Chapter 3716: Archaic Sun King

“His Majesty?” The crowd exchanged glances of astonishment.

“Archaic Sun King.” Another elaborated.

“Oh, I see.” Some were temporarily slow-witted from the shocking battle and eventually understood.

Archaic Sun King was the ruler of Vajra Dynasty, currently in charge of the holy ground. In reality, he rarely showed himself and gave an impression of being irresponsible.

Everyone knew Sacred Mountain and Vajra Dynasty. But if one were to hear Archaic Sun King, they might not know the answer right away.

In fact, the Grand Chancellor and Grand Commander had more presence in Buddha Emperor and Metropolis Division compared to Archaic Sun King. The national teacher and the four grandmasters were even more popular and well known. Everyone had little to zero impression of the king outside of his title.

Most believed that even a clown could do a good job at ruling over the holy ground with the support of Vajra and Sacred Mountain along with the five divisions.

This notion was rather understandable because many thought that Archaic Sun King was no wise ruler. He was only known for seeking immortality.

In recent years, he searched for a longevity method or a master capable of doing so. All in all, he neglected his duty as the ruler, rarely taking part in the court meetings and administrative duties.

His inattentiveness allowed the commander and chancellor to gain more authority. If it wasn’t for Minister Sima and National Teacher Yang Qiu, the court would be a mess right now.

“I wonder if the rumor is true, that the king is a useless idiot who only cares about immortality.” One youth said while looking at the powerful cavalry.

“It’s not that simple. The king might be obsessed with immortality but he certainly isn’t useless. There’s a reason why he stood out among the princes back then and won the support of the five divisions and Sacred Mountain.” His senior shook his head.


“Perhaps he is inattentive and careless at times but definitely not easy to trick.” The senior smiled.

The imperial carriage decorated with gold and jade along with other treasures was pulled by eight flood dragons. It exuded regality - clearly a symbol of Vajra’s authority and nobility.

The door was shrouded by a thin veil. People could only see a figure inside propping his elbows on the table for support. He looked rather weakly and dispirited, perhaps from an illness.

Next to the carriage was a eunuch wearing a gray robe. He had a cold expression, looking dignified and imposing in an automatic manner. His lightning eyes, once seen, could cause people to tremble.

The carriage slowly entered Black Robe Alley under the protection of War Camp.

“I wonder if he’s here for Li Qiye.” One spectator quietly said.

“Greetings, Your Majesty, may you live forever…” Many spectators prostrated and offered their respect.

Those who came to watch the show happened to be officials of Vajra or were bestowed titles similar to Yang Ling’s father.

The king was viewed as incompetent but Vajra’s authority and power remained. They might have looked down on the king but wouldn’t dare to show it.

As for the members of other sects who didn’t have a position in the court, they only bowed their head slightly to show respect towards Vajra.

“Rise.” A feeble voice came from the carriage. The king was still leaning inside, looking too weak to stand up to face the offenders.

The crowd got back up and started thinking about the king’s weak voice.

Those who saw him for the first time couldn’t believe it. The ruler of the holy ground had such a weak constitution?

They thought that he would be a dominating cultivator at the sovereign level or at least the Grand Dao Sacred Physique level. Now, he didn’t look strong at all and might be completely useless.

Why did Vajra pick such a useless person as the king?

“Zhang Chaoyang, Li Baiyan, are you aware of what you have done?” The eunuch moved to the front of the carriage and shouted.

He was formidable and sharp like an unsheathed divine sword, always ready to deliver the fatal blow.

The crowd could tell that he was among the top cultivators present. His words carried imposing divinity and pressure - a sign of the sovereign level.

“Attendant Hong.” One ancestor was intimidated.

“Is he really a eunuch?” Some would absolutely mistake him for the king if it wasn’t for the eunuch uniform. His eyes, in particular, were striking.

“Yes, he’s the king’s personal attendant and the most trustworthy servant.” Someone in the know nodded.

Of course, a cultivation dynasty like Vajra wasn’t like the ones in the mortal world with eunuchs.

However, Attendant Hong was a special case. He was born with that body part missing and grew up together with the king. They were as close as brothers.

After the coronation, Attendant Hong served as his personal bodyguard and attendant. In all of Vajra, he was certainly the person the king trusted the most.

There was another difference between the two. Attendant Hong was groomed by Vajra since his youth and learned the top merit laws there. He was among the strongest cultivators in the dynasty, perhaps not inferior to the national teacher at all or even the dynasty guardian.

This guardian’s identity was mysterious. People only knew that this person was one of the four grandmasters. Some even thought that Attendant Hong was the guardian since he had absolute loyalty to the king and the dynasty.

As for the king, his lack of focus on cultivation made others have their own plan. Numerous princes from various generations wanted the throne, perhaps by killing the king.

However, getting to the king required getting past Attendant Hong. Several assassination attempts all resulted in failure. The attendant easily killed the assassins.

The bloodied commander and chancellor heard the shout and struggled over to the carriage.

Normally, there would be a hint of arrogance in their expression since they knew the king wouldn’t be able to do anything to them.

Today, their mansions have been destroyed; their clan members have fallen. If they wanted to stay alive and kill Li Qiye, they required the help of Vajra Dynasty.

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