Chapter 3706: Ultimate Move

The Zhang has never been benevolent and merciful in the past. As a leader in Vajra, it had both decisiveness and mercilessness when dealing with its foes.

The listeners weren’t stupid enough to fall for the elder’s righteous words. The guy was trying to make his clan look better while still accepting defeat.

The crowd stared at Li Qiye. If he were to stop now, he would still be the biggest winner. No one would think that he was afraid of the Li and Zhang.

He annihilated two regiments and broke down the mansion of the Grand Chancellor so effortlessly. This battle would go down in history at the holy ground. Few battles were more impressive due to the circumstances.

“He should drop this now while he’s ahead.” One expert murmured.

Many thought that it was wiser for Li Qiye to let the two big shots off the hook. He had already established his status in Vajra.

“Right, there’s no point.” One ancestor said softly: “This is the best result. He should think for himself, not just the enemies. A dog will bite once pushed to the limit and these two clans are dragons, not dogs. Overly pressing them will have unimaginable consequences.”

This statement was reasonable. These two clans were ancient with deep roots in Vajra. Li Qiye could flatten the two mansions today but the clans would not give up.

They had more power back in their ancestral ground, especially their ancestors. Even Vajra was wary of these cultivators.

“He wouldn’t be Li Qiye if he knew when to back off.” An older cultivator shook his head: “He won’t leave something unfinished.”

Li Qiye stretched and said: “You want to drop this? I’m afraid you’re not qualified to be making demands. Whether I spare you or not depends on my mood.”

The three elders’ expression sank; the veiled presence was torn apart. Unfortunately, they had no way of breaking Li Qiye’s armor.

Fleeing was one possibility but that would be throwing away their clan’s reputation. How could they continue to rule the other civic officials afterward?

Others would start challenging them. Many have already been wanting to encroach on their authority.

“It’s too late to give up anyway. I’ve given you a chance before but you declined. Your two mansions shall fall today.” Li Qiye smiled and added.

The crowd knew he was right. Unfortunately, no one took him seriously since he was alone versus two behemoths.

“Okay, let’s get started. I hope you can survive one or two moves.” Li Qiye patted his armor and said.

The spectators along with his enemies became frozen. Just the pats alone seemed so intimidating.

These experts looked like specks of dust on the verge of being wiped away by the overbearing Li Qiye.

“See? I was right?” The old cultivator gave Li Qiye a thumbs-up.

“A fierce battle is coming.” One expert said.

“Fierce battle?” One ancestor stared at the armor and said: “I don’t think so. There’s no contest when Li Qiye has that armor. His foes will be the only ones to struggle. He can probably destroy both mansions with one hand wave.”

Others shared this thought due to the unstoppable nature of the armor.

“Hahaha!” The Grand Chancellor started laughing from being too angry. He loudly responded: “Li, so be it! One of us will die today! I will take your head and offer it to my dead son in heaven!”

“That’s impossible but don’t worry, I’ll send you down to the yellow river with your son so he won’t be too lonely.” Li Qiye smiled.

The chancellor trembled with rage; his face was as red as can be. His eyes spewed out clear hatred towards his son's killer who was still running his mouth.

“Go!” The three elders behind him shouted.

“Right!” He calmed down and formed a hand seal. The three elders did the same.

“Boom!” Terrifying chaos energy erupted above and started ravaging the area like a storm.

Space seemed to be within their grasp. With loud explosions, it seemed to be melting.

“What’s happening?” The spectators felt as if they were trapped in a quagmire. Even their actions slowed down as if thousands of mountains were pressing down on them.

“The spatial fabrics are melting.” One ancestor calmed down and quickly retreated out of the affected area.

The other cultivators tried to do the same. Alas, they found this awfully difficult and became frightened.

“What merit law is this?” One expert took a deep breath.

“A secret art of the Zhang, Spatial Storm.” A spectator answered while looking at the bright spatial manipulation taking place.

“It’s one of their clan’s ace cards, powerful and has a large radius.” A high elder from another clan became emotional: “A Zhang ancestor used it before to instantly take down a clan. It’s quite something.”

“Zzz…” The ground beneath Li Qiye started melting. He seemed to be stuck in a quagmire, unable to move.

“So why is this called Spatial Storm?” One spectator said.

“No, this is the Li’s Death Crystal Pit!” A knowledgeable ancestor shouted: “A trap that is impossible to escape.”

People instantly turned towards the mansion of the Grand Commander. They finally noticed the figures up above. 

These men were also carrying out a secret art in order to trap Li Qiye. They were too preoccupied with the Grand Chancellor and the three elders to notice anything earlier.

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