobles and royal guards came from this institution. They were loyal on top of being mighty.

As for War Camp, it was the strongest legion of Vajra - absolutely crucial in dealing with foreign enemies and defending the land.

Nonetheless, these two lacked the same weight compared to Ancestral Temple when it came to the direction of Vajra. This was especially true for the successor decision.

Without the temple’s approval, having the support of both War Camp and Martial Hall was still not enough. After all, the ancestors in the temple were the true fighting force of Vajra.

That’s why the strategist remained worried for the third prince. Li Qiye had the saber so to a certain extent, he represented the temple.

The third prince was excellent but he lacked one thing - seniority. His older brother had a stronger claim to the throne according to the rules of Vajra. This could only be overturned by the temple. Even the king himself lacked this authority.

Prior to this, the third prince’s advantages were clear due to his meritorious achievements. He had the support of court officials and nobles. Many sects in Divine Ghost Division were on his side.

On the other hand, the crown prince seemed ordinary in comparison. Others remained neutral about him.

That’s why many thought that the possibility of him being replaced by the third prince was immensely high.

It’s just that the recent developments caused by Li Qiye changed everything. The neutral parties began joining the crown prince’s faction due to Li Qiye.

“We’ll see who'll be the victor in the end.” The third prince narrowed his eyes and uttered coldly: “Just wait, it won’t be long now.”

He had no way out the moment he embarked on the competition for the throne. The winner takes all - either becoming the king or losing his head.

After all, everyone knew about his ambition. Even if he wanted to give up, his followers might not necessarily agree.

Plus, his life wouldn’t be easy after the crown prince officially became king due to suspicions. That’s why this could only end with either his or the crown prince’s death.

“What do you mean, Your Highness?” The strategist remained puzzled.

“Li Qiye is nothing more than a saber messenger.” The prince scowled: “He can’t represent the entire temple. Say, we have some support from an ancestor, it renders him meaningless.” 

“Which ancestor?” The strategist became lively again.

“You’ll find out soon enough, that Li Qiye won’t be able to act haughty for long. He’s nothing without the saber.” The crown prince’s eyes became murderous.

In the history of Vajra, as geniuses grew older and stronger, they would have an opportunity to enter Ancestral Temple. It seemed that the prince had obtained some help from there.

“I’m at ease now after hearing this, Your Highness. We’ll be victorious for sure.” The strategist said.

The third prince had everything, just missing the easterly wind. The throne would be his with the help of Ancestral Temple. [1]

“We’ll have an answer soon.” The prince planned to kill Li Qiye first. The guy was a threat in all circumstances. It was better to be sure.

“Yes, everyone will be waiting for your order.” The strategist felt assured. The prince must have heard something from an ancestor in the temple.


The appearance of the saber messenger changed the political landscape and the undercurrents in Vajra. Even the calm borders had activities.

Recently, Vajra didn’t worry about the borders. Only minor skirmishes happened at best.

Today, on the side of Righteous Sect, a massive image of divine beasts illuminated the region. It encroached on Vajra's territory.

“What’s going on?” Many became startled.

“It’s Righteous!” Everyone took a deep breath.

The image continued spreading with no end in sight.

“Are they mobilizing?” Others became afraid.

Righteous and Vajra were the two strongest powers in the southern West King. They had control over two-thirds of the available land.

Righteous was formed later but rose just as quickly. It had three dao lords and actually surpassed Vajra in certain generations.

A mountain can’t have two tigers. Thus, the two sides have been fighting. Minor skirmishes never stopped.

However, Buddha Supreme and Righteous Supreme fought side by side once. This brought peace to the land for a period of time.

Now, this visual phenomenon seemed like a blatant provocation.

“Boom!” The image became larger and larger, nearly covering all of Buddha Holy Ground.

“Is war coming?” The court of Vajra became increasingly nervous.

“Impossible.” One timeworn big shot said: “After the two supremes fought Black Tides together, we’re pretty much an alliance now. It can’t be a declaration of war.”

Finally, the image turned into a massive shadow and spoke: “I shall journey eastward to climb Minor Sacred Mountain. Do not disappoint me, geniuses of the holy ground.”

The voice was domineering and confident. It felt as if a young tyrant was standing among the clouds, looking down on the holy ground and its geniuses.

The members of the holy ground became emotional. It wasn’t a declaration of war - just a direct challenge from one person.

1. Battle of Chibi, Zhuge Liang and his wind ceremony

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