Chapter 3704: Trample

The crowd stared at the gigantic glacier on the street. Li Qiye walked up to it and gently knocked on it.

“Dum! Dum! Dum!” The knocks had a particular rhythm.

Next came a loud bang since the entire glacier crumbled, resulting in an avalanche of ice and snowflakes - a wondrous spectacle.

Alas, the spectators shuddered with fear because when the glacier crumbled, so did the members of Golden Regiment.

“Bam!” Ice and snowflakes filled the street along with bits of flesh and bones. The former melted into water and washed the gruesome bits away.

Another army has disappeared in no time at all. Not even corpses were left behind. Their existence was completely erased.

Everyone could feel the coldness wafting in the air. Who knows if they were trembling with goosebumps due to the cold or because they were afraid of the development just now?

They clenched their fists and found that their palms were covered in sweat.

Those who have killed thousands of people were still intimidated. That armor on Li Qiye was truly monstrous.

“This is it?” Li Qiye stretched, looking as relaxed as can be despite taking down two famous legions from Vajra.

“If the Zhang and Li continue to exist, they won’t rebuild these two regiments afterward.” A big shot said.

The loss today was grievous for the two clans but most importantly, it was humiliating. The regiment names would never be used again.

The crowd had nothing to say. These regiments swept through countries and clans in the past. Now, they were wiped out by Li Qiye, finishing the cycle.

Li Qiye stood before the gate of the Grand Chancellor’s mansion at this point while everyone watched with bated breath.

One could only hear the gentle breezes and light breathing right now, nothing else.

However, no response came from either faction. No one came out to face him.

He lifted his foot and stomped down. “Boom!” Dust scattered everywhere.

Once they settled, the gate of the Grand Chancellor’s mansion was crushed along with the plaque.

This plaque was given to them by a late king from Vajra. It represented ultimate prestige and honor. They have never changed the plaque before but today, one was crushed by Li Qiye.

“He’s gonna do it…” Someone murmured. The rest thought about his intention in coming here.

Just two hours ago, he claimed that he would flatten the two mansions. Some thought that this declaration was too bold. He alone couldn’t oppose the Li and Zhang. Just staying alive was already amazing. 

“I told you, Li Qiye always keeps his word.” An expert confident in Li Qiye said sentimentally.

For all clans, the gate and the plaque served as a symbol of their clan. This went double for these two mansions since the plaques were given to them by the king.

Strangely enough, no one came out to stop Li Qiye from dishing out the humiliation. It was as if all the members were in hibernation.

It had nothing to do with cowardice. The ancestors just didn’t have a sure-kill method to deal with Li Qiye after witnessing the previous battle. In their opinion, sending more disciples and legions was suicidal.

“You don’t want to come out? Fine, I’ll come in.” Li Qiye smiled and walked on top of the rubbles to enter the mansion.

The Grand Chancellor was in charge of the civic officials. His mansion was naturally massive, enough to be considered its own city.

Those seeing it for the first time would be in awe and be lost without a guide.

Fortunately, Li Qiye had no chance of getting lost. He simply destroyed all the buildings in his way while moving forward.

“Rumble!” It didn’t take long before a dozen or so crumbled beneath his feet. The spectators smiled wryly, not knowing what to say.

“Get ready!” Suddenly, a voice came from a higher location in the mansion.

“Buzz…” Large platforms engraved with chaos stones started floating up in the air. On top of them were massive crossbows.

These platforms were created by powerful Heavenly Sovereigns and empowered by chaos stones. They were able to unleash offensive power at this level.

The disciples of the Zhang began loading the crossbows with arrows. The arrow tips were made from extremely sharp blade-breaker metals and infused with poison. Furthermore, Heavenly Sovereigns also blessed them.

“Godslaying Arrow Formation, it’s meant to be used against Heavenly Sovereign invaders.” One expert said while looking at the crossbows aimed towards Li Qiye.

“Blade-breaker metal can penetrate any armor. The poison should be made from rare bony outgrowths, capable of injuring the true fate once it gets in there. It’s not just a physical poison.” Another big shot said.

“The Zhang is showing their fangs. I wonder if this is enough to break Li Qiye’s armor.” One ancestor added.

In reality, this mansion was only considered one branch of the Zhang. Nonetheless, it was still well-equipped to deal with most enemies.

The question for the crowd became - are these arrows sharp enough to take down the incredible armor?

The members of the Zhang were even more nervous. If these arrows weren’t enough, then they had nothing left to take Li Qiye down with. The ancestors from their ancestral ground would need to take action themselves.

Unfortunately, it was too late for them to ask for reinforcement from the ancestral ground.

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