Chapter 3708: Unstoppable

An evacuation ensued at the grand commander's mansion. The young and the weak retreated to the very back of the mansion while leaving the strongest members to fight Li Qiye.

The Li has never faced a humiliating crisis like this before. The generals and soldiers of Vajra were under their command. People’s color changed after hearing their names.

In fact, when the officials walked near the entrance of their mansion, they would tidy up their robes and put on a respectful expression.

Today, their entrance and plaque have fallen; their members ran like headless-chicken or dogs without an owner. Their prestige and reputation shattered beneath Li Qiye’s steps.

“Boom!” He stomped down and crushed a series of buildings. The ones staying to fight him felt their knees buckling while the evacuees mustered all their might to run faster.

“I have to be fair to both sides.” Li Qiye smiled while watching the chaotic scene: “Have a taste of this slash.”

He raised both hands and after a loud bang, sound waves emanated from the gauntlets towards the mansion.

It looked like a world-ending tsunami ready to destroy everything. Thousands of buildings crumbled right away. Debris and dirt shot to the sky. The magnificent mansion lost its splendor in the blink of an eye.

The crowd was still astonished, albeit not to the same level as the destruction of the chancellor’s mansion since this was their second time.

Normally, no one would dare to cause trouble near these two mansions, let alone destroying a building there. Now, Li Qiye caused untold destruction to both, hence the astonishment of the spectators.

The mansions were actually massive. The resulting ruins might be the largest ones in Buddha Emperor Plateau.

Everyone took a deep breath at the extreme shift - from a place of glory and authority to piles of rubble.

“Li Qiye is not just the heaven’s favorite, he’s a brutal monster.” One expert commented.

“I’ve never seen anyone like him before.” An old cultivator agreed.

“How will the Li and Zhang retaliate? Will they invite their ancestors? It’ll be tough for Li Qiye then.” One more spectator wondered.

Most spectators were still overwhelmed due to a betrayal of expectation. Some started thinking about the implications.

As Li Qiye walked among the ruins, the members of the Li glared at him with fury. The clan was their home but now, Li Qiye had destroyed it. They wanted nothing more than to annihilate the guy in return.

“Young Noble Li, please stop.” A dignified and calm voice sounded.

Everyone saw a middle-aged man with an imposing aura. He looked noble and lofty regardless of the situation. He seemed to be a natural-born commander.

“The Grand Commander!” A keen-eyed spectator shouted.

He wasn’t alone and had several ancestors behind him for support.

The fight hasn’t started but people could sense the brewing storm.

“You think you can stop me?” Li Qiye glanced at him and chuckled.

The commander’s expression was darkened. He obviously was in a terrible mood but Li Qiye’s armor was simply too strong.

He took a deep breath to subdue his anger before speaking: “Young Noble Li, let’s end here. Take one step back and realize the immensity of heaven and earth. We can still get along in the future…”

“Stop repeating this nonsense. I’m the one in charge here. Have you ever seen a fish negotiating with the butcher?” Li Qiye interrupted and waved his hand.

The commander had to calm his anger again. Normally, other generals were always nervous and prudent in his presence, not daring to breathe loudly. Now, it was time for him to experience the frustration.

“Young Noble Li, if you drop the issue today, we will absolutely make it up to you.” The commander spoke.

The spectators exchanged glances. Some thought that they had misheard him.

The commander chose to acquiesce when the guy literally stepped over the ruins of his mansion? This was a disgraceful choice.

“Really? I’m afraid there is nothing you have that can tempt me. Plus, even if you do, I can just take them whenever I want.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The crowd smiled wryly. Li Qiye was treating the two prestigious clans like they were fish on a chopping board.

“Young Noble Li, negotiating peacefully with us will be very beneficial in the future for you, why bother going to the extreme?” The Grand Chancellor spoke from a distance.

“I’m sorry but that’s just who I am. Plus, do you talk to the fish you’re about to eat? No, the only thing to do is to boil and eat.” Li Qiye responded.

The two big shots trembled with rage while wearing an ugly expression. This junior showed them zero respect in public.

“What do you want then, Young Noble Li?” The commander kept a low voice: “The Li can satisfy your demands.”

“Young Noble Li, do you want treasures or money? We won’t be stingy with your demand.” The chancellor added.

Both wanted a truce at this point.

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