Chapter 3647: Money Is Never A Problem

The guests were startled because a youth like Li Xiangquan was able to bid the enormous sum.

Even some high elders or sects masters wouldn’t be able to do it. On the other hand, Xiangquan didn’t bat an eye - a testament to his wealth.

Of course, those who actually recognized him didn’t find this surprising. He was still the son of the Grand Commander. Plus, an ancient clan like the Li already had ample resources without needing to be officials of Vajra. This clan alone could compete against any kingdom and sect in the holy ground.

Thus, its successor naturally had no lack of money.

“320,000.” Another guest was extremely interested in the conch and bid immediately.

“330,000.” One more followed suit.

“340,000…” Other parties joined the fun.

After all, those invited by the Xiong were relatively wealthy. Some were actually big shots.

“400,000!” Li Xiangquan increased the bid substantially even when others were only doing 10,000 increments.

All eyes were on him since this was a blatant challenge to the other bidders. It looked as if he must have the conch at all cost.

“410,000!” This didn’t diminish another bidder’s interest.

“420,000!” Another guest shouted.

“500,000!” Li Xiangquan immediately fought back by raising the bid up by 80,000. His momentum engulfed the entire area.

Some became annoyed, not appreciating being one-upped by a junior. 

“Young Noble Li, you’re really interested in this conch.” One guest smiled at Li Xiangquan.

“No, just a friend wants it so this is a gift.” Xiangquan responded.

The crowd clamored after hearing this. Using so much money for a gift? This was an incredible display of extravagance. That’s the successor of the Li for you.

“510,000.” One guest didn’t want to give up.

“520,000.” One more doubted Xiangquan’s wealth.

“600,000.” Xiangquan immediately bid without any hesitation.

The first two exchanged glances but didn’t wish to express their malcontent.

“Your bids are rather arrogant.” One guest actually spoke up.

“I only want to buy it, this is a fair auction. If you want it, bid higher.” Xiangquan retorted.

“610,000.” The guest followed up.

“700,000. Still want to go?” Xiangquan frowned and stared at this bidder.

“Fellow Daoist, I think you should give up. Our young master wants this conch.” A servant standing behind Xiangquan smiled.

The guest turned red and couldn’t say anything.

A starting bid of 300,000 has gone up to 700,000. Many guests were interested in the conch and thought that 500,000 to 600-000 was acceptable, albeit pushing it. But now, 700,000 was too high for this conch.

The manager was happy to see this development. He smiled at the guests and asked: “700,000, anyone else interested? Please state your bid because it’ll be hard to find another pentachromatic conch. Don’t miss this opportunity.”

The current bid was actually higher than his appraisal, hence his excitement.

Several guests started talking among themselves regarding the continuation of the bid.

“Fellow daoists, just stop now.” The servant shook his head: “Our young master came prepared, it’ll just be a waste of time.”

“It’s fine, feel free to bid, gentlemen, I’m sure I can handle even a bid of 1,000,000.” Xiangquan smiled confidently, clearly challenging the crowd to keep going.

The guests had no option left. They already thought that 700,000 was far too high. 1,000,000 would be ridiculous. Plus, they couldn’t come up with this sum anyway.

“700,000, anyone else? If not, it’ll go to Young Noble Li.” The manager was all-smile.

“I’ll happily accept it then, gentlemen. Thanks.” Li Xiangquan smiled at them, thinking that this conch was already his for the taking. 

“1,000,000.” Unfortunately, a leisure voice sounded.

“What?!” The guests followed the direction of the voice and saw an ordinary youth.

It was none other than Li Qiye who had stopped looking at the pond and decided to bid.

Yang Ling tugged on his sleeve and quietly said: “Hey, this is Minor Heavenly Sovereign Chaos Stone we’re talking about.”

She was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to come up with this sum. It was expensive even for her clan.

“Who is he?” The guests didn’t recognize Li Qiye.

Li Xiangquan’s expression changed. He saw Li Qiye earlier but didn’t come to start a conversation.

“What a move.” One guest murmured.

Li Xiangquan’s strong bids were fierce enough earlier. But now, Li Qiye raised the bid by 300,000 in one swoop. 

“Can he pay that much?” Another guest wondered before realizing that he was being a busybody. This was the store’s problem, not his.

Xiangquan’s servants became annoyed. Their master was clearly in charge of the auction. This bid was nothing short of a blatant provocation.

“This is Minor Heavenly Sovereign Chaos Stone, not the cheap stuff.” One servant shouted, expressing his doubt.

Li Qiye ignored this.

“Brother Li, you’re interested in this conch?” Xiangquan asked.

“Just for fun.” Li Qiye smiled.

Xiangquan had no response. He felt that Li Qiye was purposely challenging him. In reality, this wasn’t Li Qiye’s intention. It was just a whimsical decision.

“Brother Li, if you don’t need it, how about letting me have it? I’ll keep this in mind.” Xiangquan took a deep breath and cupped his fist.

He was confident up to 1,000,000 but this was Li Qiye’s first bid. He wasn’t sure that he could handle it.

“Feel free to bid.” Li Qiye chuckled, showing zero intention at relenting.

All eyes were on Li Xiangquan. They thought that karma came quite early. He looked down on the crowd earlier and now, it was his turn to be insulted.

The unsatisfied Xiangquan thought that Li Qiye was trying to steal his thunder by doing this.

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