Chapter 364: Tiger Emperor Citadel

Chapter 364: Tiger Emperor Citadel

Just as Li Qiye said, this place gave birth to five extremely powerful spirits, and the master among them was formed from this Terra’s Root. The other four spirits were formed from the rivers and mountains with the images of a True Dragon, a White Tiger, a Vermilion Bird, and a Black Tortoise.

Unfortunately, although the leading spirit could be described to be unparalleled, it failed to cherish its fortunate creation from the heavens and allied itself with the tyrannical Ancient Ming.

That era belonged to the Ancient Ming, so after the Tiger Emperor Citadel joined the Ancient Ming, they swept through the world and suppressed the human race under their new banner.

At that time, as the Dark Crow, Li Qiye became infuriated and led numerous sages and generals of the human race to sweep through the Tiger Emperor Citadel. This was a thrilling grand battle and the killing shattered even the heaven and earth as blood flowed like rivers.

In the end, they managed to destroy the citadel, and from then on, it sank into the ground where the world would no longer know of its existence.

Li Qiye slayed the leading spirit and destroyed its body to ultimately sever the Terra’s Root. Then, he ordered his sages and True Gods to use a heaven-defying method to suppress this root underground in order to refine it for millions of years.

Since the leading spirit was created from this land, Li Qiye’s goal when he sealed the Terra’s Root underground was to allow it to — once again — nurture this land so that a miracle would manifest again.

As per Li Qiye’s expectations, this land finally had another creation. Following the refinement of the Terra’s Root, the endless worldly essence finally nurtured this entire place, allowing it to transform into a White Tiger Grand Vein.

Later on, the progenitor of the Tiger’s Howl School obtained this creation. He started out as a regular white tiger that eventually cultivated into a Tiger God and erected this timeless school.

“The Mortal Emperor World is the sanctuary of the human race, so how could anyone allow for an external race to disturb this peace!?” Li Qiye calmly told the tale: “The Tiger Emperor Citadel joining the Ancient Ming was akin to seeking their own death, so it was eventually destroyed by the human wise sages and sank into the earth. After many years, this place finally turned into a White Tiger Grand Vein; the Tiger’s Howl School came later.”

After hearing the tale, Chi Xiaodie and the others couldn’t help but become surprised. They didn’t expect that the school was founded on top of another monstrous heritage.

“How did you know that the Tiger Emperor Citadel was under this earth?” Chen Baojiao just had to ask.

“This is why I told you to read more; read more to know more!” Li Qiye smiled and gently knocked on Chen Baojiao’s forehead.

She then angrily glared at him in response. She knew that this would be his response, and she didn’t trust it one bit! However, even though she knew that it was not going to work, she still wanted to hear a different answer!

“It is time for this earth to change owners!” Li Qiye smiled and then shook his head to say: “Establishing a timeless sect is not easy. In consideration of their ancestors being able to surpass all tribulations, I initially didn’t want to take away their grand creation and the vein. Alas, it is quite a pity... Time after time, they are without eyes, thinking that the tiger could actually eat me. They’re merely seeking their own death.”

Li Shuangyan’s crowd remained silent. The school was now doomed to a tragedy that consisted of a severed grand vein. Even if it was lucky enough to survive, its future would certainly be on the decline.

Eventually, Li Qiye took out a piece of dao bone; this was Little Silly’s dao bone. Li Qiye was quite unwilling, but he ultimately said: “Go. Whether or not you can obtain this place’s new creation will be up to your own fate. I hope that in another hundred thousand years, you will be able to rise again from this land!” Having said that, he then threw the dao bone into the depths of the great lake.

“Boom!” With an explosion, the earth itself trembled as if a dragon had dove into a river. As a dragon roar resounded, the dao bone disappeared into the river’s depths!

Li Qiye gently sighed as he watched the dao bone disappear into the river made out of worldly essence. This place was a supreme treasure earth; if it wasn’t, then he wouldn’t have ordered the wise sages and True Gods to seal this place.

However, whether Little Silly could rise and defy the heavens would be up to its own fate. And even if it could, it might not possess its former memories.

Despite that, this would still be a good thing for Little Silly. At the very least, it was a rare opportunity since it would be reborn if it could seize the creation from this land!

