Chapter 3718: The Actual Person In Charge

The saber was inconspicuous especially for those meeting Li Qiye back at the mountain range. He used it to chop woods and path clearing so their impression was that it was nothing more than an ordinary tool.

Its shape was a little unique but that’s all. What was the point in caring about a blade like this?

Now, since the king had said something, they paid more attention.

“There’s something special about this blade?” One expert became curious. It had to be special to warrant the king’s comment.

“It’s a treasure saber, maybe.” One expert guessed.

“I don’t think so, who would use a treasure saber to chop wood?” Another disagreed.

Others found this more reasonable since it would be ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything else.

“It is Golden, the ancestral saber.” The king suddenly spoke again.

“What…? That’s the golden saber…?!” The chancellor and commander blurted out. They stared at the saber, looking stupefied.

As the leaders of Vajra, they naturally heard about this saber before. It was left behind by the dynasty’s founder and had a unique symbol.

It was stored in the Ancestral Temple, not the treasury of Vajra. Despite their high position, they have never seen the saber before since it has been a long time since the saber’s last appearance.

Not to mention outsiders, few in the royal clan have seen the saber. Only ancestors in the temple and up were qualified.

Keep in mind that the ones actually in charge of the dynasty weren’t the king nor the officials. The ancestors had this privilege reserved.

These powerful existences were at the Heavenly Sovereign level. The strongest among them kept the saber.

When there was an important decision or event, this ancestor would send a messenger with the saber to the royal palace with the command.

“So that’s Golden.” A cultivator close to Vajra took a deep breath.

The majority of the crowd hasn’t heard of this ancestral saber before. They kept on looking and didn’t see anything special about the saber.

“What is it?” One junior said. It didn’t look like a dao lord weapon, why were people so afraid?

“It represents authority and power in Vajra. Its holder can decide life and death.” An ancestor said with a solemn expression.

The existence of the saber made it clear who actually had dominion over Vajra - the ancestors in the temple. This made sense since the kings were only descendants of the ancestors. 

“Li Qiye actually used such a precious blade to cut wood? Incomprehensible.” One expert who saw the act in person smiled wryly.

It was fine when they didn’t know the origin of the blade. Now, they knew that Li Qiye actually had control over the fate of so many, including the royal members of Vajra.

The princes and princesses would need to treat the saber’s current owner with respect. Thus, it was extremely precious.

“The saber has the right to kill both the royal clans and any other citizen.” The king said: “Your accusation is nothing more than venomous slander. The young master has the right to issue judgments in Vajra. He killed your sons because they were disrespectful.” 

The commander and chancellor became frozen like statues, as pale as can be.

They wanted to drag Vajra into this mess and let them deal with Li Qiye. Unfortunately, this plan was doomed because Li Qiye had the ancestral saber.

Even the king couldn’t do anything to him. To be perfectly blunt, Li Qiye could actually kill the king in a fit of anger and it would still be fine. The only way to change this was if the temple recalled the ancestral saber.

As for the two clans, Li Qiye could kill any of their members. If their ancestors wanted revenge, it would be going against Vajra.

“Zhang Chaoyang, Li Baiyan, what do you have to say now?!” Attendant Hong roared and glared intensely at the two.

They became speechless since the situation has deteriorated beyond repair.

“Your Majesty, we deserve death. Please forgive us.” The two of them prostrated and begged for mercy.

Asking the king for mercy was the most effective solution right now. They were once trusted officials; he was the only one who could save them.

“You attacked the saber messenger and activated the capital’s defense without permission.” The king hesitated for a bit before speaking: “This is a crime deserving of clan extermination. Even if I wish to spare you, the court and the temple’s ancestors will not agree.”

The two naturally didn’t care about the other officials’ opinions. However, the ancestors actually had a say.

“What should we do, Young Master?” The king asked Li Qiye.

All eyes were on him since he could decide the fate of these two big shots now.

“Kill.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“So be it.” The king then told the attendant: “Carry it out.”

“Criminal Zhang Chaoyang and Li Baiyan, bullying the weak and offending the strong, rebellious and traitorous. Death will be the consequence of their unforgivable sin.” Attendant Hong loudly shouted: “The Li and the Zhang Clan activated the capital’s defense, harming the dynasty’s very foundation in the process. This is also unforgivable. All current officials from these two clans shall be removed from their position and imprisoned, awaiting further investigation.”

The two were horrified and shouted: “Your Majesty, we were at fault, it has nothing to do with our clan…”

“How dare you speak when you’re just awaiting death? Die.” Attendant Hong slashed with his hand and released a fire saber towards the two.

They tried to block it but due to their grievous injury and exhaustion, they had less than ten percent power.

“Boom!” Both were beheaded.

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