Chapter 367: Battle Against The Tiger’s Howl School

Chapter 367: Battle Against The Tiger’s Howl School

In a split second, Li Shuangyan moved at an incredible speed to pass through the Prime Imperial Sire’s divine rings. Her half white half black Six Dao Sword pierced through everything straight to the middle of the Imperial Sire’s eyebrows.

The Prime Imperial Sire became aghast and quickly flipped his palm over. With that, a myriad of pulsing laws came down like a furious dragon.

“Plufff—” The sword went straight through the Prime Imperial Sire’s palm seal, instantly spilling blood. The Six Dao Sword showed no mercy as it penetrated his hand.

Amidst all of this, the heavenly palm seal and myriad suppression laws still couldn’t touch Li Shuangyan. Under countless laws and the power of the grand dao, Li Shuangyan was still like a fish in water — free to come and go!

“Impossible!” Seeing such a scene, countless people uttered a cry in shock. How could she actually be impervious to myriad dao!?

The Prime Imperial Sire was at a disadvantage after the first exchange, and this left him with a shocked expression. He stared at Li Shuangyan in disbelief and shouted: “The Void Imperfection Physique! And it’s at minor completion!”

In this world, only the Void Imperfection Immortal Physique was untouchable by a myriad of dao. This physique was indeed the nemesis of many dao laws since they were useless before it.

“Void Imperfection Physique!” Many became dumbfounded when they heard this. It was already frightening that Li Qiye cultivated the Hell Suppressing Physique, but his maid right now was cultivating one of the twelve Immortal Physiques as well!

“Well, with your cultivation, even the Void Imperfection Physique won’t save you!” The Prime Imperial Sire let out a cold smile. With a rumbling explosion, a divine sword appeared above his head, spewing and devouring essences at the same time. This soul-stealing sword caused others to shiver without being cold.

“This is the Virtuous Paragon True Treasure of a great paragon that had been bestowed a title!” Seeing this divine sword with its own consciousness hovering about the Prime Imperial Sire, someone couldn't help but emotionally exclaim.

“Boom!” At the same time, six Fate Palaces appeared above Li Shuangyan’s head to immediately form a domain. The hymn of a sword formation rang as the Six Dao Sword turned into a gigantic Six Dao Yin Yang Sword Formation that entered this absolute domain.

“Zhang—zhang—zhang!” In the blink of an eye, each sword beam became even larger than the heavenly pillars inside Li Shuangyan’s domain. The sword beams utilized its supreme array to trap the Prime Imperial Sire right away.

“Six palaces! She already has six palaces at the Enlightened Being realm... This means that she was once a Supreme Noble!” It was indeterminable whether the spectators were envious or jealous at this scene.

The Void Imperfection Physique alone warranted envy, but now they found out that she opened six palaces! The eyes of the spectators quickly reddened from greed; how could other geniuses get by in this world if she was here?

“Even an absolute sword formation domain cannot stop me!” The Prime Imperial Sire uttered a loud roar as his forty-nine divine rings turned into a world; he wanted to tear apart the sword formation. At the same time, his divine sword also unleashed a slash that was capable of slicing the stars and severing the grand dao!

“Don’t you even think about escaping!” Chen Baojiao cried out in response. Her Ancient Saint aura suddenly and fiercely erupted. However, the most ferocious thing was the Tyrannical Immortal Saber in her hand. One saber to punish the heavens with its Heaven Traversing Eight Saber technique. This explosive power was too terrifying.

“Zhang!” The saber broke through the plethora of worlds as it shot through the sky like the blade of a True God annihilating all of the worlds. An endless divine power rested in the bright glint of the saber as if it had already once annihilated the gods of this world.

The Tyrannical Immortal Saber and the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber technique — these were items passed down from the Legendary Era. The moment these two things combined their might, the resulting power could only cause others to shudder!

“Bang!” This heaven traversing blade actually fought against the Virtuous Paragon divine blade of the Prime Imperial Sire. However, Chen Baojiao was still only of the Ancient Saint realm, so she had to take several steps back from the blow.

“Get lost!” But at this time, Chen Baojiao’s stubborn temper erupted as she yelled. Her body suddenly became bright and, at this moment, she crazily absorbed the worldly essence along with myriad dao. The power of the dao around her body created an extremely terrifying storm that eventually aggregated in her blade in just one second.

“Zhang!” Another technique from the eight saber arts was unleashed from her rage. It severed the horizon and firmly knocked back the Prime Imperial Sire’s divine sword. Even the divine rings around his body were pushed back from the powerful storm!

At this moment, Chen Baojiao was surrounded by a terrifying storm that consisted of the grand dao and worldly essence. Its power could crush all things, and it accumulating on the blade increased her strike’s effectiveness by several dozen times.

“What physique is this?” Many people sucked in through their teeth in confusion after seeing this explosive grand dao storm on her body.

The Tyrannical Sacred Spring Physique not only increased her cultivation by leaps and bounds, but it also allowed for her to absorb the worldly essence to create this terrifying storm!

