Chapter 3732: The Third Prince

Li Qiye wanted to leave after the conversation but another visitor came along.

“Young Master, this is my third brother.” The crown prince standing nearby introduced.

The third prince looked grander compared to the crown prince, wearing a tight noble robe. He had sharp features with bright eyes. There existed an air of nobility and ferocity from the battlefield around him.

This imposing aura was understandable. He spent years fighting by the border and led his legions to numerous victories.

On the other hand, the crown prince resembled a weak scholar, possessing elegance instead of fierceness. This meant that his aura was inferior compared to his younger brother.

Moreover, the third prince’s cultivation was stronger due to his superior talents. He garnered more resources as a result. Some even said that Archaic Sun King favored him more than his older brother.

This culminated in the crown prince being at a disadvantage. It made sense how many civic and military officials chose to support the third prince.

He was objectively outstanding on top of being an accomplished leader. He might be able to lead Vajra towards further greatness.

“Greetings, Saber Messenger. Please excuse my lack of reception since I didn’t know of your arrival.” The third prince bowed his head.

He immediately came after hearing about Li Qiye’s presence. The guy simply played a pivotal role right now.

Moreover, they had an antagonistic relationship. First, Li Qiye was too close to the crown prince but most importantly, he wiped out two factions and killed the second princess.

Remember, the Li and the Zhang were firmly on the third prince’s side. Due to their support, the prince was able to win more support from the nobles at Metropolis. This established a good foundation for his future.

Unfortunately, both clans were in decline after the death of their leaders. This, in turn, dealt a great blow to the third prince.

Furthermore, as the saber messenger, Li Qiye had a fortified status in Vajra. Now, since he seemed close to the crown prince, many in the court believed that he should be supporting the crown prince.

This caused the neutral nobles to begin picking the crown prince instead. A sudden shift occurred between the two candidates.

The third prince felt an incoming crisis as a result. Thus, he immediately came to see Li Qiye and acted in a deliberate manner in order to show his goodwill.

Prior to this, he wanted to be in charge of Li Qiye’s reception. Unfortunately, this responsibility was given to the crown prince instead of the prince.

The crown prince naturally knew the third prince’s intent but couldn’t stop him.

“No need for formality.” Li Qiye glanced at him and nodded.

“Messenger, I have prepared a feast in order to rid you of traveling fatigue…” The third prince enthusiastically said.

The crown prince smiled wryly but there was nothing he could do. It was up to Li Qiye.

“No need.” Li Qiye interrupted the third prince.

The latter didn’t give up and insisted: “I’m sure you’re not used to the imperial palace yet. If you don’t mind, I can…”

“I appreciate your goodwill but it’s best for you to fulfill your duties as a prince.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

The third prince was intelligent enough to understand Li Qiye right away. This wasn’t the answer he wanted.

Li Qiye ignored him and left, leaving behind the prince whose expression kept on changing.

The crown prince, on the other hand, heaved a sigh of relief and followed Li Qiye.

Ye Mingshi saw this and shook his head. He laid down on his chair and closed his eyes.

The third prince’s expression became ugly. He took a deep breath and left as well.

Li Qiye couldn’t be clearer - for him to stay as a prince and stop thinking about the throne.

Not long ago, he wouldn’t care about this nameless junior. Alas, the guy was the saber messenger of Vajra now.

Alas, he didn’t heed Li Qiye’s warning. How could he be willing to stay as a prince? He didn’t allow an inferior man to take his throne.

He came in order to make peace with Li Qiye and thought that he acted as humbly as can be. Unfortunately, Li Qiye didn’t give him any face. This was blatant contempt; a man of his status couldn’t accept it.

After he left the garden and once no one was around, a strategist whispered: “Your Highness, looks like this saber messenger has made up his mind about helping the crown prince.”

Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude could only be construed as such - a clear bias for the crown prince.

The third prince snorted, still vexed at how his enthusiasm and sincerity were met with disdain. He used his warm face to warm someone’s cold buttocks and wasn’t appreciated.

“This is an unfavorable development.” The strategist continued: “The saber messenger represents the temple and the will of the ancestors. I believe His Majesty will keep his original decision.”

Rumor has it that Archaic Sun King has long been wanting to replace the successor. He didn’t send the order because he didn’t wish to break the tradition.

The king’s attitude was a source of motivation for the third prince. He thought that he had a chance of seizing the throne.

Now, this saber messenger might be swaying the king and stopping him from doing so. 

“Ancestral Temple isn’t the only thing that matters.” The prince scowled: “Don’t forget about War Camp and Martial Hall.”

In Vajra, outside of the king, these three branches had great influence over the direction of the dynasty.

Thus, if the third prince wanted the crown, he needed the branches’ support.

“Hmm, what is your plan, Your Highness?” The strategist asked.

“Accelerate.” The prince said seriously: “Is Brother Hu Ben back? I want to see him in person.”

A successful coronation in Vajra required the approval of the three branches. Next came the approval from the five divisions, or at least a clear majority. Finally, this candidate would be announced to Sacred Mountain for the final say.

Normally, this last step was only a formality since Sacred Mountain virtually always approved. Sacred Mountain didn’t care for mundane matters. It would only interfere if Vajra were to lose its grasp over the holy ground. A mistake by the king or Vajra could also be another catalyst.

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