Chapter 3660: Feet-washing Maid

The crown prince regained his composure and took a deep breath. He stared at Li Qiye and asked: “Brother Li, do you really wish to marry my younger sister?”

“Marry? No, I only want to give her a chance to be a maid specialized in washing my feet.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“What?!” Yang Ling blurted out before covering her mouth. She calmed down and said: “Fe-feet washing maid? Young Master, I, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

She was truly startled because the second princess was pampered by the royal clan. Thus, Li Qiye’s idea was nothing short of ludicrous.

No one would dare to think about this matter. It was suicidal. The princess might take it in stride but not the royal clan. This offense could result in a clan extermination.

The crown prince became frozen. His young sister wasn’t polite but Li Qiye’s idea was out of line.

“Brother, you’re going too far.” The crown prince shook his head. In fact, a lack of anger showed his patience and character.

“What do you think is a better choice between death and being a maid?” Li Qiye smiled.

The crown prince couldn’t answer right away. He put on a forced smile and stammered: “Well…”

“I simply want to know the line.” Li Qiye smirked: “How many people from the royal clan can I kill before they take it back.” His smirk grew wider after finishing.

The crown prince was lost; he had no idea what Li Qiye wanted.

The ancestral saber represented authority. Anyone else would use it for a life of wealth and glory. This wasn’t the case here. Li Qiye seemed to be toying with it. It’s impossible to understand this person.

Now, the prince thought about the actual question. The ancestor had given Li Qiye the saber for some unknown reason. What would it take for the ancestor to become unhappy and get the saber back?

Would the death of some royal clan members be enough?

If the ancestor didn’t take the saber back fast enough, then the theoretical victims would die for nothing. The royal clan wouldn’t try to avenge them due to the special circumstances.

For example, the crown prince thought about himself. What if he was the first victim or maybe the second princess? Would the ancestor do anything about it?

He had no idea where the line was drawn. Perhaps his father, the king?

This saber was given to such a crazy person. Maybe this was part of the reason why the ancestor gave him the saber?

“Who do you think I should cut first with this saber?” Li Qiye stared at the dazed prince and tapped on his shoulder.

The prince kept to himself but this didn’t mean that he was a fool. In fact, being alive for this long was a sign of his intelligence.

The comment had plenty of implications. Li Qiye’s first victims in the royal clan, whoever they might be, would change the current political landscape.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what’s on your mind, Brother.” The prince smiled wryly.

“Call me Young Master.” Li Qiye said.

“Deference is no substitute for obedience.” The prince bowed.

“I like smart people.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Go, have a talk with your sister.”

“I will but I can’t guarantee anything.” The prince smiled wryly, accepting his fate.

“That’s fine, just send the message.” Li Qiye actually didn’t care about this matter. This was only a whimsical decision to make things more interesting.

However, this casual choice of his was going to decide the fate of many, even that of a dynasty.

The prince had no choice but to walk towards the second princess.

“Young Master, do you really want the second princess as a feet-washing maid?” Yang Ling quietly asked.

“Why not? I’m merciful enough to give her a chance to live.” Li Qiye said.

“What do you mean?” Yang Ling asked for elaboration.

“Look at this saber again, is it only for wood chopping?” Li Qiye smiled.

Yang Ling was a simple and innocent girl, not interested in political intricacies. Alas, she was born in an official’s family and still heard a few things.

Her father told her that by this point, many powers and officials have chosen either the crown prince or the third prince.

Now, why did the ancestor of Vajra give Li Qiye the golden saber? And what if he started using it on the royal clan?

“The second princess has a better relationship with the third prince.” Yang Ling thought about it then asked Li Qiye: “If she refuses, will you kill her?”

“Who knows? But my rule is, don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with them.” Li Qiye smirked.

Yang Ling shook her head, not wanting to think more about this. She didn’t understand nor care for the constant strife in the dynasty.

By this point, the crown prince was next to the princess and began a quiet conversation.

Of course, the prince tried to pick his words carefully, never directly stating Li Qiye’s intent about the whole maid thing.

Unfortunately, his tactful choice didn’t matter. A while later, the second princess glared sharply at Li Qiye as if wanting to cut off pieces of his flesh. This was also the case for Zhang Yunzhi; his eyes brimmed with murderous intent. He didn’t try to hide his bloodthirst in the slightest.

The crown prince never said anything about wanting her to be his feet-washing maid. However, just his expressed interest in her alone was intolerable for the princess. This went double for Zhang Yunzhi.

The two of them have nearly confirmed their lover status. Their marriage would be supported by both the royal clan and the Zhang as well.

Thus, Li Qiye clearly wanted to steal his woman. Just imagine the fire of anger rampaging in his mind right now.

If it wasn’t for the crown prince, he would have jumped out to kill the guy before the princess needed to do anything.

The crown prince went back to Li Qiye alone and smiled wryly. He waved his hand and said: “My sister is still young and unrestrained.”

Li Qiye smiled and continued to stare at the golden spring.

“Are you interested in this spring?” The crown prince was glad to change the subject.

Li Qiye nodded.

“Young Master, you should test your luck, maybe you’ll find eternal wealth.” Yang Ling urged him: “After all, you were the chosen one with the hammer.”

Little did she know that someone else had very good hearings - Untethered Monk.

He walked over at Li Qiye with a grin on his face. He placed his palms together and asked: “Amitabha, Benefactor, do you want to try? Perhaps you’ll be the chosen one.”

This attracted the attention of the crowd.

“Our young master is blessed by fate.” Yang Ling said with pride, having total confidence in Li Qiye.

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