Chapter 3661: The Princess' Ire

The spectators had a mix of those who knew and didn’t know Li Qiye.

“He’s the one?” One student from Duality Academy muttered.

“Who knows, maybe he’s really blessed by fortune. Remember, he’s the only one who lifted that hammer in Myriad Cauldron when others failed. Teacher Du believed in him too.” Another student hesitated for a bit before commenting.

“Just because he’s lucky at Myriad Cauldron doesn’t mean that the same thing will repeat here.” One more friend didn’t agree: “It’s not like he’ll get all the good luck or it’ll be too illogical.”

“Don’t be so sure.” The second student shook his head: “Strange things happen on a daily basis, maybe this year is a special year. He’s extremely devilish back at the mountain range so he might be special.”


“I am indeed the chosen one.” Li Qiye smiled at the monk.

Everyone thought that Li Qiye would be humble for at least a few sentences, not outright admitting his superiority.

“This brat doesn’t have an ounce of humility in him, way too confident.” One listener said.

“Overly boasting can backfire. He’ll throw his face away soon.” Another stared at Li Qiye with disdain.

“At least we’ll have a fun show to watch, we’re not the ones looking like fools.” Another happily gloated.

“A frog wanting to eat swan meat.” A voice filled with scorn sounded: “Take a look in the mirror first before bragging in this place.” 

The speaker turned out to be the second princess of Vajra.

The crowd was surprised because how did the golden jewel of Vajra know a woodchopper from Myriad Beast Mountains? Plus, princesses always had poise and composure. Now, this was clearly an attack on Li Qiye

Her expression showed blatant disdain for him as if wanting to tell him to stop daydreaming. Everyone became curious about the feud between these two.

“Indeed, it’s rare to see an ugly frog like you.” Li Qiye casually said.

“You!” The princess turned red; her chest heaved up and down from anger.

She was furious after listening to the crown prince regarding Li Qiye’s proposal. In her eyes, he was a nobody wanting to climb up her branch, hence the frog and swan comment.

In fact, she was infuriated with the crown prince too but refrained from exploding at him.

He didn’t even say the part about the feet-washing maid. Otherwise, the princess might have gone crazy and started attacking Li Qiye.

“Li, you deserve a slap for this disrespec-” Zhang Yunzhi stood up for the princess and shouted.

“Pop!” However, he couldn’t finish the sentence before being slapped and seeing stars.

Li Qiye was the one who did it. Yunzhi simply didn’t expect the guy to take the initiative.

The crowd couldn’t believe it. Li Qiye had offended the second princess and slapped Zhang Yunzhi. This was akin to offending all of Vajra.

The crown prince smiled wryly but didn’t get involved. He wasn’t an idiot.

The second princess was closer to the third prince. Moreover, the Zhang also leaned towards the third prince.

Now, Li Qiye had the ancestral saber that could be used against the members of the royal clan. It was better for the crown prince to watch this development in silence.

“Rebellious fool! This is a crime worthy of clan extermination!” The princess’ eyes became murderous.

This wasn’t an empty threat either. Vajra was strong enough to carry out this punishment against virtually everyone.

“Want to exterminate my clan? We’ll see if you can live long enough to do so.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes.

“Li, how dare you?!” Yunzhi was livid. It was one thing for Li Qiye to always go against him. But now, offending the princess and slapping him in public? A famous genius like him couldn’t swallow this indignation.

“I will kill you now!” Yunzhi summoned his silver spear and pointed it straight at Li Qiye: “Brat, come accept your death!”

“Now we have a show.” One spectator became excited while moving to the side.

Of course, some thought that Li Qiye was being too arrogant. “Does the brat not want to stay at the holy ground? Offending the Zhang is one thing but the court too. He has no place to go.”

Li Qiye chuckled at the challenge, not caring at all.

“Amitabha.” Untethered Monk stopped Yunzhi from attacking. He smiled and said: “Benefactors, this is a place meant for business, not fighting. If you wish to try your luck, you’re more than welcome to. But wanting to fight? Wish Ward will kick you out.”

Though he spoke with a friendly smile, no one would question the ward’s ability. Just the monk alone deterred all troublemakers.

Yunzhi turned red, stuck in a predicament. He had already made his threat but couldn’t actually carry it out.

“No rush, all lands belong to the king, he has no place to hide. We’ll take his dog life later.” The princess told him before glaring at Li Qiye.

It became abundantly clear that she wouldn’t forgive him for his transgression today. Some stared at Li Qiye with pity. They thought that he was awfully unwise for offending Vajra. He might be able to survive today but not tomorrow.

Yunzhi put away his spear after hearing the princess. He snorted at Li Qiye: “I’ll kill you later.”

Li Qiye ignored the two.

“Benefactors, don’t be angry now.” Untethered Monk smiled: “Come, come, spend a few coins for the chance to earn unimaginable wealth.”

“Didn’t you say that you were the chosen one?” The princess said with contempt: “Since you’re so confident, then go see if you can get anything from the golden spring. Broaden our horizon now, oh fateful one.”

“Easy enough.” Li Qiye lazily said.

His attitude only increased her hatred for him. She replied: “Ridiculous, so many important characters and geniuses have failed. What makes you think you can do it?”

“Not convinced? Then do you want to make a bet?” Li Qiye smirked at her.

“I don’t think you have the guts.” She said sternly.

“Sure I do, I’m in the mood to bet.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Then how about this? If you can’t get anything out of the golden spring, I’ll chop off your head. Yes or no?” The princess declared.

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