Chapter 3659: On A Whim

Li Qiye chuckled and didn’t bother to look at the second princess.

She received a warm welcome from the crowd, especially from the male cultivators.

She had a companion, one of the five heroes of Duality - Stallion Silver Spear, Zhang Yunzi.

He adorned full silver armor and had an impressive presence, looking like a crane among a flock of chickens.

People’s eyes were bright with admiration, thinking that this was a pair made in heaven. The man was gallant and imposing; the lady was gorgeous and regal - truly a dragon and phoenix.

The two seemed to be quite close and knew each other’s thoughts. Their relationship seemed special, looking like a lovely young couple.

“Your Highness, do you want to go in?” Zhang Yunzi was elegant, the perfect image in many maidens’ heart.

“I’ll go with you.” She glanced at the spring and the wooden house and revealed a gentle smile.

There was an obvious intimacy between the two so the crowd started gossiping.

“Are the two of them together?” Someone speculated.

“I think so, I heard that the second princess was very close with him during her time at Duality, more so than with any other students.” A Duality student answered his friend.

This naturally invited jealousy but they also thought that this was natural and understandable.

“The Zhang is a prestigious clan who has worked with dynasties before Vajra. Now, they’re still the leader in the court.” One expert with deep knowledge of Vajra said: “Eight out of ten civil officials are most likely under the Zhang’s banner. If Zhang Yunzhi were to marry the second princess, it’ll consolidate their status more. This is the same for the royal clan.” 

Many nodded, agreeing with this analysis.

The second princess was well-loved by the royal clan because she was the most gifted out of the princesses. Zhang Yunzhi was a good match for her.

“Hmph, who knows if they will actually get married?” A few fans expressed their bitterness.

“Brother, let me introduce you to my younger sister.” Meanwhile, the crown prince smiled at Li Qiye and had good intentions since Li Qiye had the golden saber of Vajra.

“Sister, come over here.” He then waved at the second princess.

She was in the middle of a conversation with Zhang Yunzhi before noticing the crown prince. She begrudgingly came over.

“The crown prince of Vajra.” Few recognized him in comparison. The third prince was far more popular.

“Brother, what is it?” She came over and bowed.

“This is Brother Li from Myriad Beast Mountains. Get acquainted with him since he might need your help in the court later.” The crown prince smiled.

“I understand, Brother. I have other matters to attend to, I’ll take my leave.” She glanced at Li Qiye, clearly knowing who he was beforehand. She then bowed to the prince.

The crown prince frowned after seeing this: “Sister, this attitude is unbecoming for a royal member.”

He didn’t wish to scold his sister but this attitude was unsuitable.

“Brother, I won’t interfere with the friends you choose to make, but I don’t want to get acquainted with some randoms.” The princess had an expression of distaste. With that, she turned and left.

His expression soured but this wasn’t the right time to become angry so he dropped the issue.

“Our Young Master is no random.” Yang Ling felt indignation and glared at the departing princess.

On the other hand, Li Qiye didn’t seem to smile.

“Brother, my sister is uninhibited, please forgive her. She has never given me any face.” The crown prince tried to mediate.

“Hmph, don’t pick someone with that personality.” Yang Ling murmured.

“No, I’m definitely picking her.” Li Qiye smirked. 

“Her?” Yang Ling became surprised.

“Brother? Do you mean that you like my sister…” The crown prince felt the same way and didn’t know what to say.

“I’m not allowed? Go tell her.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“My sister is prideful and arrogant, she’ll be unhappy with this.” The prince glanced at the princess and shook his head.

“Unhappy? Is it up to her?” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “What do you think this saber is? Your dynasty gave it to me only for wood chopping?”

The crown prince pondered. His father, the current king, wasn’t qualified to have this saber. The only one was their strongest ancestor - the true ruler of Vajra.

In reality, many knew that the current king was searching for immortality while abandoning his duty. Some criticized his ability.

Nonetheless, Vajra remained strong because it had powerful existences behind it. This ancestor must have had a reason for giving the golden saber to Li Qiye.

“It’s up to me to decide, yes?” Li Qiye concluded.

“You’re right, Brother.” The prince admitted. He had no idea why the ancestor gave this outsider the saber. Alas, the truth of the matter was that Li Qiye was in possession of the blade.

“What if I use it to decapitate some royal members?” Li Qiye’s smile grew wider.

The prince felt suffocated and was rendered speechless.

“You can do that?” Yang Ling said.

This saber could definitely kill officials and regular citizens. But what about the royal members?

“Well…” The crown prince stammered and didn’t dare to directly answer the questioN: “Well, this is the ancestral saber, the user represents the ancestor so in theory, in theory, it’s possible.”

The right to kill was there but for the majority of the time, the ancestral saber was left in the court or bestowed to a royal member. An outsider possessing it was unprecedented, let alone using it to kill royal members.

However, this didn’t mean that it was impossible since the saber represented the highest ancestor.

“So whether she agrees or not is up to me.” Li Qiye added: “How much do you think your ancestor cares about you bunch?” 

The prince had no response again. There was no lack of princes and princesses in the dynasty. Moreover, if his father’s branch proved to be incapable, the next successor could be someone else from the royal clan.

The ancestors who have lived for generations didn’t give a damn about them. Killing one or two wouldn’t be a big deal.

Vajra Dynasty had countless descendants during its long history. How many were actually viewed highly by the ancestors? 

The one exception might be a brilliant prince or princess determined to be the successor. As for the rest? They meant nothing.

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