Chapter 371: Realm God Coming Into Being

Chapter 371: Realm God Coming Into Being

The Brilliance Divine Beast Protector had always been resting at the capital of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, utilizing its great resources and an Era Blood Stone to resist the withering of time.

After tens of millions of years, no one dared to provoke the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom. Even powerful Virtuous Paragons wouldn’t cause trouble inside the kingdom’s territory, let alone oppose it.

Many people knew that outside of the kingdom’s own great resources and secrets, its Divine Beast Protector had always been alive!

Today, it personally came here and shook everyone’s hearts; who knew how many people lost all of their courage after hearing this name!

“Now this is the real death trap!” A knowledgeable master murmured: “No matter how heaven-defying Li Qiye is, he will not be able to escape this inevitable doom!”

Besides those at the Tiger’s Howl School, many revealed a gloating grin. Li Qiye was too heaven-defying and devilish; as long as he existed, he would forever be an unreachable mountain for the rest of the younger generation!

“My dao clone has to personally arrive just for a junior — this is valuing you too much.” The faint figure in the sky looked down at Li Qiye and said: “However, it will all be worth it!”

“It is a dao clone!” People glanced at each other, but they were still astonished. Even if it was only the dao clone of the Divine Beast Protector of the Ancient Kingdom, it was still enough to suppress many Virtuous Paragons, not to mention it also brought along four emperor weapons — this was unbeatable!

These spectators took deep breaths. They all understood that with the appearance of the Divine Beast Protector, this battle was about to reach the climax!

“Junior, even the gods would not be able to save you today!” The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor coldly spoke. Their school had suffered heavily after this battle, but for the emperor laws and physique laws, it was all worth it.

“Don’t meaninglessly struggle!” The overbearing shadow looked down at Li Qiye and said: “You should meekly hand over your emperor weapons and physique laws. Then, I shall grant you a swift death!”

An existence like the Brilliance Divine Beast Protector would not easily come into being due to having to pay an extremely high price. Even if it was only its dao clone, the price would be astounding. These types of eternal existences did not have much lifespan left, they were just barely holding on. Unless it was a disaster, they would absolutely not come out.

However, in order to regain the emperor weapons and physique laws in the hands of Li Qiye, the dao clone of the Divine Beast Protector had no other choice.

This was all worth it in its eyes. At the moment, there were three great Immortal Physique Laws: Li Qiye’s Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, Li Shuangyan’s Void Imperfection Physique, and the Heavenly King’s Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique!

If their Brilliance Ancient Kingdom could obtain these three physique laws, then its potential would become unimaginable. Perhaps they could even catch up to lineages like the Eternal River School or even far exceed them.

At this point, all the spectators held their breaths. Even the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King was as pale as a sheet. This was a dead end; if it was someone like the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor, then they still had a chance of surviving. However, when an existence like the Brilliance Divine Beast Protector appeared, even if it was only a dao clone, there would be no way out for them!

“Li Qiye is finished. Not even two emperor weapons can save him.” A person couldn’t help but say after seeing the current situation.

There was also a disciple from a great power who sneered: “He was seeking his own death. Coming from a small sect, no matter how heaven-defying he may be, he still would not be able to overturn the grand tide. Opposing an Ancient Kingdom was a foolish endeavor! Hah, the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom had two Immortal Emperors and stood strong for millions of years. How could a junior like him be able to affect them!?”

“Let us watch to see how this genius will pathetically die!” Another great power’s disciple excitedly spoke. To those who had grievances with Li Qiye, this kind of development was their greatest wish.

“What a pity!” Li Qiye glanced at the faint shadow in the sky and said: “Only a dao clone — truly a disappointment.”

“Why would I personally come for an insect!?” The shadow looked down and said: “Hand over the Immortal Physique Laws!”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “If your real body came, then I might have let you see my Immortal Physique Law. What a shame, I was waiting for your real body to come so that I could refine it. Even if an old guy like you, someone who had lived for generation after generation, is really hard to chew, I really wanted to refine you and turn your beast blood into treasure blood… This is a really nutritious thing!”

