Chapter 3721: I Want The Girl

Li Qiye didn’t bother defending himself against suspicion as if he wasn’t afraid of being viewed as the mastermind behind the assassination.

The crowd thought that his timing was awful, only serving to invite trouble.

Even a fool knew how to act in this situation but not Li Qiye. Of course, they knew that he was no fool.

“Isn’t this too unreasonable? It’s directly provoking the king.” One spectator whispered.

“Right, even with him being the saber messenger.” A big shot agreed, thinking that Li Qiye was being unwise and impetuous.

Yes, he had the saber but this was the king we’re talking about. He needed to give the guy some consideration or tried to uphold Vajra’s prestige.

“Too domineering.” A first-timer assessed.

“That’s Li Qiye for you, arrogant and overbearing. Not just anyone can do what he does.” One big shot smiled wryly.

The group agreed with this logic because Li Qiye flattened the two mansions a while ago. He was ferocious like a madman. His choices and conduct shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point.

“Well…” Attendant Hong’s expression changed since the request made it quite difficult for the king.

“How impudent!” One captain from War Camp shouted: “How dare you try to protect the assassin…”

His outburst was justified since an assassination attempt on a king was a crime punishable by full clan extermination. Li Qiye’s request was contemptuous, to say the least.

“Say one more word and I’ll cut off your dog head.” Li Qiye interrupted the captain and didn’t hold back.

The captain stopped, unable to finish his sentence, and turned red.

Li Qiye’s nonchalant comment carried ample weight. He could chop off the captain’s head and no one would be able to do a thing.

Even the second princess was killed, a captain like him was meaningless in comparison. The golden saber simply had too much authority in Vajra.

“Your Majesty?” Attendant Hong bowed towards the carriage, awaiting orders.

“If the young master wishes to have her, listen to him.” The king seemed bored of this already.

The crowd didn’t expect the king to be so straightforward and decisive.

As a king, he should never allow any provocation and disrespect, let alone an attempt on his life. An assassin should be cut to countless pieces.

Anyone who spoke up for her would be disrespecting the royal authority as well, let alone demanding to take her away.

Both Li Qiye’s demand and the king’s acceptance surprised the crowd. Most thought that the king would refuse and a new conflict would arise.

“Is the king afraid of Li Qiye?” One youth whispered to his senior.

To acquiesce in this situation required exceptional patience.

“Enough drivel.” The senior immediately reprimanded. Nonetheless, he thought that the golden saber lived up to its legend. It could actually kill royal members and other citizens. The holder of the blade represented the will of the temple. In other words, Li Qiye was the representative of the temple’s ancestors right now.

After receiving the order, the soldiers begrudgingly released the assassin.

“Come here.” Li Qiye waved at her.

The latter stared at Li Qiye, bewildered. She didn’t know Li Qiye outside of one brief meeting back in a restaurant at Wish Ward. 

She was ready to die and wouldn’t complain after failing, not expecting to be saved by him - a complete stranger.

Furthermore, he was the saber messenger and should be on the side of Vajra. Why did he save her now?

She couldn’t come up with an answer but still walked over and stood behind him.

The crowd wondered if Li Qiye was actually the mastermind behind the assassination attempt. Alas, this didn’t make sense since only a fool would reveal it right now.

“Young Master, please visit the imperial palace. Don’t be reserved, consider it your own home.” The victim, Archaic Sun King, had no anger and actually invited Li Qiye again. His enthusiasm didn’t diminish despite the unreasonable request.

“I will.” Li Qiye accepted.

People found this strange. The two seemed to be familiar with each other and that this wasn’t their first meeting.

“We’re returning to the palace.” Attendant Hong ordered. The members of War Camp began escorting the king away from Black Robe Alley.

Once they were gone, the atmosphere became normal again in the alley. The things different were the ruins where the two mansions used to be, and that the influential Grand Commander and Grand Chancellor have turned to ashes.

“Okay, the show’s over, go do your thing now.” Li Qiye stretched and told the crowd.

They stopped ruminating about the shocking events and stared at Li Qiye, speechless.

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