Li Qiye calmed his thoughts and looked at the Terra’s Root within the coffin, then he told the girls: “Keep watch for me, I want to refine this place into a domain!”

After hearing his words, the girls felt a chill. Then, each of them, very carefully, went to surround Li Qiye in order to protect him.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and, with a boom, his master palace appeared. In the blink of an eye, the other Fate Palaces also emerged in an orderly fashion.

Li Qiye channeled his dao foundation as a primordial Kun Peng soared to the sky. Within the chaos, the six Fate Palaces arranged themselves in a mysterious order and instantly formed a world. With a loud bang, his six Fate Palaces appeared to be six pillars that shouldered this newly formed world!

Four palaces to form a domain, eight palaces to form a kingdom. At this time, with six Fate Palaces, Li Qiye could refine this world to shape it into his very own absolute domain!

As Li Qiye’s Fate Palaces were shouldering this vast domain, with a whistle, the Kun Peng flew into this area. As the primordial chaos ran rampant like a raging thunderstorm, it flapped its wings, wings that flooded this entire world.

This chaotic energy descended as if it was nourishing this vast space, as if it wanted to give birth to countless existences in the future.

“Go!” With a loud shout from Li Qiye, the sealed Terra’s Root was sucked in by Li Qiye’s domain.

“Let me give you life!” Li Qiye screamed out. The master palace opened up as the four images inside the palace appeared. At this time, the endless green brilliance of the Tree of Life poured down; the water of life flowed endlessly, and the fire of life burned brightly, giving this land a new hope.

The most powerful thing was the Pillar of Life. It had underwent a great change after absorbing the mysterious and ancient runes from the Void Gate. With strange hums, the pillar directly shot out orderly divine chains to form supreme universal laws on this earth. All existences and universal laws were derived from Li Qiye’s will!

At this time, Li Qiye’s Pillar of Life was simply too powerful; it could directly create supreme orders. Li Qiye’s will was the ruler of all things — this was an incomparable dominance!

With the assistance of the four images and the supreme refinement of the universal laws, the Terra’s Root was embedded into Li Qiye’s absolute domain. It furiously spewed out worldly essence to nourish this land as if it would start to erect kingdoms and capitals after new living beings were born.

However, inside Li Qiye’s endless territory, even the Terra’s Root’s powerful worldly essence was far from enough. At least, it was not enough for this short period of time.

“Go!” Li Qiye uttered a cry once more. His absolute domain appeared in front of the lake before him. With nonstop deafening booms, this domain began to swallow the worldly essence in the lake!

In this short moment, it was as if the mountains and rivers were reversed as countless worldly essences were siphoned by Li Qiye’s absolute domain. In an instant, his domain was filled with dense and pervasive worldly essence.

While the unstoppable devouring continued, his Kun Peng dao foundation turned into strands of supreme universal laws that descended and coiled themselves around the Terra’s Root. These strands then engraved themselves into the root’s body and started the refinement process.

“Buzz!” Li Qiye’s True Fate came out of his master palace. Although the sound was very quiet, like a thin pair of wings flapping in the vast heaven and earth, the True Fate appeared inside this absolute domain in just a flash.

“Poof—Poof—Poof—!” Refined flames spewed out everywhere. Li Qiye’s True Fate carved his divine will onto this Terra’s Root and turned it into the root’s new heart. This way, the root and Li Qiye’s Fate Palace would forever be connected. Now, Li Qiye’s will could control the root from this point on. Although the root was granted its own consciousness by Li Qiye, it was in the form of Li Qiye’s will!

At the same time, with the Pillar of Life continuously carving orderly laws onto the root along with the burning flame of life’s refinement, the root became even more primordial as if it was returning to the true origin. All of its flaws were incinerated by the powerful flame of life into dissipating green smoke…

The day of the full moon was ten more days away, but it passed by in just an instant.

In the last ten days, a huge storm was set off in the Eastern Hundred Cities, and many secret channels began to act; each began their own preparations.

Numerous powerful experts maintained a great distance from the school despite the school inviting all the sects in the region to come and watch the execution. The vast majority of the sects were not willing to become involved in these muddled waters, so even those who came to spectate did not become the school’s guests, they merely stayed far away to watch.

There were even those who came with hidden intentions. They concealed themselves in the dark to watch the development, hoping that they could take advantage of the situation!

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