Chapter 3649: Small Gift

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t appease Yang Ling.

The manager then told the alligator-head clerk: “Pack the conch for the young master.” 

The clerk acknowledged and carried out the order.

“May I ask how you know my true origin? Do you have ties with our clan?” The manager walked over towards Li Qiye and bowed with a smile.

“Your eight eyes are so obvious, there’s no need for ties to see this.” Li Qiye answered flatly.

“Mmm…” The manager had an awkward expression.

“Manager, you really have eight eyes? I don’t see them at all.” Yang Ling became curious and looked at him carefully.

“It’s just a figure of speech, not to be taken literally.” The manager smiled wryly.

“His eight eyes can’t be seen with regular vision. Unfortunately, those eyes aren’t real Kui eyes either, they have flaws and can’t see true mysteries.” Li Qiye suddenly revealed.

“Young Master?!” The manager staggered backward, shocked.

Li Qiye’s comment got everything right. The guy knew his clan’s mysteries as well.

Yang Ling had no idea what Kui eyes were but judging by the manager’s response, Li Qiye must have struck the right chords. She was very curious but knew better than to ask someone about their secrets.

“Young Master, may I ask who you are?” The manager took a deep breath and bowed with reverence: “I was blind to not know that I’m in the presence of a great man such as yourself, please forgive me.”

He was astounded because their clan has been working in Wish Ward for a long time. They served plenty of guests but none knew about their true background and origin until now. Only his clan members were privy to this knowledge.

“Your clan is quite lucky.” Li Qiye accepted the gesture and stared at the ocean: “Although, these foolish endeavors have been done too many times.”

This insult could have infuriated others. However, the manager’s respect towards Li Qiye actually grew after hearing this.

“May I ask why you say this, Young Master?” He cupped his fist and asked.

“That area is too heavy and you can’t pull it up.” Li Qiye said: “You keep on letting it stay down there and play around, this is acting precipitously regardless of the consequences.”

“I can’t believe you know this.” The manager was scared out of his mind. This was their ultimate secret.

Only the older generation of their clan knew about this but now, an outsider like Li Qiye understood even the main issues.

“What is this place?” Yang Ling stared at the ocean and didn’t see anything special.

Li Qiye didn’t answer her and stood there with a calm expression - a striking contrast to the manager’s shocked one.

The latter eventually calmed down and took a deep breath. He bowed again: “Young Master, you’re an immortal from above, please tell us the correct countermeasure. How can we pull it up?”

“Why should I tell you?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Right…” The manager was startled for a moment before adding: “What do you need, Young Master? Our clan will do everything in our power…”

“You can’t obtain what I want.” Li Qiye interrupted.

These words were domineering and haughty but the manager believed him. He replied: “How about this, do you like anything here? If you don’t mind, we’ll give you everything in this ocean.”

“Everything?!” Yang Ling blurted out.

She personally saw many of the treasures here. They were quite valuable. As for everything here? The actual value was difficult to fully calculate. Now, the manager was willing to give Li Qiye everything?

She became more confused. What was it that warranted such a big response from this “Xiong Clan”?

“Not interested, I can buy whatever I need.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The manager didn’t know what to do. Alas, he suddenly recalled one particular item from his clan.

“Young Master, let’s take a break first. We do have something to show you later, if you so desire.” The manager said.

“Fine, consider this a type of fate.” Li Qiye stared at him and smiled.

The manager hurriedly prepared a palace for Li Qiye and Yang Ling. Li Qiye sat in the main position without any hesitation.

The manager stood near him, ready to serve. He said: “We have reported this to the ancestor, he’ll come right away. Please wait for a little.”

“I hope this item won’t disappoint.” Li Qiye replied.

The manager smiled wryly. He didn’t know what this unfathomable person wanted.

A while later, an old man hurried inside. He was short and stout, looking quite powerful. His small frame seemed to contain boundless power. He could easily lift a continent without activating any aura. One could hear draconic roars from within his body.

The manager came over and whispered to the old man. The latter then bowed towards Li Qiye: “Young Master, please forgive me for not personally welcoming you.”

“Spare me the courtesy.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

This old man was the strongest ancestor of the Xiong, able to make any decision on the clan’s behalf.

He normally never showed up but the manager’s report forced him to do so. The topic mentioned was extremely important for their clan.

The old man stood up while the alligator-head clerk brought up the packaged conch.

It was sealed in a column of water, looking extravagant and exquisite.

“This is a tiny gift from our clan, not enough to show our respect. Please accept it, Young Master.” The ancestor respectfully brought the gift over.

“You’re saying that we don’t need to pay?” Yang Ling blurted.

“This is not enough to enter the young master’s eyes nor is it sufficient to represent our goodwill.” The old man said.

Yang Ling stood there in a daze. Did he just refuse 1,000,000 Grand Heavenly Sovereign Stones? Why does he look like he’s afraid that the young master won’t take it?

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at the conch; he still cared about the rock it was attached to more.

“Why is this rock here?” Yang Ling thought that it was weird how they packed the rock too.

“Miss, you may not know about the conch’s special characteristic. Once it chooses a rock, it’ll always be stuck to it unless it wants to change. The only way to separate them is to…” The ancestor performed the “kill” gesture.

“I see.” Yang Ling was surprised.

Li Qiye suddenly tapped on the conch’s shell. “Boom! Boom! Boom!”

His gentle beat resulted in loud drumming, enough to sway the heart. The waves of light from the conch rippled outward in a magical manner.

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