Chapter 3651: Extremely Mysterious

“Take it out.” Li Qiye glanced at the chest and said.

The eight ancestors exchanged glances before shouting. “Buzz.” Waves of light emanated from their body.

Their strength left no room for doubt. However, they still took this unsealing process quite seriously.

“Open!” They shouted in unison before forming a mudra.

“Pop!” The treasure chest became resplendent. Runes appeared in the light - these made up the seal of the trunk.

They then placed their hand on the chest. The runes began to twist and turn, coming together to form a character.

“Crack!” A sound akin to a lock being opened could be heard and the chest was open.

The item inside still couldn’t be seen. A strand of immortal light became exposed. Though it was faint, it seemed to be coming from an ancient era. The ravage of time couldn’t destroy it.

The eight ancestors formed another mudra and created a lotus flower. It began lifting up the item inside. They didn’t dare to touch it with their hands.

So the item inside happened to be a small box, long and narrow. It was made from extremely tough metals and looked quite old. Just one piece of metal had an insane value.

More sealing runes were engraved on the surface. They looked like thick chains locking around the box.

Moreover, numerous ancient talismans originating from powerful Heavenly Sovereigns were attached. They nearly covered the box, almost like a layer of clothing.

The box itself was tough enough. Now, the runes and talismans added more protection. Alas, this wasn’t enough to fully seal the thing inside. Some immortal light was still leaking out.

The light was faint and on the verge of extinguishing. Nonetheless, they still give off an immense feeling.

The spectators felt that an unimaginable power was contained inside, something to an invincible true dragon in the legends.

Li Qiye actually got up from his seat. His eyes narrowed and became bright.

“What is in there?” Yang Ling could tell that the thing inside the box was definitely incredible. Its power was palpable.

“We don’t know.” The first ancestor of the Xiong smiled wryly: “The ancestors sealed it right away and no one else saw it. They did say that it was an immortal whisk.”

“You really didn’t take it out for a look?” Yang Ling asked.

“Easier said than done.” The ancestor shook his head: “First, putting aside whether we can even open it, the thing inside is too frightening. Our hands probably can’t handle direct contact. Only a disaster will come…”

However, he couldn’t finish because Li Qiye grabbed the box with his bare hand. He didn’t prepare a defensive formation or separation method.

Remember, the eight ancestors didn’t dare to grab the box due to the power within. They needed to use a special technique just to move it.

Li Qiye didn’t bother with such things. He seemed unafraid of this power.

The ancestors were lost in disbelief and stared at each other in a daze.

Li Qiye didn’t open the box. He gently caressed it, letting the immortal light touch his hand. He closed his eyes and took his time feeling it.

He became immersed in this process. By this point, he knew what was inside without needing to open the box.

Meanwhile, the ancestors were sweating for him. They were also afraid that something unexpected might happen.

Alas, the immortal light played nice. Li Qiye didn’t suffer any negative setbacks.

The ancestors heaved a sigh of relief and became ecstatic. This proved that Li Qiye was capable. There was still a chance for their clan to rise again.

“I want this thing.” Li Qiye wrapped the box and put it away without needing permission from the ancestors.

The curious Yang Ling really wanted to see the item inside. Unfortunately, Li Qiye was fast in storing it.

“Well, Young Master, what about our matter?” The first ancestor asked Li Qiye.

“Since I have taken your item, I will assist you.” Li Qiye said flatly before staring at them: “You should have eight golden dragon pillars.”

“Golden dragon pillars?” The ancestors were confused.

“We have something like that?” One ancestor murmured. They had no impression of these pillars.

“Your ancestor is really an idiot. He obtained this great land yet didn’t take the time to learn it, no wonder why it sank.” Li Qiye said.

The ancestors didn’t dare to retort. They talked among themselves before ordering the manager to go check.

“Yes, we do.” The first ancestor smiled after the manager came back and told them: “We’ve been using them to support an old temple.”

“Destroy it, bring them here.” Li Qiye casually said.

“?” The ancestors were flabbergasted. To destroy their clan’s temple? This wasn’t good because their forefather was the one who built it.

“Don’t be dumb enough to use these pillars as mere support. Only idiots would do so.” Li Qiye didn’t hold back at all.

The ancestors became embarrassed after hearing this. Since the temple was built by their forefather, Li Qiye was calling him an idiot.

Alas, they couldn’t bark back at Li Qiye right now. In fact, they had no idea that even if their forefather was around, he wouldn’t dare to utter a single noise after being called an idiot by Li Qiye.

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