Chapter 3653: Broken Rock

Li Qiye left the seafood store with Yang Ling right behind him.

She couldn’t help looking back at the inconspicuous entrance. No one expected an ocean hidden inside this tiny place. It was an eye-opening miracle.

She also found it strange that Li Qiye was in such a hurry to leave.

“Young Master, is it an invincible immortal weapon?” She thought about the item in the box, wanting to know how strong it was.

“No, just an everyday item.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Everyday item?! How can that be?” She raised her voice in disbelief.

The Xiong lost so many people including Heavenly Sovereigns for this item. Plus, the immortal light from it was immensely frightening. It should be a legendary weapon, not an everyday item.

“As old as the sun and moon.” Li Qiye said: “With enough time, there will be a mark and intent left behind. The owner of this item is more powerful than you can imagine.”

“How powerful?” She couldn’t come up with an existence capable of making their everyday items so strong.

Li Qiye didn’t answer since this was beyond her station.

“Find a place to rest for a bit.” He said instead.

“Our clan has a small courtyard in Wish Ward. We can go there if you don’t mind, Young Master.” She contemplated before answering.

He agreed so she led the way.

The Yang wasn’t considered a big clan in Metropolis. Nonetheless, Yang Ling’s father was still a marquis with decent influence. Thus, he had a small place in this expensive region which was a testament to his success.

The two arrived and Li Qiye took a look. Though it lacked in size, it made up for it with refinement and tranquility.

Yang Ling then ordered the servants to prepare the daily essentials for Li Qiye.

However, he didn’t rest after entering his room. He sealed the area and opened a deep dimension. 

While inside, he created a grand formation to separate the yin and yang along with the five elements. He then assumed the meditative pose before taking out the broken rock.

No one would take a second look at this ordinary rock while walking on the street. They could be found anywhere and weren’t worth a single coin.

Only a few knew what it represented. Of course, it wasn’t a treasure or weapon. Li Qiye focused on the cracks and layers, seemingly made from molten lava cooling in different periods.

With his heavenly gaze, the cracks and gaps became infinitely longer and larger. They looked like three thousand worlds. No, to be exact, three thousand epochs.

Each imperfection represented one epoch, a broken river of time that spanned for millions and millions of years.

They served as projections for the respective epoch. The timeline of these epochs seemed to be compressed inside.

Those capable of understanding this would be in awe. This wasn’t a rock but rather, a spatio-temporal compression - fragmentations of the epochs.

Li Qiye began reversing the regular cycles in order to trace the source. 

“Buzz.” He pulled out one particular epoch. Particles of time splashed all around him. He found himself in a majestic world in the next second.

This epoch was one of machinery. Explosions and metallic clanks could be heard from the armored giants. Each possessed boundless power and mighty life force…

Anyone would be astounded while observing this world.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye pulled out another crack. Different particles surrounded him and took him to another epoch.

This one had a primal aura. He heard dragon roars and phoenix screeches. Sure enough, these magnificent creatures were flying in the air. After long eras, it was able to produce extremely strong creatures.

“Buzz.” He went to another one. The particles this time consisted of sparks that engulf him.

Powers seemed to be so pure. All existences had the most simple form - some virtually indiscernible. This pure power could be found everywhere and took on a form resembling mercury. Anyone here would find themselves melting down, becoming a part of this world.

Epochs passed by in the blink of an eye. In these endless rivers, the power of one seemed less significant than a speck of dust.

Numerous brilliant overlords and supremes turned to ashes with nothing left behind.

Li Qiye took his time studying and appreciating this broken rock. Eventually, he looked up at the sky.

“Villainous heaven, what are you doing? This isn’t your style.” His eyes shifted in contemplation.

No one answered him; he didn’t wish for an answer either.

“Looks like it’s not looking good for you either.” He chuckled and said: “What a precarious situation, enemies inside and out for the inevitable pincer attack.”

He fell into silence next. Though the current momentum looked bad for the villainous heaven, this wasn’t good news for him either.

This was absolutely not a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The situation grew dire for all sides.

“Let’s see who’ll be the last one smiling.” He stroked his chin and said.

Eyes were always observing this world. Not only the ones above but also those hidden in unknown regions.

He put the rock away. It didn’t matter how the rock got here; it was now an important record of history.

He pondered for a while before taking out the treasure box taken from the Xiong. The leaking immortal light was weak yet all-penetrating.

He gently touched the box and said: “An irrefutable piece of evidence.”

Powerful masters and sects disappeared in the river of time. Nothing was left of them. 

Nonetheless, a few things were eternal and untouched by the withering of time. Whether this item was purposely left behind or fallen down by accident, its power was clear because it continued to exist.

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