Chapter 3645: Seafood Shop

Yang Ling took Li Qiye to several more stores. Alas, the materials inside didn’t catch his attention.

Finally, Li Qiye stopped before a store with a plaque carved with a simple name, “Seafood”. Next to it was a diagram depicting eight arms, looking quite strange.

Yang Ling glanced at the plaque and didn’t think much of it.

“Let’s go in for a look.” However, Li Qiye told her.

“We, we’re buying seafood?” She became surprised because they have been to the biggest stores with the best materials already.

Why were they going into a seafood place now? How bizarre. 

Moreover, it looked so tiny and probably didn’t have anything good. Nonetheless, she caught up to Li Qiye who was already inside.

“Young Master, you’re craving seafood?” She asked and only got a smile in response.

They found that the store was quite small. In fact, it was empty and there was no seafood to be found.

A clerk came over and greeted them. He was a demon with a human body and an alligator head. There was a long tail behind him too.

“Esteemed customers, are you looking for something?” The clerk had a bright smile.

Just imagine an alligator opening its mouth wide; that’s the same as showing off his sharp, white teeth as if wanting to chomp someone’s head off.

“Isn’t this a seafood place?” Yang Ling looked around and said: “Where did all the seafood run off to? The young master wants to eat.”

The clerk stared at her, puzzled.

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “Silly girl, I didn’t say that I want seafood.”

He then told the clerk: “Show us your good merchandise.”

“Ah, you’re here to take a look, come, come, let’s go inside first.” The clerk smiled and led Li Qiye back through another door. Yang Ling followed right behind him.

The moment they took one step in, the scene suddenly changed. The small store turned into a vast ocean under a blue sky.

They were standing on a beach with soft sand. One couldn’t help wanting to walk barefoot in this area.

This place was perfect to take a break from the rowdiness of Wish Ward. They could enjoy this beautiful scene of nature along with the pleasant sea breezes.

A manager could be seen sitting at his desk. He seemed to be auditing something with his abacus, going at great speed.

He had a huge frame. His loose robe couldn’t hide his bulging muscles. They brimmed with power as if there were true dragons roaring in his blood.

A warrior like him should be wielding a hammer and destroying the realms. However, his actual weapon was an abacus. The contrast took everyone by surprise.

The two weren’t the only guests here. Other clerks with the same alligator form were helping other customers check out at the desk.

“Your, your store is this big? Wow.” Yang Ling regained her wits and found this minor dimension incredible.

This was her first time seeing a minor dimension used in this manner. She has visited Wish Ward numerous times and had no idea about this unique store.

“Fairy, do you know that our Xiong Clan is known for having the best aquatic merchandise? Not just in the south but in all of Eight Desolaces, no one has a store bigger than ours. We have everything under the sea for sale here.” The clerk smiled.

“So it’s really a seafood store.” Yang Ling understood after entering this place. However, it seemed wasteful to use spatial manipulation for the sake of setting up a seafood store.

This was akin to a tycoon utilizing his best store to sell random fish or shrimp. It was a little ridiculous.

“We do have seafood. What kind are you looking for? Remember, as long as it is underwater, we have it.” The clerk said.

“Really? Tell me your best stuff, our young master is a picky eater.” Yang Ling replied.

“Draconic abalone is in season right now, I’ll bring some here right now.” The clerk was happy to hear about a potential customer and immediately suggested.

He led them closer to the water and raised his hand. Crystallized walls materialized around them as they delved into the water.

Numerous aquatic creatures swam by them; Yang Ling was completely immersed in this experience. A gluttonous person like her couldn’t help salivating.

It didn’t take long before they reached the bottom of the ocean. The sand at the bottom looked like gold grains.

Something seemed to be hiding in the sand. The clerk pointed at it and said: “Do you see that over there, Fairy? That’s the best draconic abalone we have, Eight-hundred Gold Waves.”

Yang Ling saw something resembling a clam around the size of a large bowl. Its shell was golden. When opened, it emitted waves of golden light like the blossoming of immortal flowers. There were a total of eight hundred waves, enough to blind and awe the spectators.

This was her first time seeing or hearing about this. She looked at the meat and swallowed her saliva: “This must be really tasty…”

“Absolutely.” The clerk replied: “The national teacher of Vajra loves eating draconic abalone. As for the one ahead, it’s the finest of the finest. No one but our clan can provide it.”

“These abalones are good, but, it’s meaningless without a skilled chef.” Li Qiye said: “The best way to prepare them requires lightning-fast blade skill, instantly severing the waves and maintaining their original form without wasting a sliver of essence, then dip it into 10% soaring root juice, now that’s a delicacy.” 

The clerk became startled then amazed. He praised: “You’re a true master, to pay so much attention to the details, the national teacher can’t compare to you.”

“So how much for this Eight-hundred Gold Waves Abalone?” Yang Ling couldn’t wait anymore.

“It’s not particularly expensive.” The clerk said: “Just 8,000 chaos stones at the Grand Heavenly Sovereign level.”

“???!!! 8,000 Grand Heavenly Sovereign Chaos Stones?!” Yang Ling blurted out after hearing the price.

Just one stone of this level was valuable enough. Certain sects could sell everything and still couldn’t come up with 8,000 chaos stones. All of this for one abalone? 

“Well, it’s a special type of draconic abalone. It takes at least 3,000 years to grow.” The clerk smiled.

“Young Master?” She smiled wryly and stared at Li Qiye instead.

He shook his head and said: “Maybe an Eighty-thousand Gold Waves Abalone is worth our time, not this.

“...” Yang Ling had nothing to say.

“Sir, I’m afraid you can’t find one in all of the southern West King.” The clerk smiled wryly as well.

“Let’s look at something else.” Li Qiye wasn’t interested.

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