Chapter 3643: Just For Chopping Wood

“This thing? It’s just for chopping wood. I needed one and someone gave it to me.” Li Qiye casually responded.

“Uhh…” The crown prince didn’t know what to say. He put on a forced smile and said: “It’s not meant for chopping wood.” It actually had a great significance for his dynasty so the whole thing was ridiculous.

“Oh? I use it for chopping wood so that is its purpose now.” Li Qiye responded.

The crown prince didn’t know what to say. Sure, the owner could use it however he pleased.

“Your Highness, what is this blade then?” Yang Ling asked.

“This is the ancestral saber of our dynasty.” The prince paused for a bit and eventually revealed: “It’s also known as Golden Saber.” 

“The ancestral saber?!” Yang Ling blurted out in astonishment before covering her mouth; her eyes were wide open while staring at this blade.

She naturally lacked information on the specifics but to be considered an ancestral saber? It meant that this was an incredible weapon. Alas, Li Qiye still used it to chop wood.

“So why is it special?” She calmed down and asked softly.

“It is a symbol of Vajra left behind by the founding fathers. For descendants like us, it represents authority.” The prince elaborated.

“And there are two uses as well.” He continued: “First, the master of this saber is allowed to kill nobles, officials, and any citizen. Second, he can become a prince-in-law, able to pick any princess and join the royal family.” [1]

The prince stared at Li Qiye after saying this.

“You can pick any princess?” Yang Ling was surprised once more.

In Vajra, everyone dreamed about marrying a princess in order to obtain wealth and power. Now, the master of this saber could pick any of them?

This was a dream come true; all men would want this to happen to them.

“Right.” The prince had a solemn expression: “And the first rule still applies after joining the noble family.”

“Such an influential prince-in-law then…” Yang Ling couldn’t help glancing at Li Qiye.

There have been plenty of princesses in history. However, very few prince-in-laws were directly admitted to the royal family, joining the actual lineage.

Putting that aside, the right to kill was extremely powerful. This was akin to obtaining the authority of the king.

“Young Master, doesn’t this mean that you have it made now?” She became happy for him.

Li Qiye only chuckled. This saber or whatever could have great power and authority. Alas, in his eyes, it was nothing more than a tool to chop wood.

“According to the historical annals, this saber rarely showed up in history, the same with people capable of wielding it. In our royal family, only the ancestors have seen it, the younger generations never got this privilege…” The prince then stared at Li Qiye and said: “Brother Li, this shows that there is fate connecting you and Vajra. Our door will always be open for you...”

Yang Ling became emotional and excited. If Li Qiye were to join Vajra, he would possess great influence henceforth.

“No need to make this so complicated, it’s just for chopping wood.” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted the crown prince.

The latter had a strange glint in his eyes. Anyone else would be ecstatic right now to possess this saber - a symbol of power and status.

However, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn. The members of the royal family would go mad with jealousy after hearing this.

The prince also knew that this saber rarely showed up in history. It meant that an ancestor from the royal family had purposely sent it out. This ancestor must have had a good reason to do so.

“Brother, when you have time, please visit the royal court in Buddha Emperor Division, I’ll be your guide and show you around.” The prince handed the saber back to Li Qiye, looking quite dignified.

Li Qiye hanged it back on his waist instead of treasuring it.

“Your Highness, shouldn’t you introduce a few princesses to the young master?” Yang Ling couldn’t help joining the fun.

“Well, of course.” The crown prince coughed and said: “If you are interested, I’ll introduce some of my younger sisters to you.”

“There’ll be an opportunity later.” Li Qiye said before drinking a cup of tea.

The prince found the whole thing strange. Why did an ancestor pick Li Qiye? Plus, he couldn’t see through the guy at all.

At this time, a youth walked down from the top floor and caused quite a stir.

He looked exceptional with a stalwart figure. Auspicious energies circled around him; his shadow was moving as if his soul wasn’t inside his body. He wore a violet robe that gave off a one-with-nature feeling.

He had a cold yet non-arrogant expression. Of course, he didn’t seem amicable either. Though there was a lack of aura, he possessed an inborn air of nobility. He seemed destined for greatness with a noble bloodline. Others would feel that they couldn’t reach his level; just one glance forced them to be subservient.

He had a strong and firm stance like a violet mountain. His flickering shadow didn’t diminish this unyielding property.

“Phantom Saint Child!” The guests immediately recognized and hurried over to greet him.

“Phantom Saint Child?” Yang Ling was startled too. The crown prince also stood up and felt the same way.

Phantom simply greeted the enthusiastic crowd with a nod.

He was one of the four famous geniuses in the holy ground. The others in the group were Duality’s Dugu Lan and Golden Cicada Buddhist Child.

His master was one of the four grandmasters - Eight-tribulation Blood King. 

The crown prince politely apologized to Li Qiye before leaving to catch up.

“Nice to see you, Saint Child.” The prince greeted.

“Your Highness.” Phantom bowed slightly.

“Don’t be so reserved now.” The prince hurriedly stopped him from bowing.

Phantom’s expression was still natural despite being in the presence of Vajra’s crown prince. The two of them walked down the stairs and left the restaurant.

Only Li Qiye paid no mind to the big spectacle. After a while, Yang Ling calmed down and asked: “Young Master, do you really not want to enter Vajra?”

“Why should I?” Li Qiye took another sip of tea.


1. This is common for ancient dynasties. It means that the wielder can dish out justice and kill before reporting, not actually kill whoever he wants

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