Chapter 369: Eight-Winged Divine Tiger

Chapter 369: Eight-Winged Divine Tiger

Once a cultivator reached Golden Era Virtuous Paragon, there would be two paths available to those who could continue onward; one was the Path of the Heavens and the other was the Path of the Grand Era.

These two paths were very easily classified. The Path of the Heavens was to reach the supreme heavenly dao of oneself. People who traveled on this path had the chance to obtain the Heaven’s Will and become an Immortal Emperor. However, the Path of the Heavens had always been very cruel and heartless throughout each generation since those who walked on this path had to compete against countless others. Throughout the ages, countless heaven-defying existences all died miserable deaths on this path towards the heavens.

In contrast, those who trod on the Path of the Grand Era were more likely to die of old age. This was the dao of the grand era that didn’t compete for the Heaven’s Will; this was a path that simply aimed for the apex of the Virtuous Paragon realm.

Those who trod on the grand era’s path could build a country to gather resources. Once they gained a certain degree of power, they would be able to open the divine investiture list! This meant that Virtuous Ancestors that reached the apex of the grand era’s path were comparable to the mysterious True Gods and could not be looked down upon by even Immortal Emperors!

Future generations began to divide these two paths; they called the Virtuous Paragons that walked towards the heavens “Heavenly Paragons” and those that strode towards the grand era “Divine Paragons”!

Without a doubt, the ancestor of the Tiger’s Howl School was a Virtuous Paragon, but he had not entered either of these paths! He was only an ordinary Virtuous Paragon. However, as an old undying that had been sealed for countless years and the ancestor of a great sect, he was still an existence worthy of awe and fear.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Then come out and show me the power of a Virtuous Paragon like yourself!” Having said that, Immortal Emperor auras flooded the sky. At this moment, Li Qiye’s left hand wielded the Violet Imperial Hammer and his right hand held the Black Tortoise Rod.

“Immortal Emperor Life Treasures!” The moment he took out these weapons, surging flame-like imperial auras appeared, causing everyone to shiver and nervously swallow their saliva!

“The Violet Imperial Hammer of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and the Black Tortoise Rod of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom!” Countless people were in awe before these two weapons.

Some big shots couldn’t help but to show their unsuppressible greed despite their legs growing weak. One of them even murmured: “This kid is too scary. To be able to actually unlock the emperor seal of the Ancient Kingdoms — this is truly unbelievable.” Many were driven mad from jealousy, seeing two emperor weapons in the possession of Li Qiye. Outside of Immortal Emperor lineages, who would have two emperor weapons? But this kid did, so how could they not go crazy from jealousy? And the even more astonishing part was that this kid could actually unlock the legendary emperor seals to take others’ emperor weapons for his own use!

Since he was facing emperor weapons, even the ancestor of the Tiger’s Howl School did not dare to act recklessly. In the end, the school was not an Immortal Emperor lineage; they did not have emperor merit laws, so before the might of an emperor weapon, great sects like them were at a huge disadvantage!

The ancestor solemnly stood up and opened his eyes. Suddenly, an endless net of lightning encompassed the entire school. At this moment, he was no longer an old undying nearing his end and was more like an awakened divine tiger. Before his piercing gaze, even Heavenly Kings would find that their legs would give in.

“Boom!” The ancestor’s powerful Virtuous Paragon aura destroyed the earth. At this time, eight tiger wings appeared behind his back, turning him into a divine tiger with eight wings. Even though his vitality had withered, his ferocious might still remained.

“I know who he is now!” Someone saw the eight wings behind his back and exclaimed in horror: “He is the Eight-Winged Divine Tiger! During the generation of Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, he was a Virtuous Paragon that once ruled over an entire territory!” [1. Yin Tian = Heavenly Hymn.]

At this particular juncture, who the Tigers Howl School Ancestor was became unimportant to many people. Seeing his aura, they all understood that this was a real Virtuous Paragon and not someone an ancestor from a minor sect could compare to!

The ancestor’s True Fate Weapon now appeared above his head. This was a silver hook capable of hanging an entire galaxy; its chilling radiance rushed towards all directions. This was a Galaxy Hook created by a Heaven’s Will True Stone with seven heavenly accumulations!

“Kid, to be able to make me use my True Fate Weapon… You should feel honored!” At this time, the ancestor stood above the world and looked down on all existences.

“Hah, that is not up for you to decide. How could you possibly block two emperor weapons if you don’t take out your True Fate Weapon?” Li Qiye laughed loudly and said.

The ancestor’s expression turned cold as he spoke in an awe-inspiring manner: “Ignorant kid, do you really think you are unbeatable with emperor weapons? There are many people in this world who can stop such Life Treasures. If you can only unleash ten to twenty percent of an emperor weapon’s power, I’m afraid you are merely courting death even with two of them!”

