Chapter 3728: Buddha Emperor City

Li Qiye told the crown prince that a grand reception wasn’t necessary. He told Yang Ling to stay behind and wanted to bring Peng Yingxue along.

“Well…” The crown prince saw this and became startled.

How could he bring an assassin to the main branch? His father, the royal clan, and other powers would have a negative impression of him. To do so in a direct manner was extremely improper.

“Is there a problem?” Li Qiye asked.

“Young Master, it’s not just a problem…” The crown prince had a pained expression, nearly wanting to cry.

This was a huge, huge problem. If anything were to happen, he might lose his successor status or even his head.

“Young Master, I do have some estates in this area, I can let her pick one to stay at.” The prince looked as if he was at a funeral.

There was no way he could ever defend himself in a worst-case scenario. Everyone might think that he was the mastermind behind the attempted assassination.

“It’ll be fine as long as I’m around.” Li Qiye said.

Peng Yingxue stood quietly behind Li Qiye, understanding the implication of her visit. Of course, she didn’t think Li Qiye had nefarious plans against her so she followed his whim.

“Okay, very well.” The dejected prince had no choice but to give up.

What else could he do? Even his father, the ruler of the holy ground, acquiesced to Li Qiye when he demanded the assassin. A crown prince like him was in no place to refuse Li Qiye.

It became abundantly clear that the authority of the ancestral saber was greater than his expectation.

A while ago, he assumed that the popular phrase with the saber having authority to kill was just an exaggeration and that the saber was still beneath the king’s dominion. This might not be the case.

“Let’s go on our way.” He summoned the courage to keep going, praying that nothing bad would happen.

He hoped that Li Qiye would be able to keep this assassin under control. Another attempt and he would definitely be the first suspect.

There was no grand reception but the crown prince still used a royal carriage to take Li Qiye into the imperial palace of Vajra Dynasty.

This palace was located in the floating city above Metropolis. In reality, it belonged to the holy ground, not Vajra. This area was stately and could be seen from far away.

The members of Vajra were living here right now but could be replaced in the future, whether it be by an order from Sacred Mountain or a loss of sovereignty through inability. Thus, this palace actually belonged to Sacred Mountain.

Nonetheless, Vajra has been ruling for generations so many forgot about this important information.

Buddha Emperor Division consisted of this floating city, serving as a symbol of authority for Sacred Mountain. Its dao lords used to live here.

Later on, Sacred Mountain stopped actively controlling the holy ground and chose a representative instead. This meant that even the strongest power couldn’t take over the holy ground without permission from Sacred Mountain.

Even for Vajra, changing the king or the crown prince required approval from Sacred Mountain.

Though the city was floating, it was as stable as a mountain. It emitted continuous Buddhist lights and the auras of dao lords.

These auras commanded respect and made everyone feel safe. Some believed that it might be the most fortified location in the southern West King - easy to defend and hard to siege. 

This statement was logical since it has been blessed by four dao lords. They also stayed here and left behind their marks.

Moreover, the sages of the holy ground added their power as well. All of this culminated in a mighty force within the city.

Of course, others would bring up Sacred Mountain as another candidate. However, its location was transient. Few actually had enough information on it so people only used their imagination.

After entering the city, one would bask in its vastness and think that it was a continent. The imperial palace only took up a small portion of it.

There were also the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Rites. The other four divisions also had their own branch here.

Their presence weakened Vajra’s authority, at least to a certain extent. Tyranny wasn’t possible.

The area taking up the most land here was actually Minor Sacred Mountain. It was visible regardless of one’s location in the city.

It was the source of the Buddhist light and dao lord auras. One couldn’t help wanting to bow after seeing it. This place was considered one of the sacred grounds in this region.

Sacred Mountain never stopped moving so people had a hard time seeing it, let alone climbing up.

Fortunately, Minor Sacred Mountain was here, allowing people to at least get a glimpse. The kings of whatever dynasty was in charge would come here for a coronation ceremony. This legitimized their status.

Most believed that Minor Sacred Mountain was built as a copy of the real thing by the progenitor himself. The other three dao lords have also stayed here for a period.

The remnant auras of these dao lords made it impossible for people to climb up. They could only stand at the base to show their respect. Nonetheless, plenty of people still came to do so for millions of years.

This capital was quite lively. Strangely enough, despite having numerous pivotal locations, people only needed to pay the entry fee to get in.

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