Chapter 3652: Total Control

After long deliberation, the ancestors finally made a decision. One of them said: “Do it, that’s all we can do.”

They had no other choice because in just a few years, their clan would turn to ashes. Nothing would be left including that temple. Thus, even if the temple could survive, what would be the point when all the clan members were gone?

A revitalization was absolutely essential and such a chance was right in front of them.

The clan moved quite fast and the pillars were brought here in no time at all.

“Boom!” Though the disciples let them down as gently as possible, the impact of each pillar hitting the ground was still loud due to their immense weight.

All of them were now inside this palace, towering in front of Li Qiye. Their golden color has faded away, leaving behind faint yellow inlays depicting aggressive dragons. The golden dragons were looking up, seemingly wanting to fly out of the pillars.

It would take three people with their hands stretched and connected to fully wrap around a pillar.

It was made from unknown materials - looking like stone and wood but definitely neither. The shade resembled flax.

“Young Master, these are the ones you mentioned?” The first ancestor asked Li Qiye.

Li Qiye stood up and walked around the hall once before nodding: “Yes. If you wish to pull up your territory and keep it stable, they will be essential. It’s good that your ancestor wasn’t dumb enough to throw them away. Otherwise, this would be futile.”

The ancestors exchanged glances, not knowing the importance of the pillars previously. They have been around for a long time to support an old temple. Plus, their ancestors never talked about them either.

So many geniuses in future generations have come to the old temple to pay respect. None noticed anything peculiar about the pillars.

“Are they really that important? Our forefather has never talked or written anything about them.” One ancestor was skeptical.

“Because your forefather didn’t have a damn clue. The land was bestowed to him.” Li Qiye said.

“Young Master, you know this too?!” The ancestor jolted after hearing this.

Their clan once had massive territories. During their peak, the land under their jurisdiction could match the present-day Buddha Holy Ground.

Unfortunately, the great calamity changed everything. Even their land started sinking.

There was one particular fact very few Xiong descendants knew about. Their initial territory was given to their forefather by someone else.

According to the old tales, this being was a supreme existence. However, this seemed to be a taboo subject so even the forefather refrained from commenting on this topic.

In the present, only ancestors like those present knew about this secret. That’s why they were shocked that Li Qiye knew about it.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t comment either.

“I shall help you with this after taking your item. The future is up to you all.” He said flatly.

“Thank you, Young Master, thank you!” The jubilated ancestors bowed towards him.

He began chanting a mantra while forming supreme laws. His movements were too fast and profound. Yang Ling and the ancestors didn’t even see them clearly, let alone understanding them.

“Up!” Li Qiye roared and his mantra struck the pillars.

They were answered by loud dragon roars and blinding flashes emanating from the pillars.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The eight dragons suddenly returned to life and their movement issued pleasant metallic clanks due to their scales.

Finally, sharp gales manifested as the dragons readied their claws. Golden dragons had nine claws; each was extremely sharp. Just the glints alone could cut through everything.

“What…?” The ancestors were astounded.

The pillars have been around for millions and millions of years. They had no idea that these pillars could be activated in this manner.

“Raaa!” The dragons opened their eyes around the size of a small bell. Draconic auras erupted in the air.

The ancestors staggered backward from this terrible force while taking a deep breath. They didn’t expect these normal pillars to be so powerful. These things were clearly incredible artifacts.

“Go!” Li Qiye shouted, resulting in a loud blast. The eight pillars suddenly turned into dragons. They leaped into the vast ocean.

“They’re gone.” The ancestors became startled.

‘Rumble!” Next came violent quakes. It felt as if a colossal ox was turning its body, resulting in terrible earthquakes.

“What’s going on?!” The ancestors became frightened.

A tsunami suddenly took form. The waves were high enough to smash into the sky vault. This naturally scared the hell out of everyone. Their knees trembled as they dropped to the ground.

The waves swept through thousands of miles in an unstoppable manner. It seemed to be another great calamity. The members of the Xiong started cursing their fate.

The event only lasted the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. Once it calmed down, the members glanced at each other in confusion. The ancestors in Li Qiye’s palace did the same thing.

“Okay, my task is finished, time to go.” Li Qiye stretched and said.

“Just like that?” Yang Ling was frightened earlier as well from the commotion.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and started leaving.

“Ancestor!” A disciple from the Xiong ran in and excitedly reported the current situation.

“Really?!” The ancestors jubilated after hearing the new information.

“Absolutely, Ancestor.” The disciple felt the same joy.

These ancestors started tearing up. One of them said: “The ancestors are watching over us.”

“No, we should be thanking the young master.” The first ancestor responded. Unfortunately, Li Qiye was already long gone.

“Let’s go!” The ancestors regained their wits and gave chase.

“Young Master, please wait…” The first ancestor shouted.

Alas, Li Qiye had no intention of stopping. Yang Ling said softly: “Young Master, they’re calling for you.”

Li Qiye ignored them and kept moving.

“Young Master, we haven’t shown you our gratitude!” The ancestor shouted, only to be ignored one more time.

They realized that Li Qiye didn’t care for them. The fateful connection has ended with this.

They then hurriedly summoned the other clan members. The entire clan got on their knees and bowed in Li Qiye’s direction: “The Xiong Clan will forever remember your kindness.”

Li Qiye didn’t bother looking back.

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