The ancestor’s words were actually correct. A Heavenly Sovereign or a Heavenly King would be at a disastrous disadvantage if they were to face an emperor weapon without having one of their own, but it was different for Virtuous Paragons. Virtuous Paragons were existences capable of communicating with the heaven and earth as well as reaching for the sun and moon, so they could withstand a certain level of offense from an emperor weapon. If one couldn’t unleash a powerful attack with an emperor weapon, then Virtuous Paragons were still able to kill them.

“Just watch me!” Li Qiye laughed and, with a long battle cry, his six palaces appeared. At this time, they did not form a domain and instead only lined up in a regular formation.

Despite this, his Life Wheel began to turn and, with loud noises like the roaring waves, the Yin Yang Sea of Blood spewed out an endless amount of blood energy.

“Another six palaces Supreme Noble!” Even though Li Qiye’s six palaces did not turn into an absolute domain, it was still enough to drive others wild. One couldn’t help but to bitterly say: “Two Supreme Nobles appearing in one day! This is too unreal!”

A Royal Noble with six palaces was the sign of a great genius. Very few people at this realm were able to open six palaces because it would be the pinnacle of this level. By accomplishing such a task, one could absolutely be referred to as a genius amongst devilish geniuses!

Li Shuangyan had six palaces, and now Li Qiye also had six. Becoming dumbstruck in horror was the only appropriate reaction.

“Motherfucker!” A big character from the previous generation couldn’t help but let out some vulgarity: “With these two great geniuses appearing in one day, what are our juniors going to do!?”

It was not their fault for being lost in despair since both Li Shuangyan and Li Qiye stole the radiance from all other geniuses! Before them, no one else would dare to call themselves a genius.

“This is simply mocking everyone else’s futures. How are we going to live from now on?” A young prodigy unwillingly spoke in a daze: “Not to mention their Immortal Physiques, now they also have six palaces! Can’t they leave some space for little shrimps like us to catch up?”

At this moment, the eyes of many were reddened from jealousy as they stared at Li Qiye; many of those wished to peel off his skin and tear apart his tendons. Even a descendant of an Ancient Kingdom would not have as many luxurious things as he does!

“We’re changing the battlefield. Come up!” Seeing the eruption of Li Qiye’s Yin Yang Sea of Blood, even the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor couldn’t keep his calm demeanor. He suddenly traversed through the air upward and shouted.

“So be it!” Li Qiye laughed and also soared up to the sky. In an extremely short amount of time, Li Qiye’s Revolving Crescent Sun frantically urged the sea of blood to let out an endless sanguine tide. At this moment, Li Qiye’s blood energy flooded the sky.

“Feel the rage of the emperor weapons!” Li Qiye screamed and used his endless blood energy to activate the two emperor weapons. The moment these words came out, the two weapons directly attacked the Tiger’s Howl Ancestor!

There were no merit laws nor techniques involved, it was only the direct attack of the invincible emperor weapons. The moment these two weapons shot out, many strange images and phenomena appeared. A Black Tortoise caused the heaven and earth to molder while a Violet Hammer struck down the moon and sun! At this time, the entire Tiger’s Howl School shivered in fear as countless people fell onto the ground, not being able to breathe from the pressure.

“Galaxy Parting Hook!” The ancestor knew that there was no path of retreat, so he also uttered a loud cry like a divine god coming into being. The divine hook struck down as each galaxy was turned upside down into a faint sea of stars in order to block the incoming emperor weapons.

“Bang!” After a loud explosion, countless stars fell down as the firmament was shattered. The people on the ground suffered from the aftermath. Their blood energy went out of control, and those with a weaker cultivation directly vomited blood.

Under this blow, the sea of stars was destroyed while the ancestor had to take several steps back, revealing a shocked countenance.

“How could this be!” Even a Virtuous Paragon was not able to block the attack! This suddenly changed the demeanor of countless people.

“This is too heaven-defying; Li Qiye was able to unleash thirty percent of the Immortal Emperor Life Treasures! His Longevity Treasure is way too powerful. I think it must be an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure!” A big character looked at Li Qiye’s Yin Yang Sea of Blood that was hovering in the sky. Even though he had just unleashed an emperor level attack, there was no sign of his blood energy drying up. This Longevity Treasure was way too formidable, rendering others absolutely horrified.

One must understand that in order to unleash a strike from an emperor weapon, one required the support and sacrifice of a large amount of blood energy. Not everyone could pay this price!

Li Qiye also took a deep breath. His sea of blood was indeed extremely powerful, but by attacking with two emperor weapons in this manner, he was still unable to bear it despite the support of his sea of blood. He felt out of breath and struggled to regain his composure after using a monstrous amount of blood energy.

The Tiger’s Howl Ancestor was going insane. A junior like Li Qiye having two emperor weapons was one thing, but he also had an Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure! An Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasure working together with Immortal Emperor Life Treasures — this was a perfect synergy!

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