Chapter 3712: Vajra Dao Lord

The cataclysmic attack could kill Heavenly Sovereigns. It frightened the hell out of the crowd; its pressure was unbearable and forced them down on the ground.

The dust in the air made it impossible to discern whether Li Qiye had exploded to pieces or merely buried underground.

“Is he dead?” The members of the two clans waited anxiously. They prayed that he was dead to avoid further complications.

After all, he scared the hell out of them. His continual existence would always plague their mind.

“What do you think?” An expert stared attentively. 

Everyone has seen the power of the armor previously but the seal of Evilbreaker Vajra was no slouch. Their confidence in the armor wavered as a result.

“The attack was ridiculous, ordinary sovereigns couldn’t withstand it, let alone anyone else.” An expert from the last generation shook his head.

“That armor is as profound as can be. Maybe Li Qiye can still turn the tides.” A few big shots remained hopeful of the armor.

It had nothing to do with Li Qiye; they weren’t his supporters. They merely wanted the armor to be something exceptional so that they could buy it from Wish Ward.

“Look, over there!” An eagle-eyed spectator saw a shadow in the abyss and pointed.

The dust gradually dispersed and Li Qiye finally appeared.

He looked a bit disorderly due to the mud and dirt on his robe but was without visible injuries.

“He’s alive!” The crowd screamed after seeing him.

“Not just alive, he’s completely untouched.” An old expert sighed after careful observation.

The big shots carefully gazed at him up and down without missing a single detail. They were afraid that the armor might have been damaged. It would be a damn shame.

“It’s at least at the dao lord level.” One ancestor concluded.

The vajra embedded in the defensive line wasn’t a real weapon, only a seal. However, it was personally prepared by Vajra Dao Lord and had a portion of his power.

The majority of weapons and artifacts had no chance of blocking the attack. On the other hand, the armor nullified the entire thing.

“It must belong to a dao lord.” Another cultivator added.

“It’s way better than a dao lord armor.” An ancestor from another clan elaborated: “Dao lord armors are obviously powerful but because of this, few can actually control them without sufficient cultivation. On the other hand, Li Qiye can wield this armor despite only being in the conqueror realm. Do you see how magical it is?”

Those nearby nodded in agreement. This was another reason why the armor was highly coveted.

Dao lord artifacts were wonderful, just difficult to control. At the very least, one needed to be at the myriad-form realm before wielding them. To actually use them to their fullest potential required far more power.

These requirements weren’t present in the armor. Li Qiye freely used the armor previously.

“He’s still alive!” The Grand Commander and Grand Chancellor turned pale, the same for the members of the two clans.

They placed all of their hope on the seal earlier to take down their enemy. Even if it couldn’t kill him, it should have grievously wounded him. That would give them a fighting chance.

Now, the seal didn’t even damage one strand of hair. The armor remained immaculate as well.

The two big shots trembled with fear. Despair started rearing its ugly head. It was impossible to kill the armored Li Qiye. 

If they couldn’t do so, they would be the ones dead today.

“How can this be?!” The commander blurted out. Others shared the same astonishment.

“Having that armor means being unbeatable?” An important character had this belief. If the armor could nullify all offenses, paying any price for it would be totally worth it.

“Your seal isn’t a true dao lord weapon. It can barely scratch an itch. It’s a shame, I want to see your dao lord’s true power.” Li Qiye patted the dirt off his robe and chuckled.

“The real Evilbreaker Vajra.” The crowd smiled wryly.

There was no way the dao lord would leave the real thing here since he didn’t like Vajra in the first place. It should be stored in Sacred Mountain.

“If that’s all you got, time to end this.” Li Qiye smirked.

“We must not hold anything back!” The two big shots exchanged glances and shouted.

Their men piled chaos crystals into the temples in order to maximize their effects.

The ancestors present at the mansions also added their vitality and chaos true energy into the temples.

“Activate!” The big shots roared and released their fate palaces. Various empowering affinities rushed towards the temples.

The ancestors did the same, no longer holding anything back. The members of the two clans saw this and followed suit.

The temples became filled with life forces and chaos energy. This mass of energy expanded and blotted out the sky. The thick vitality condensed into the greatest force and gestated a great being.

“Boom!” A blinding radiance erupted from the temples. They suddenly became red as if their walls were made from condensed blood.

Divine rings started pulsing from the core and grew bigger and bigger. The temples looked sacred, serving as incubators for something great.

Finally, the flames of a dao lord erupted. The monstrous aura of one swept through the world. The flames then gathered together to form a massive figure.

The moment it appeared, everything else seemed insignificant in comparison. The world and all things meant nothing.

The being looked like the ruler of all. Just one hand wave could sever the six dao and reverse the yin and yang. Gods and devils had no choice but to plead loyalty.

“A dao lord... the image of Vajra Dao Lord!” One ancestor bellowed in horror.

The spectators felt the urge to kneel. The ones with weaker dao heart started prostrating with haste.

They became emotional. Some felt that their life was worth living since they got to see the image of this great dao lord millions of years later. It was truly an honor.

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