These words surprised everyone, and they all felt that Li Qiye had become crazy. This was an eternal existence, someone even stronger than legendary masters. One could not compare it to the likes of an old undying like the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor!

An existence like the Divine Beast Protector could easily kill ordinary Virtuous Paragons. As for Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings, they were nothing but ants in their eyes!

Li Qiye blustering about refining an eternal existence of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom was simply too audacious.

“Haha, don’t tell me this brat has gone crazy from being too scared?” Someone couldn’t help but laugh: “He wants to refine an eternal existence? It could crush him with just one finger!”

“My patience is limited!” At this moment, the faint shadow in the sky coldly declared: “Hand your Immortal Physique Laws over!” If it wasn’t for the laws, he would have killed Li Qiye already.

“Forget it, I have no interest in a dao clone. However, your Immortal Emperor Life Treasures might not be too bad!” Li Qiye said with a smile: “You can go now, but leave behind the four emperor weapons!”

Even the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King’s mouth was wide open after hearing Li Qiye trying to chase away the divine beast protector’s dao clone as if it was a fly.

“Haha, the Divine Beast Senior could kill you just by lifting its finger. The four emperor weapons aren’t here for you. You think way too highly of yourself; they were meant for the Heavenly Dao Academy. It is a shame that they didn’t come; otherwise, they would suffer the same fate as you!” The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor chillingly said.

This was a grand plan! The Tiger’s Howl School didn’t only want to kill the group of Li Qiye! If the ancestors of the Heavenly Dao Academy came to help him, they would also be killed.

“It is time to end this.” Li Qiye didn’t look at the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor, but rather, at the faint figure in the sky as he smiled: “Today, your Brilliance Ancient Kingdom will surely fall. My only regret is that I couldn’t wait for your real body so that I could use it to strengthen my own.”

“You deserve death!” The glare of the faint figure in the sky became extremely fierce. It was as if this figure could pierce through the endless river of time. When it became angry, even the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King knelt down on the ground, sweating profusely.

“Boom!” The heaven and earth shook along with the entire Tiger’s Howl School. No, the entire Eastern Hundred Cities was shaking as if an Immortal Emperor was going on a journey to flip the entire region.

And it wasn’t just the Tiger’s Howl School, everyone in the Eastern Hundred Cities felt the appearance of an invincible existence. One step of his immediately trod across the entire world!

“Who came into being just now?” In this split second, countless old undyings opened their eyes from fear. Some even crawled out from the earth in shock. Even the souls of eternal existences fluttered away from fear.

“Boom!” Another loud explosion detonated. At this time, the entire Eastern Hundred Cities was like a little boat made out of a single leaf in a torrential storm. At the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, countless immortal lights and emperor auras were exuded, flooding the world as supreme formations were formed.

But all of this was for naught. Many people saw an astonishing scene; each and every defensive formation inside the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom was annihilated. A gigantic hand descended from the sky, shattering them one by one.

“The Realm God!” At the Ancient Kingdom’s deepest parts, a crazy scream emanated with a hint of unwillingness: “You are not supposed to be able to leave your ancestral vein!”

“That is a thing of the past!” A majestic and solemn voice came from the sky as a person landed. As something unable to be hindered by anything, it immediately walked into the deepest parts of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom.

“Rumble!” At this second, Immortal Emperor True Treasures soared to the sky along with many Immortal Emperor Life Treasures in order to engage the enemy!

“Break!” The Realm God was unbeatable. Its hand was holding onto a giant cauldron that poured divine flames in order to directly refine its enemies!

“The Chaos Cauldron!” Within the depths of the Ancient Kingdom, a person roared: “Realm God, do you wish for an irreconcilable blood feud with my Brilliance Ancient Kingdom!”

“Correct!” The Realm God rushed inside as the Chaos Cauldron kept on attacking. With rumbling explosions, the ancestral ground of the kingdom was annihilated. Then, the voice of the Realm God spanned across the earth: “The day when all of you attacked my Heavenly Dao Academy was the day that you should have known this would happen!”

“Die!” At this time, an extremely monstrous shadow from the depths soared up high and personally controlled all the emperor weapons!

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