Chapter 3720: Assassin

The frightened king calmed down and waved his hand: “You’re not at fault.” 

“Who are you?! Daring to try and assassinate me?!” The king then roared.

All eyes fell on the assassin cloaked in black. The face was hidden as well. However, a faint glow from the back couldn’t be hidden.

Everyone became curious - who would dare to do this in broad daylight? It was an unforgivable offense.

The king might not be that strong but he was still the symbol of Vajra and the representative of Sacred Mountain.

This assassination could arouse the other powers. One misstep and war could break out; the flames of war might ravage the entire holy ground.

“A member of the Snow-shadow Tribe?” A knowledgeable ancestor frowned after noticing the faint glow.

The assassin has been subdued by soldiers from War Camp and brought in front of the king.

“Take the mask off.” Attendant Hong ordered while glaring at the assassin.

“Affirmative.” The soldiers then took off the mask and the concealing cloak.

A beautiful girl appeared before everyone, causing their eyes to light up. She was around twenty with waterfall-like hair - gorgeous and astonishing.

She had a radiant complexion emitting a cold presence, akin to a peach blossom blooming in a wintry world, unapproachable yet tempting. People couldn’t help wanting to pluck and catch a whiff.

Her slender figure was curvy in the right spots, brimming with sex appeal. However, her cold aura made her resemble the statue of an ice goddess.

The light behind her was actually her flickering shadow, looking a bit like snow.

Though captured, her eyes were still fierce and fixated on the carriage. There seemed to be animosity between the two.

The crowd was surprised to see a beauty as the assassin. They started talking among themselves.

“Which sect is she from?” One spectator asked.

This was a big deal since it could drag other powers down, resulting in war.

“White hair and a snow shadow. She must be from that ghost tribe.” One ancestor said.

“What tribe are you talking about?” Many youths had no idea.

“A great ghost tribe existed in the distant past and used to reign this region. Now, few of them could be seen. Some believe that they have been wiped out.” The ancestor elaborated.

“You’re a survivor from Snow-shadow Pavilion?” Attendant Hong’s eyes became fierce.

The assassin didn’t answer, still focusing her hatred on the carriage. If she wasn’t subdued, she would have tried again for the king’s life.

“Snow-shadow Pavilion…” The young thought nothing of this title but the ancestors that have lived for a while became startled.

“They still have survivors.” One aged ancestor took a deep breath, astounded.

“Is it a great power, Ancestor?” A junior asked after seeing his emotional ancestor.

“Yes, it was older than Buddha Holy Ground and was in charge of this area before declination.” The ancestor responded.

“I can’t believe there is still someone from there.” One high elder stated.

“I’m sure there are still resources and sparks left behind. After all, it used to be the strongest in the region.” Another big shot from the last generation said.

The pavilion was once renowned, strong enough to face True Immortal Sect alone. Back in its golden age, it had a similar status to True Immortal.

Its founder was Jadesky Lunar Fairy. The sect mainly consisted of members from Snow-shadow Tribe.

Rumor has it that the fairy was comparable to the final dao lord of True Immortal - Heaven Wheel. 

Other famous cultivators from this sect included the six Holy Generals.

Keep in mind that during the Era of the Blessed, True Immortal Sect was in charge of Eight Desolaces. It surpassed all other sects and countries.

Nonetheless, the fairy and the holy generals were still unstoppable. The pavilion fought against True Immortal several times and came out unscathed.

To be on the same level as True Immortal was unheard of during that era. It was in charge of the southern West King for a long period.

Later on, the fairy disappeared while the holy generals passed away, one by one. They no longer had capable successors so declination was inevitable.

This trend kept on going until the rise of Buddha Holy Ground. A true fragmentation occurred next.

Once Righteous Sect appeared, Snow-shadow Pavilion became a tiny sect located by the border.

Subsequently, Vajra Dynasty took over the holy ground and began a conquest for expansion. A tiny sect like Snow-shadow stood no chance and was erased from history by the steel hooves of Vajra’s legions.

From then on, people no longer saw members of this sect.

Thus, the background of this assassin was quite surprising. In spite of that, she certainly had all the unique characteristics of this tribe and should be from there.

It has been a while since their extermination. A member from this power was still around and came to assassinate the king today. The motive was clear and reasonable - revenge for her fallen ancestors.

“Snow-shadow Pavilion, once the sole ruler of this land...” A few big shots became emotional.

In the present day, the southern West King was divided by Buddha Holy Ground and Righteous Sect.

These two behemoths were considered strong enough by contemporaries. However, these two sects combined might not be on the same level as Snow-shadow Pavilion during its height.

Since the assassin stayed silent, Attendant Hong’s eyes became cold: “You’ll speak soon enough about the remaining dregs of your tribe after ample punishments.”

Many shuddered after hearing the attendant’s chilling voice. A powerful cultivator like him had countless unbearable torture methods.

“Your Majesty, please give a command.” However, the attendant still asked the king for permission.

“Snow-shadow is just a dog without a master, just kill whoever shows up.” The king didn’t pay it any mind.

“Affirmative. Kill her.” The attendant nodded and ordered.

“Wait.” A lazy voice stopped the soldiers from killing the girl.

Everyone followed the source - who else could it be but Li Qiye?

“Young Master Li, do you have something to say?” The attendant stared at him.

“I’ll be taking this girl.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“What?!” This astounded the crowd.

No one wanted anything to do with this assassin in order to avoid being implicated as an accomplice or the mastermind behind this.

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