Chapter 3648: Astronomical Price

Li Xiangquan purposely chose to speak with prudence and politeness earlier but now, he was no longer in the mood.

After all, he needed this conch as a present. This matter was rather pivotal for him.

Other bidders have backed off and he was the only one left. He thought that it was already in the bag, not expecting for a guy like Li Qiye to jump out of nowhere and bid beyond his limit.

He could actually handle one million chaos stones of this level. Alas, using this much to buy this conch? That’s too big of a trade. In reality, just 600,000 stones were above the value of the conch.

The auction probably wouldn’t have gone this high if Li Xiangquan didn’t choose to exert his dominance.

“One million, anyone else?” The manager was ecstatic. He was already happy with 700,000 stones. Now, flowers were blossoming in his mind.

“Young Noble Li, do you wish to bid?” The manager loudly shouted at Li Xiangquan.

People stared at him since he was so confident earlier. Now, they were ready to gloat at his embarrassment.

He was in a difficult position. To give up now would lose all face and his feeling of superiority would vanish like smoke. Plus, he already had a plan for this gift. 

Alas, to continue bidding and potentially winning the conch was truly wasteful. He would be nothing less of a prodigal son.

“I bid 1,050,000.” He gritted his teeth and made his decision.

He initially only wanted to do 1,010,000 but thought that it would be embarrassing due to his previous increase. At least 50,000 would save some face.

“Hmph, you still want to go?” His servant coldly uttered: “We’re a great clan in the holy ground with prestigious positions in Vajra. A junior like you better think twice before competing with us.”

This was not a brag. He was actually threatening Li Qiye that nothing good would come from offending the Li while staying at the holy ground. Li Qiye should be smart or he would have no place to stay.

No one among the crowd doubted the power of the Li. They had considerable influence over the military right now. This was enough to intimidate anyone.

Alas, Li Qiye seemed aloof to the threat. He smiled and said: “I forgot to mention, my bid is 1,000,000 Grand Heavenly Sovereign Stones. You should start bidding them too.”

One word alone differentiated the stones. However, one guest immediately shouted: “1,000,000 Grand Heavenly Sovereign Stones?!”

“From minor to grand? This is insanity!” Another thought that he was hearing things.

All eyes were on Li Qiye at this point due to the ridiculous bid. The manager himself couldn’t believe it and became frightened.

After all, the disparity between the two levels was immense. The manager has never seen something like this before.

This was akin to buying cabbage. The initial price was twelve silver coins which were sky-high already. Now, Li Qiye wanted to pay twelve gold coins. This jump was nothing short of lunacy. Only a fool or a madman would do something like this.

The manager was thinking about how lucky he was today, akin to a dog yawning and swallowing a fly. This customer was too rich.

Li Xiangquan’s expression became extremely unsightly. Even if his clan could afford this sum, they wouldn't let a youth like him waste it like this. Plus, this would require serious deliberation before the clan could spend this much.

Yang Ling felt the same way, thinking that the young master was a prodigal son.

“Li, can you actually pay that amount?” Xiangquan’s servant shouted: “This is an official auction so don’t run your mouth and bid a random amount just to boast. Hmph, when you can’t…”

“It’s just 1,000,000.” Li Qiye said: “As for whether I can handle it or not, the manager and his eight bull eyes will be able to see clearly.”

The manager’s expression suddenly changed. He immediately announced: “One million, sold. The conch goes to this young master.”

Others didn’t say anything since this was an expected outcome.

Li Xiangquan naturally hated this development. He was supposed to be the one under the spotlight while winning the conch. Li Qiye came out of nowhere and essentially slapped him before the guests.

He couldn’t stay here any longer since this was already humiliating enough. He scowled and left, no longer having a friendly attitude towards Li Qiye like at the start. He thought that he was being nice enough by just leaving without causing more trouble.

“1,000,000 Grand Heavenly Sovereign Stones…” The guests were still talking about it as they were leaving.

A few stared at Li Qiye and thought about his background. Also, that he was an idiot for spending so much on the conch. 

“A rich country bumpkin is quite a rare sight.” One guest commented quietly before leaving.

“Young Master, are you really buying this?” Yang Ling wanted to ask Li Qiye to return the merchandise. It was too wasteful in her mind.

Others were right for thinking that he was an ignorant country bumpkin.

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