Chapter 3722: Just Messing With You

Upon the inception of the storm, most thought that Vajra would undergo a monumental change. The older son would be replaced by the third prince.

A bold speculation included the Li and Zhang working together to force an abdication from Archaic Sun King.

As for Li Qiye, they thought that he was inconsequential - only a side character to be killed by the two clans and an excuse for the Li and Zhang to take action.

Now, these prior thoughts turned out to be hilarious to the point of being ludicrous. The supposed victors died and took thousands of clan members down with them.

The two clans fell into disgrace, losing their positions in the court and army. These losses were immense.

Moreover, Li Qiye himself did very little during the process. It was simply no big deal to him.

The crowd stared at him as he stretched lazily, not giving a damn about the situation.

“Let’s go.” Some experts shook their head while staring at the destroyed mansions. The grandiose mansions that demanded respect were no more.

It would take them a while to get over the stark contrast.

“Amitabha.” The monk lingered around as people were leaving. He approached Li Qiye with a beaming smile.

Li Qiye decided to tease him after seeing his joyous expression: “What is it, Monk?”

In fact, many big shots stuck around patiently while staring at Li Qiye’s armor. Their intent was obvious.

The monk became a bit awkward. He scratched his head and smiled wryly: “Young Master, about…”

“About what?” Li Qiye feigned ignorance.

The big shots exchanged glances. They knew that this armor belonged to Wish Ward; the monk merely lent it to him.

However, its power was immense and highly coveted. No one would want to give it back after obtaining it.

What would happen if Li Qiye refused to give the armor back to Untethered Monk?

“Oh, I was just saying that there is some dust on the armor.” The monk hurriedly wiped Li Qiye’s armor in an earnest manner and didn’t let go.

“That’s better, so bright now. I wipe this armor every day back at Wish Ward, it’s my favorite hobby.” The thick-faced monk continued to do so, not wanting to let go.

The crowd didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Of course, everyone could see that he wanted to ask for it back. It was difficult to start the conversation so he walked around in a circle instead.

“You’re nauseating, stay away from me.” Li Qiye kicked him away and said.

“Young Master, this won’t do.” The monk looked as if he had been mistreated: “I have to look and clean the armor every day, this has been a thing since I joined Wish Ward or I won’t be able to eat or sleep.”

He kept on reminding Li Qiye that the armor belonged to Wish Ward.

“Forget it, this isn’t fun. It’s just a crappy armor, you think I’ll keep it for myself? Here, stop acting so disgusting.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The plates peeled off him and assembled again into a massive bronze statue.

It looked exactly the same as before in front of the monk. One would find it difficult to connect the invincible armor earlier to this statue.

“Amitabha, you’re too generous and kind, Benefactor. I am just a lowly being in your supreme presence.” The monk placed his palms together, as ecstatic as can be.

First, Li Qiye was willing to give the statue back. Moreover, whether it be on purpose or otherwise, Li Qiye taught him about the mysteries of this statue so he greatly benefited.

“Oh my little treasure, I’m taking you home.” The monk kept on wiping the armor with his dirty kasaya, not stopping until it’s completely shiny.

“Stop that.” Li Qiye shook his head: “You’ve never cleaned it before.”

The monk still cheerfully continued with his task, ignoring Li Qiye.

In the past, Wish Ward didn’t really care for the statue too much but henceforth, it would become their defining treasure.

“Young Master!” Yang Ling came over. From start to finish, she trusted him the most.

That’s why she felt fine after seeing Li Qiye despite the precarious circumstances. The sky falling down wouldn’t matter as long as he was around.

Marquis Yang also bowed deeply towards Li Qiye: “Greetings, Young Master.”

Li Qiye nodded and accepted the gesture.

The marquis reflected on the events. He worried about his daughter being too close with Li Qiye previously because the guy provoked so many people, going as far as killing the successors of the big clans. That’s why he wanted his daughter to keep a distance from Li Qiye.

It seemed that he was worried for nothing. His daughter had a better intuition than him. The guy had the ancestral saber and could kill whoever he wanted.

“We’re leaving.” Li Qiye said, telling the father-daughter duo along with the survivor from Snow-shadow Tribe.

Yang Ling happily led the way. The survivor stared at Li Qiye for a bit before following along.

Li Qiye never restricted her movement and action through seals. It wasn’t difficult for her to run away right now. He had no intention of stopping her.

This was her best chance to run after committing the heinous offense. She thought about it as well but ultimately decided on following him.

“Amitabha, we’re going home too.” The monk carried the statue, looking happy as if he was carrying his wife.

The kick earlier from Li Qiye was warranted. This monk was truly vulgar and nauseating.

However, the big shots didn’t think so at all. If they had the same opportunity, they wouldn’t let go of this supreme treasure either.

“Monk, is your ward selling this treasure?” A few big shots immediately followed the monk.

“Yes, Master, how much are you listing it for?” Another said.

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