Even though Chen Baojiao did not open six palaces like Li Shuangyan, her physique allowed for her cultivation to quickly catch up to Li Shuangyan in just a few short years, allowing her to reach the Ancient Saint realm.

At this moment, Li Shuangyan was a seven celestials Enlightened Being and was one step away from Ancient Saint. Chen Baojiao had to restart her cultivation from the beginning after destroying her foundation, but she still managed to catch up. This was the strength of the Tyrannical Sacred Spring Physique!

This physique was not necessarily stronger than the Void Imperfection Physique, but it was also not likely to be any weaker than the Immortal Physiques. This was an ultimate and supreme physique!

“Kill!” Li Shuangyan let out a cry as her hand moved the formation arrays. The moment it opened, cries of dragons and tigers emerged as if millions of prehistoric beasts were rushing out. This was the Six Beasts Formation; it had an extraordinary origin. The moment these beasts rushed out, they used their crushing momentum to hunt down all enemies!

At the same time, her True Fate also jumped out of her master palace and used an unparalleled momentum to attack.

Chen Baojiao also uttered a battle cry and unleashed a horizontal slash, that carried the overbearing grand dao storm, like a storm goddess.

Even as a Jewel Sovereign, the Prime Imperial Sire was startled by these strikes. He quickly grabbed the divine sword and took out a shield for his other hand. His shield was also a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure.

“Boom!” With a deafening explosion, the Prime Imperial Sire used the shield to slam straight towards Li Shuangyan and sliced his sword towards Chen Baojiao. He understood that the Tiger’s Howl Merit Laws were useless before Li Shuangyan’s Void Imperfection Physique. Even his Jewel Sovereign cultivation wouldn’t do unless he had a Heaven’s Will Secret Law! Thus, he used the shield to meet the enemy, using his powerful brute strength.

“There is no justice in this world!” The actions taken by Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao astonished even the spectators outside.

A once Supreme Noble who was now a seven celestials Enlightened Being actually had a minor completion Immortal Physique. This allowed for her to even surpass the confinements of levels and directly fight against a Heavenly Sovereign!

The other person was an Ancient Saint with an unknown physique. However, with just a glance, one could tell that this physique was only stronger than Saint Physiques, no weaker. And not to mention the divine saber in her hand that was capable of sweeping through the eight desolaces.

Even though the Prime Imperial Sire was a Jewel Sovereign that could easily kill Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints under ordinary situations, he was not able to kill them because of the combined efforts of Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao.

“I can forgive Li Qiye for cultivating an Immortal Physique, but his two maids... One person has an Immortal Physique while the other has an unknown powerful physique! Is there any justice in this world? Does he want to use physiques to bully the rest of the world?” A person murmured right outside of the school.

Countless covetous glimmers appeared in people’s gazes. The appearance of these physiques meant that Li Qiye had at least two Immortal Physique Laws. Even Immortal Emperor lineages craved for these laws, so who could be exempt from such desires?

The ex-Imperial Advisor of the Furious Immortal Saint Country was also alerted. Even though the Saint Country boasted of having an Immortal Physique Law, its Lower Tyrannical Immortal Law had flaws despite being complete! How could he not be stimulated when two Immortal Physique Laws appeared right before him?

“Little Brat, be smart and surrender. This Imperial Advisor can grant you a peaceful death!” At this time, the ex-Imperial Advisor stepped forward with a domineering momentum, attempted to suppress everything in Li Qiye’s direction.

His own cultivation was very powerful, and his Tyrannical Saint Physique had already reached grand completion. This allowed for him to challenge even Heavenly Kings despite only being a Heavenly Sovereign!

“With only you?” Li Qiye responded with a carefree laugh without batting an eye.

“Ba—ba!” But before Li Qiye and the ex-Imperial Advisor could begin their fight, an extremely terrifying lightning tribulation descended from the sky. In just a second, it became an ocean of torrential lightning followed by an evil energy that soared to the sky.

“Bang!” The earth cracked after a loud explosion. Everyone then heard a cracking sound; the old treasure that was suppressing the Lion’s Roar Heavenly King suddenly blew apart into several pieces and flew out everywhere.

“Open!” After a sound that was akin to a dragon’s roar, one could make out a golden lion capable of devouring the heaven and earth suddenly turn into a huge mystical form. It powerfully pierced through the sea of lightning.

“No way!” Such a sudden change left the Tiger’s Howl schoolmaster in shock. This ancient treasure was something passed down throughout the school’s history and was extremely powerful. However, it was actually crushed by someone today!

“Hahahaha! I have finally shattered this last tribulation!” An imposing voice resonated as a lion-like old man appeared in front of everyone.

“The Lion’s Roar Heavenly King! He actually succeeded!” Seeing this old man fight his way out of the ancient treasure’s suppression, many people were moved and murmured: “Is this a minor completion Immortal Physique? It seems that the rumors were true; the heavenly king had actually found his ancestor’s unbeatable Immortal Physique Law!”

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