Chapter 3654: Whisk

Li Qiye eventually formed a mudra and chanted, activating a powerful mantra in order to remove the seal on the box.

This mighty seal had no chance of stopping Li Qiye’s mantra. It gradually crumbled until a buzz could be heard. The runes and lights dispersed from sight.

This allowed the immortal light from within to become brighter.

“Click.” Li Qiye opened the box and looked at the item inside.

Numerous resplendent rays oozed out afterward. Particles scattered downward, enough to engulf Eight Desolaces.

Strangely enough, the holy rays weren’t blinding. They were rather gentle and comforting. They didn’t prick Li Qiye either despite being quite powerful.

Nothing in the world should be able to stop them. The offensive affinity here had nothing to do with their sharpness but rather, an unyielding momentum.

The source of the rays turned out to be a horsetail whisk and its threads. 

As Li Qiye said previously, this wasn’t a weapon, just an ordinary item for wiping dust or chasing mosquitoes.

The handle was as white as snow, made from a single piece of white jade. Of course, this wasn’t a regular piece of jade but rather, a wondrous treasure.

It was exceedingly rare; even dao lords would have a difficult time finding one. Shaping it into a cauldron would be perfect for alchemy. However, it was chosen to be the hilt of this whisk out of its beautiful nature.

It looked like melted snow, still flowing despite being solid. The flowing lines derived obscured profundities, enough to mesmerize any spectator.

As for the threads, they were made from draconic empress threads. The world certainly had no idea of this name or what they were.

Li Qiye was one exception. Though he has lived through eras and traveled across the realms, he only saw this thing two or three times.

Without taking the materials into account, the only thing special about the whisk was its radiance. Nothing else was of note. People would think that the Xiong’s ancestors wasted their time and effort to seal this whisk. 

Li Qiye continued staring at the whisk and began to ponder.

The hand holding the handle should be that of an immortal - pure white or possessing the glow of the stars, or perhaps possessing the flow of time…

All in all, a mortal had no chance of wielding this whisk. It seemed reserved for immortals and was only used as a decorative item.

Only great beings were a match for this whisk. Of course, its actual master didn’t think much of it.

As for the world, they would naturally see it as a peerless weapon.

Li Qiye immediately formulated the profile of its master after seeing the handle. Only two or three beings in existence were worthy of this whisk.

It wasn’t him nor was it the villainous heaven. Who else?

Li Qiye didn’t care about its power or materials, only what had transpired.

“An eternity is nothing more than the blink of an eye.” He said: “Maybe it’s just a long wait until the right moment.”

The master of the whisk, the villainous heaven, and Li Qiye were the only ones understanding the significance of these hidden secrets.

He then took a deep breath and slowly reached forward to grab the handle.

“Boom!” A terrible flame swept through the myriad realms, more than enough to reduce invincible supremes to ashes.

Top grand dao, peerless merit laws, untouchable treasures wouldn’t be able to stop it. Everything was as brittle as dried branches.

If this flame were to hit Eight Desolaces, all existences and landmasses would cease to exist. Though Li Qiye was in a deep dimension, numerous dimensions nearby were instantly melted. If some gods or emperors were unfortunate to be traveling through these dimensions, they would fall as well.

Li Qiye disappeared in this split second, replaced by an indomitable will lasting for an eternity. One thought of his could turn into three thousand worlds and all things within.

This one thought represented everything. Its power stemmed from the indomitable dao heart.

The flame could certainly take down all defenses. However, only the indomitable dao heart could survive under the harsh circumstances.

The destructive flame eventually subsided and Li Qiye returned once more with the whisk in his grasp.

His hand was ordinary. It wasn’t eternal and didn’t have the flow of time, lacking special laws. It wasn’t the hand of the high heaven either. Nonetheless, it belonged to Li Qiye. This made it possible for it to grasp anything.

It didn’t look out of place holding the wondrous whisk. In fact, the two seemed to be a perfect match. The whisk could have been misunderstood as being created solely for him.

Li Qiye was another being capable of wielding this whisk. Regular cultivators would have been reduced to dust the moment they made contact with the handle.

A hush fell over as both the handle and Li Qiye seemingly ceased to exist. The newfound peace and void could calm all unrest hearts.

Here, there was no beauty or ugliness, no light and darkness, no dao laws or any specks of existence.

This seemed to be the original source of all. Li Qiye sat there, unsurprised.

By this point, someone sat directly in front of him. There was only a faint figure and the gender couldn’t be assessed.

They were only inches away yet the distance seemed like billions and billions of years. This seemed to be a past version of this figure gazing at the present-day Li Qiye. Or, it might be a future Li Qiye looking at the figure’s present self.

All in all, it was impossible to tell the temporal period of these two.

They gazed at each other, aware of their own current powers and ace cards. Both didn’t wish to attack carelessly because due to the current circumstances, they had no knowledge of their opponent’s state and form.

Perhaps this was the opponent’s weakest state, but it might be their strongest as well. Perhaps these were their future selves meeting in this unique area.

Of course, this wasn’t a coincidental meeting. The two knew that this day would come. It was only a matter of time.

They knew each other’s story and tale but as for their exact thoughts, this remained a mystery. Perhaps they themselves didn’t know of their future selves’ plans and thoughts.

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