Chapter 3719: Full Authority

The two heads’ eyes were still wide open while falling onto the ground. The commander and chancellor didn’t have a chance to lament before being killed.

This happened so quickly and caught the crowd off guard. Various thoughts coursed in their mind.

The two big shots were unreachable for most, below one man but above all. They could have done whatever they wanted in the dynasty. However, it only took one day for their heads to fall on the ground.

They never expected this outcome and thought that they could change the direction of Vajra.

Unfortunately, while walking on the yellow river, they realized that they were nothing more than servants. Their military and civic influence couldn’t save them. 


“Vajra’s generation is ending soon.” A clan’s high elder speculated.

“The real winner is Vajra though. Well, to be exact, Archaic Sun King.” A different ancestor said.

“I’m not sure about the king’s gains from this but Vajra definitely benefited.” One more added.

The officials or those who know Vajra well understood the implications and consequences of the event.

The Li and the Zhang were immediately weakened since they lost all positions in the court and the military. Their roots in Vajra have been severed.

Remember, they have been toiling in the dynasty for millions of years. Thus, they certainly had meritorious contributions.

Unfortunately, their deep influence eventually threatened the royal dominion. If it wasn’t for Sacred Mountain and the five divisions, they certainly thought about replacing Vajra as the new leader. After all, they had attempted to put a puppet on the throne.

Today, their confidence resulted in a complete disaster. On the other hand, Vajra would once again take back control of the two branches.

People actually thought that given the two big shots’ persuasion, Vajra might have viewed Li Qiye as an enemy. The outcome was certainly unexpected.

“The real winner is Li Qiye. This established his position in the court, he has total control now, even more so than the king.” One expert brought this up.

At the same time, certain clans and powers thought about the newly empty positions in the court. This was their chance to fill these roles.

“Are you satisfied with this, Young Master?” The king inside the carriage asked.

“He has everything now.” Some became envious while staring at Li Qiye. Even the king wanted to follow Li Qiye’s lead.

“How could he be so lucky? I want to be the golden saber messenger of Vajra too.” One jealous soul had red eyes.

They thought that they were far superior to him in terms of talents and power. Unfortunately, his luck surpassed everything.

It seemed as if he was the center of all the fortunes in the world. Everything good in this world was his for the taking.

“Still one more thing.” Li Qiye smiled and glanced at the second princess.

She shuddered right away because he was in charge.

“Father, Father, I don’t dare to do it again, please spare me… Father…” She crawled to the front of the carriage and smashed her forehead on the ground.

“Young Master, what do you think?” The king asked Li Qiye.

The crowd knew that she was his favorite daughter. Now, would he be able to protect her after her serious mistake?

“What I think doesn’t matter.” Li Qiye shrugged: “You’re the king of Vajra and should be aware of its rules, no need to ask me.”

A brief silence ensued. The king eventually told the princess: “Your offense is unforgivable. You have violated the ancestral teaching and disrespected the royal clan. No mercy shall be shown.”

“No, Father, please, I'm your daughter…” The princess wailed and sobbed.

“Take her away.” Attendant Hong ordered for her to be taken to the executioners.

The spectators trembled. The king was tough enough to kill his favorite daughter. This reinforced the previous notion of Li Qiye’s authority even more.

“Will you stay at the imperial city, Young Master?” The king invited Li Qiye.

“I’ll visit later.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Great, I’ll wait for your visit. Since the matters here have settled, I’ll be returning ahead.” The king smiled and said.

“Ready the carriage, we’re returning to the palace.” Attendant Hong shouted.

The spectators heaved a sigh of relief. This sudden storm ended just as quickly. Nonetheless, it did change Vajra Dynasty and perhaps all of the holy ground.

As the carriage was floating in the air, a dark figure suddenly emerged from underground and soared towards the carriage at an unbelievable speed. It resembled a venomous serpent trying to bite the king’s neck.

“An assassin!” A powerful ancestor among the spectators took note right away.

This ambush took everyone by surprise. Who would try to kill the king in broad daylight and before everyone?

The king wasn’t prepared and became frozen like a wooden chicken before the incoming dark thrust.

“Boom!” Attendant Hong reacted right away during this crucial moment.

Though the sword thrust was swift, he was even faster. His palm strike diverted the trajectory of the sword then he flicked his finger, breaking the blade into two pieces.

He then waved his hand and stopped the assassin from escaping.

“Bam!” The latter fell on the ground and vomited blood.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The members of War Camp immediately surrounded the assassin.

“Your Majesty, please excuse our inadequate preparation.” Attendant Hong immediately apologized.


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