Chapter 3655: I Am Waiting

The staredown happened in a dimension devoid of time and space. Thus, the process could be lasting as short as a blink or long enough until the withering of heaven and earth.

The two had no idea of their current state. This could be the past or the future.

They remained composed, not startled nor agitated in the slightest. This was their first meeting, or maybe it couldn’t be counted as one because this wasn’t their true form. Their thoughts have manifested, resulting in this bizarre phenomenon. The stillness made the atmosphere eerie.

The world had no idea that just one meeting could change the direction of history.

“I have arrived.” The other figure finally broke the silence after an unknown amount of time.

This person’s voice was dull like water, lacking emotional expression. Nonetheless, it had a natural feeling as if everything was perfectly fitted, completely in tune with other rhythmic affinities.

The three words could be interpreted in different ways. Did the figure accept an invitation to see Li Qiye? Or did the figure come specifically to see Li Qiye? From the past, the present, or the future? Where from? 

Or perhaps this figure didn’t arrive in this place but rather, Eight Desolaces or the nine worlds or an even older epoch.

This form could also be an intent, an illusion, or a projection. Nonetheless, the figure has finally shown up, no longer hiding in the legends or the words of the overlords.

“I am waiting.” Li Qiye’s voice also had no sign of emotional fluctuation.

The two of them might be similar, just with different paths. One day, the paths would collide and a battle was inevitable. Maybe by “waiting”, he meant he was waiting for a battle.

Only they themselves understood their intent. Words weren’t necessary; they continued gazing at each other while speculating.

It felt as if they were just two statues placed in front of each other. There was no emotion and sentiment.

The two eventually dispersed, leaving not a single clue behind. The length of the meeting couldn’t be calculated since time didn’t exist.

Li Qiye emerged again in the meditative pose; the treasure box was in front of him with the whisk placed on top.

The entire thing felt like a dream or an illusion. Of course, this meant that the two would have shared this experience.

Li Qiye stared silently at the whisk. His thoughts remained unknown.

He eventually closed the box and released the seal before walking out of the room.

“Are you okay, Young Master?” Yang Ling has been waiting outside. She heaved a sigh of relief after seeing him.

He locked himself in the room ever since they got here. Several days have passed already so Yang Ling thought something had happened to Li Qiye.

She thought that he looked a little weird after obtaining the box, definitely different from his normal demeanor. She speculated that it must have something to do with the item inside the box. That’s why she guarded outside, just in case.

“It’s fine.” Li Qiye stretched and smiled.

“That’s good to hear.” Yang Ling gently patted her bosom, thinking that the young master has returned to his normal self.

“Young Master, we still haven’t seen all of Wish Ward. Do you want to go?” She thought that he must be feeling stuffy after being in the room for so long: “You came out at the perfect time, I heard the golden spring is back again.”

“I see.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“You know about the golden spring? It’s another old legend in this place.” Yang Ling said.

“A little bit.” It would be harder to come up with something Li Qiye didn’t know about.

“Many have gone already to test their luck, we have to get going too. This golden spring is more mysterious than Sacred Mountain, or so they say.” She became excited.

“Let’s go then.” Li Qiye naturally wanted to go see this golden spring. That’s his purpose in coming here in the first place.

“Yay!” She gestured excitedly before speaking: “Your luck has always been good, Young Master, maybe you’ll get an unmatched fortune there.”

Li Qiye smiled. Did he need to search for luck at the golden spring? Of course, there was no need to divulge this information to Yang Ling.

People have crowded up at the location of the golden spring before the two got there.

“This is a legend of Wish Ward, even more mysterious than the hug mouse.” One spectator said.

“The mouse can appear every generation but the golden spring, only a few times throughout history.” Another excitedly said.

“We’re already extremely lucky to be experiencing this.” One older expert became emotional.

In fact, according to Wish Ward’s record, the spring has only shown up three times so far.

“So what is this place?” A youth had no idea. This was the case for many of his peers.

“This is most likely the greatest legend in Wish Ward. It’s normally hidden here but no one can find it. It has to show up on its own.” An old man explained.

“It might be useless because we can only look, can’t enter anyway.” Another old cultivator shook his head.

“Don’t be so sure, rumor has it that the founder of Wish Ward had entered. Remember, winning the favor of the hug mouse is a lifetime of riches but to be able to enter the golden spring? All of your future descendants will stay rich.” The old man replied.

“Rich for generations? Really?” The young ones were skeptical.

“Look at Wish Ward right now? It has been around for so long.” The old man added.

People agreed with this statement after a brief muse.

The spring was elusive. Some said that it didn’t actually exist. Others believed that it was always here in Wish Ward. It’s just that people couldn’t find it.

The likeliest proof was the found of Wish Ward. According to the tale, this person was able to grab a key out of the spring. With that, the person was able to enter the spring. Later on, Wish Ward was founded.

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