Chapter 3726: Immortal Virtuous Displacement Art

Peng Yingxue didn’t quite understand all of this just yet but still looked forward to the future.

At the apex surrounded by winds and clouds, past grudges and resentments didn’t matter at all. Perhaps her future self would find her current actions hilarious.

“I don’t know what I should do.” She said.

“Go where your heart wants to go. If the heart doesn’t wish for it, then more effort will still only be a waste of time.” He smiled.

She began thinking about her true intentions and feelings, entering a trance. His words managed to pierce the inner depths of her heart and mind - the location of her desires and wishes.

In the past, if someone were to ask for her reason to live and cultivate, she would have answered without any hesitation - killing the king of Vajra.

Now, he had swept away the clouds and fogs blocking the path towards the grand dao, opening a new window for her life.

She was lost in the darkness once and vengeance became her guiding lamp. This was due to education from the seniors during her impressionable years.

Now, Li Qiye’s comment became as bright as an illuminating sun. The lamp looked insignificant in comparison.

“One grand dao to another…” She murmured, seemingly having figured out something. However, a thin veil still existed.

Nonetheless, this feeling gave her hope and excitement for the future.

In the past, her training was arduous and dry. The seniors kept on reiterating her mission. Now, she felt a yearning for the grand dao, wanting to reach it and feel its existence.

This was completely different from her previous way. She wanted to train for herself now in order to open the door to a vast world.

“Not too stupid, there’s still a chance for you. At the very least, you desire for the grand dao to be a part of your life.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at her expression.

“What should I do from now on?” She regained her wits and asked, having never been taught to train for herself before.

“Start over.” He nonchalantly said.

“You mean, breaking my foundation?” She became startled.

No cultivator truly wanted to do this, throwing away years of harsh training. The majority would never make this choice.

“Yes, but not an absolute requirement. To re-do is to have a purer beginning with greater potential. It’s fine to keep what you have, just improve the foundation by starting with a new mantra.” He said.

“A new mantra.” She softly said.

“Keep in mind that this process will be painful. The new mantra will gradually destroy the previous. This will take a long time. Each energy channeling is akin to being cut by numerous blades. Are you prepared?” He elaborated.

“Destroy my old mantra.” She thought about it for a bit before taking a deep breath and solemnly said: “No matter what happens, I want to give it a shot.”

She didn’t only want to grow stronger by trying this experiment. Her focus was to obtain the feeling of embracing the grand dao and understand its irresistible properties.

“This determination is enough.” He smiled and said: “I will give you a mantra then.” With that, he raised his finger and a dao law circled around it.

“Clank!” The dao law then entered her mind and ocean of consciousness.

“Boom!” The law caused massive waves and took roots deeper in the ocean, seemingly wanting to penetrate her dao foundation.

The pain caused her to cry out in fear. She trembled and gritted her teeth in order to endure this agonizing test. She became drenched in sweat before eventually making it through.

After the dao law finished taking roots there, it began to grow like a new tree. Some fruits and flowers would come later.

She felt unprecedented relaxation and happiness after the unbearable pain. The grand dao seemed to be harmonizing with her body. She finally came into contact with the dao.

“Tha-thank you.” She bowed deeply towards Li Qiye.

She didn’t thank him when he saved her from the king because she didn’t know his motive. Now, this showing of gratitude came from the heart. He helped her grasp an entirely new feeling.

He calmly accepted her grand gesture.

“What mantra is this?” She asked, not knowing the name of the law embedded in her mind.

Just this one law was immensely complicated. It seemed to contain a complete grand dao in there.

“Hmm, I don’t remember exactly, something like Virtuous Displacement Art.” He smiled and answered.

“Immortal Virtuous Displacement Art!” She shouted in astonishment.

“Oh, that’s its full name? I see.” He said.

“Is it real…?” She became emotional after his confirmation: “This is our pavilion’s lost technique, our ultimate merit law.”

Rumor has it that their founder - Jadesky Lunar Fairy - also known as Empress Wanxian, obtained it from an ancient burial ground. With the help of an actual immortal, the empress eventually learned this art.

The six saints from their tribe later learned it as well. This art allowed them to contend against True Immortal Sect.

In future generations, some descendants managed to learn it. Alas, their proficiency was far inferior.

Later on, as the pavilion started to decline, no one else understood it. The merit law became lost with time. That’s why she was so shocked when Li Qiye supposedly gave it to her just now.

“Why, why do you have this?” She stammered. He wasn’t a member of their tribe. Even if he was, he wouldn’t have access to this long-forgotten merit law.

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