Chapter 3715: Flattened

Nothing was left of the two mansions. Everyone became empty-headed after seeing this.

Most importantly, the vajra seal and the dao lord’s figure have gone down as well to the black beam. This was the most frightening part of this battle.

“Just what is that weapon?” They found it hard to describe the event.

Li Qiye appeared again and the “heavy artillery” was nowhere to be found. The armor was back on him.

“It’s already so strong when being used by a conqueror-level cultivator. What if someone stronger has it on?” One ancestor took a deep breath.

“It’s just like a patrimony weapon then.” A sect master said with a pale complexion.

In the hand of a true master, the armor should be unbeatable with a heightened destructive capability.

“Amitabha, merciful Buddha.” The monk chanted in a dignified manner but his expression said otherwise. He was clearly rejoicing after seeing the power of the weapon. Wish Ward got a real treasure here.

Of course, some were staring at him, thinking about how to purchase this weapon.

Though the monk and Wish Ward didn’t express explicit interest in selling the weapon, some ancestors still began gathering resources and money. The sum necessary for the purchase would be outrageous so they needed to prepare.

“No…” The chancellor and commander were lucky to be alive. Nonetheless, they had harrowing injuries and this might actually be worse than death.

Their mansions have been destroyed; thousands of clan members lost their lives. This was an unbearable loss to the two clans. Their hardened mind couldn’t accept this defeat.

Worst of all, they activated the capital’s defense without permission. Nothing good would come from this. It was an utter defeat.

At the start, Li Qiye wasn’t their real target. They only cared about supporting the third prince. Dealing with Li Qiye was a matter of convenience.

No one thought highly of him at the start. They prepared in order to change the direction of Vajra.

In the end, the man they underestimated took them down before Vajra could react.

They stared at the flattened fields - what used to be their mansions. Only despair was left.

They no longer had anything left to deal with Li Qiye’s armor. They sat down on the ground, despondent.

The crowd didn’t comment while staring at them. These two enjoyed great status in the past, below one man but above all others. They were in charge of Vajra and its citizens.

Other officials would need to maintain a respectful tone when speaking to these two. Now, they looked like stray dogs.

“Just fish on a chopping board.” The crowd thought about Li Qiye’s comment a while ago.

No one believed him then; some even scoffed at the ridiculous comment. Now, it seemed that he was telling the truth.

“So devilish.” One ancestor smiled wryly.

“A miracle indeed, one man taking down the two mansions.” A high elder murmured.

“It’s no miracle, just another ordinary occurrence for Li Qiye.” Another big shot added.

Most agreed with this. Li Qiye had done some ridiculous feats recently - the golden spring and the hug mouse.

Now, he flattened the two mansions - something an entire sect couldn’t do despite only being at the conqueror realm.

A different cultivator at this realm wouldn’t be able to do so with a dao lord weapon. The person wouldn’t be able to exert its true potential. Li Qiye’s shocking feat couldn’t be duplicated.

Suddenly, a murderous aura startled the reflecting spectators.

Winds and clouds surged; the temperature suddenly dropped, causing everyone to shudder.

Once they calmed down, they noticed a cavalry entering Black Robe Alley. It moved with great speed yet was virtually undetectable - akin to a quick-draw sword technique.

“War Camp…” Many recognized this group due to its banners.

“Vajra’s War Camp…” Looking at them would make one feel a sharp sting near the heart.

Martial Hall, War Camp, and Ancestral Temple were Vajra’s trump cards. War Camp was the name of a great legion with countless military exploits. It played a great part as to why Vajra could reign over the holy ground.

In modern days, peace and stability were present. Vajra was firmly in charge so the legion was rarely seen.

Thus, its appearance took everyone by surprise. It meant that something great was happening - a transition period between dynasties or a great enemy.

The spectators instantly stared at Li Qiye.

“Vajra wants to attack Li Qiye now?” This became the next question.

“Highly likely.” One expert said: “Li Qiye destroyed the capital’s defensive line, this is definitely a declaration of war. Vajra has to do something about it.”

Most found this statement to be logical. Li Qiye was virtually attacking Vajra by breaking down its defensive line.

“His Majesty has arrived!” Someone in the distance shouted.

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