Chapter 3658: The Second Princess

The crowd eventually got their turn in checking the spring and the wooden door. This all resulted in failure, whether it be the common cultivators or famous lords and high elders. Their techniques and methods were of no use.

Those who have tried knew that the golden spring was more than meets the eyes. It looked small but was actually bottomless.

Their strongest ability capable of extending their hand far enough to reach the stars couldn’t touch the bottom. It seemed that the spring was connected to the deepest inner core.

As for the wooden door, people thought of it as nothing at the start. People have tried to use true flames or direct slashes with their weapons. Some tried a spatial leap. None of these methods worked.

Thus, they had no choice but to give up.

“How bizarre.” One guy shook his head and said: “No one can get anything from this.”

Even if the spring had the most precious treasures and the wooden house had the greatest artifacts, it was all meaningless. They could only watch and sigh.

“That’s why the workers aren’t even trying. They just want to rake in money from the fee. This is impossible anyway, they’re tricking us.” One person murmured.

“Maybe the whole thing is a farce, they just want to make some money.” Someone else spent enough money to try dozens of times and became angry.

“It’s not like that.” One expert disagreed: “This is an ultimate technique available to the supremes. Wish Ward might not be able to create something like this. Plus, someone capable of doing it doesn’t care for tiny benefits.”

Others thought that he was right after seeing the phenomenon for themselves. A supreme naturally wouldn’t care about a few coins.

“Hmph, Wish Ward clearly knows that no one can open the door, that’s why they started this.” People were still annoyed. After all, this was understandable after the repeated failures and not gaining anything from it.

“Amitabha.” Untethered Monk had good hearing and noticed the hushed complaints. He said: “Gentlemen, we can’t be blamed for this. The rules are laid out, it is up to the participant whether they want to try or not. Plus, this is only a labor fee, several hundred members are here to serve.”

Only a few among the crowd voiced their complaints. After all, most were rich enough to not care about the sum.

“Monk, so what kind of person can actually get something from this?” A big shot couldn’t help but ask.

No one showed the same politeness and reverence to the monk as they would to another master. After all, he was a businessman and didn’t mind needless formalities. However, he was definitely a figure of authority.

He had more knowledge and insight than anyone else here. Even the big shots had to ask him for advice.

“Merciful Buddha, that’s hard to say.” The monk placed his palms together and said: “In order to find something from the golden spring or the wooden house, perhaps one needs to be a dao lord.”

“Dao lord? What’s the point of saying this then? None of us can grab a damn thing.” The crowd clamored.

“No, no. Remember what I said earlier, there’s another type.” The monk shook his head.

“What?” Someone else became impatient.

“The fateful ones.” The monk said.

“What constitutes one?” Another asked.

“Who knows? Well, our founder was one.” The monk laughed.

The crowd thought about it and agreed. At the very least, some people have gotten a fortune from here before.

In the end, most no longer wanted to try. They still stuck around in order to see if someone else could get the fortune.

By the time Li Qiye and Yang Ling got there, the majority had given it a shot.

They squeezed through the crowd and Yang Ling became excited. She loudly said: “Look over there, Young Master, whoever can get the key from the golden spring will gain generational wealth.”

Li Qiye stared at the place with a smile on his face. He thought that though the world had changed, certain things still remained the same.

“You should drop this fantasy.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Well, the founder of WIsh Ward did it, maybe it’s my turn to be the chosen one.” Yang Ling’s enthusiasm didn’t diminish.

Of course, she was only fantasizing and knew that she had no chance. On the other hand, the young master might be able to do it.

“The founder, he’s an old man, right?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, I heard that the old man was poor his entire life, to be able to switch everything around at the last moment, how enviable.” Yang Ling chuckled.

“Poor old man, huh.” Li Qiye smiled and didn’t say anything. A few things continued to exist, albeit with a change in form and method.

“We meet again, Brother.” Someone came up to greet them - the crown prince of Vajra.

He was different from others since despite being a crown prince, he never put up an act and normally wore simple clothes.

Li Qiye smiled as a greeting. On the other hand, Yang Ling bowed towards him: “Your Highness.”

“We’re outside, no need for formality.” The crown prince exempted her.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and continued staring at the spring and the wooden house. The crown prince stood next to him and did the same.

“Your Highness, are you going to take a look?” Yang Ling became curious.

He smiled wryly and shook his head: “Spare me, my cultivation is mediocre and I’m not the heaven’s favorite. I’ll only make a fool out of myself.”

Yang Ling didn’t reply because she had heard of some rumors. The crown prince didn’t have many supporters. In a sense, his title was empty because he might be replaced in the future. Thus, he kept a low profile, more so than anyone else.

“A princess!” Someone shouted. The crowd became rowdy and youths ran over.

A girl has arrived with many powerful followers. She wore a phoenix robe; her features were exquisite and gorgeous while still maintaining a regal aura. Guys certainly became infatuated at first sight.

“The second princess of Vajra.” Others recognized her.

“The most talented and beloved princess.” People bowed while the young ones tried to curry favor. After all, everyone wanted to be the king’s son-in-law.

“It’s the second princess. What do you think? She’s the king’s favorite.” Yang Ling elbowed Li Qiye while having an amused expression.

She knew that since Li Qiye had that special saber, he could pick any princess from Vajra.

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