Chapter 3713: Invincible Style

The domineering figure was ready to embark on the dao path alone since no one else could keep up. They had no choice but to bow and offer their respect.

Vajra - a top dao lord from Buddha Holy Ground. The latter’s reputation rose under the dao lord’s leadership and reached a new height of prosperity.

He entered a forbidden zone and fought numerous battles there before returning alive. This mighty feat was decorated in the historical annals. Nothing in the forbidden zone could stop him when he had his vajra at the ready.

In the holy ground, some believed that he had the strongest fighting potential out of all the dao lords. This might not necessarily be true but it still served as a testament to his tyrannical power.

A glowering Buddha’s warrior attendant would be the right image to envision the dao lord. He might be the reincarnation of one.

“Oh, supreme dao lord!” A few cultivators started shouting with reverence.

Regardless of their background, they were still part of the holy ground. Thus, Vajra Dao Lord was their dao lord or an ancestor of sorts. To see just his figure alone was a lifelong honor.

The figure grasped the seal of the vajra, recreating the majestic scene of his past.

Though the spectators weren’t born in the same generation as him to see his illustrious conquests, the scene today brought back the glorious past. Some were actually moved to tears.

“The dao lord answers our call, we’re saved!” The members of the Li and Zhang applauded. A hint of red returned to their pale complexion.

They have recklessly channeled all of their vitality and chaos energy into the temples. Thus, everything came down to this.

“We’ll win for sure!” The chancellor became excited.

“Absolutely.” The commander nodded and murderously said: “We’ll cut him to pieces in order to rid ourselves of this hatred.”

The figure of the dao lord gave them hope again and brought them back from the brink of despair. They didn’t expect this line of defense for the capital to be so mighty.

“The Zhang and Li are risking everything.” One spectator became startled.

“What else can they do? They have to either kill Li Qiye or die. This is the only choice.” A high elder had a wry smile: “But, killing Li Qiye here will still end with an unbearable loss. There’s a good chance that the majority of them will be crippled.”

Channeling their energies into the temple was the easy part. Taking them back was virtually impossible.

For the best outcome, they would be bedridden for a long period. As for the worst, either death or being crippled.

“Li, get ready to meet your maker!” The two big shots confidently shouted at Li Qiye, acting like their old selves once more.

“Trying to kill me with just a dao lord figure?” Li Qiye smiled.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” The chancellor uttered coldly.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.” Li Qiye smirked and walked forward.

“This next exchange will shock the world.” The spectators couldn’t wait to see the next development.

They have never witnessed a dao lord in action before. Though it was only a figure or a shadow of one, it would give good insight into how a real dao lord would fight in battle.

“Amitabha.” Untethered Monk finally raised his voice and said: “Young Master, show everyone your invincible style by using the armor’s ultimate move.”

This was certainly the wrong time to make this comment since the Grand Chancellor and Grand Commander’s life were on the line. Of course, the monk didn’t give a damn about any of this crap, hence his title.

“Yes! Show us what this armor can do!” One big shot couldn’t help shouting. His peers felt the same way.

The armor belonged to Wish Ward but they failed to understand it. That’s why the monk wanted Li Qiye to show him what it could actually do for better comprehension.

As for the neutral big shots, they simply wanted to see how strong this armor was in order to have a better assessment of its value.

The commander and chancellor became vexed. This battle could determine their fate yet these men only wanted to test the armor.

“No need to use a real blade to kill a chicken.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “A dao lord is not here in person. Just some heavy artillery is enough.”

“Heavy artillery? That’s fine, just broaden our horizon.” The monk’s eyes lit up.

Though everyone didn’t know what “heavy artillery” was exactly, the potential buyers became interested. [1]

“Begin!” The two big shots didn’t want to waste more time since more issues could arise.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The individual plates fell off Li Qiye and turned into liquid metal. It seeped into the ground.

“Boom!” A base instantly formed and more assembly happened next - something resembling a muzzle.

It was a massive cannon built on top of a fortress or a wartime pillbox. The cannon muzzle had complete freedom with no dead angle.

“Hmm, I’ve never seen this before.” The crowd became startled.

“This is what he meant by heavy artillery, I suppose.” One big shot murmured.

The armor continued to impress the crowd. Some big shots among the audience were experienced and have lived for a long time. This weapon capable of numerous transformations was still new to them.

“Where did Li Qiye go?” Someone asked since Li Qiye was gone.

“He should be inside the fort.” Another said.

“Amitabha.” As for the monk, his brows raised in delight while looking at the artillery. 

1. Keep in mind that cultivation setting usually takes place during China’s historical period or their golden age. Cannons and guns might be around but heavy artillery isn’t. It’s not too exact, just take it for what it is. Certain things are harder to translate to English while keeping the same connotation. I had several words lined up and this took me 30 mins. Some potential choices instead of heavy artillery were turrets, blasters, launchers. I leaned towards turret but as I think about it, maybe heavy artillery is a modern term enough for cultivators not to recognize.

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