Chapter 3714: Truly Unbeatable

The heavy artillery looking like a cannon fortress appeared before everyone. They haven’t seen anything like it before.

“Kill him!” The furious commander and chancellor bellowed, continuing to send all of their energy and vitality into the temple.

“Boom!” The members of both clans did the same.

The majestic figure seemingly came back to life. It was as if Vajra Dao Lord was here in person. His aura ravaged the nine firmaments and ten earths.

The figure of the dao lord finally made its move and swung the vajra towards Li Qiye.

In this split second, the spectators felt as if they were reduced to dust. The explosion from the smash could bring everything back to the origin.

Though the attack wasn’t aimed at them, they felt a looming crisis as if it was a warning. There was no chance to resist the attack before being pulverized.

“Goddamn!” Some pissed in their pants and their butt dropped to the ground, paled.

“Too strong.” An experienced ancestor found this horrifying as well.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s heavy artillery became resplendent and emitted boundless light.

“Hmm, wait a minute, it’s absorbing light!” A mighty ancestor noticed something and shouted.

At the start, people thought that the weapon was becoming resplendent, something very common during activation.

However, upon closer inspection, the weapon wasn’t actually emitting light but rather, it absorbed lights from all other locations.

The center of this absorbing force was the muzzle. A tiny black hole appeared, only the size of a fist. Nonetheless, it felt as if the space inside was limitless, capable of devouring the entire world.

At the same time, the vajra drew near, only a bit away from the cannon.

“Boom!” Before a direct contact, the artillery shot out a black beam. The beam divided the world and severed all karmic and reincarnation forces. Nothing was sharper than the beam, not even a divine sword.

An unbelievable scene happened after the annihilative blast. The black beam actually stopped the vajra from smashing down.

The spectators were sure that the move earlier could destroy any sect or clan. No single cultivator was confident in stopping the vajra alone. Alas, the black beam successfully stopped it.

“Rumble!” The surrounding spatial fabrics became unstable from the explosions stemming from the competition between the vajra and the black beam.

Shock waves extended towards all eight directions and caused the realm to quake violently. Those feeling the phenomenon were spooked.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The next sequence shocked people even more. The beam actually pushed the vajra back, inch by inch. It became abundantly clear that the vajra was unable to push forward.

“Im-im-impossible…” The spectators became slack-jawed.

“How is this black beam capable of pushing back the power of a dao lord?! It has to be at the Holy Sacred Sovereign level, maybe even higher.” One expert shouted.

The beam was fair in size yet it was able to push back the great vajra. No one would believe this if told.

Though it wasn’t the dao lord in person and not the real weapon either, the attack still contained his power. This was an irrefutable fact, hence everyone’s astonishment.

“Keep going!” Li Qiye’s opponents were scared out of their mind. They roared and burned their true blood, even their true fate.

Burning one’s true blood was taboo and reckless enough, let alone burning the true fate. It meant certain death.

Unfortunately, they had no other choice and wanted to take down their foe as well.

“Boom!” The power of the vajra immediately surged, becoming several times heavier. This allowed it to push the beam back by one meter.

The side heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this. Alas, it was too early to celebrate.

“Buzz.” The black beam suddenly became twice as thick before unexpecting eyes. It easily shattered the vajra.

“What?!” Their mouth became wide open.

“Nooo!” The members of the two clans couldn’t believe it and had a terrible feeling.

Next, the beam continued forward and pierced the dao lord’s chest. With that, the figure started dispersing.

“This can’t be!!!” The two clans shouted in despair.

A figure of a dao lord still represented invincibility in the heart of the spectators. Today, the black beam took one down.

As for the members of the two clans, they lost all confidence and fell into a pit of despair.

In the next moment, the two temples exploded and shockwaves emanated.

“Ahhh!” Miserable screams came next from the clan members. Some were blown away; others exploded into bloody mists or fleshy pulps. Dismemberment and decapitation were common sights…

Not a single member was unscathed. Even the two big shots were bloodied and mangled.

The explosions from the two temples also razed both mansions to the ground.

Li Qiye had destroyed most of it prior but there were still some buildings left. This was no longer the case.

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