Chapter 3639: Beautiful Legend

“Go on.” Li Qiye didn’t mind the gloating girl.

“You know about their bloodline but not their legend? This is one of the most famous stories in all of West King. It’s very romantic.” Yang Ling rolled her eyes.

“Do tell.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“So it pertains to the progenitor of the Chi.” Yang Ling began: “Rumor has it that a very long time ago, well, too long for anyone to know when. The progenitor was only a mortal yet he was in love with a fairy from a big sect. Everyone thought that he was a frog trying to eat swan meat. No one expected him to actually be loved by the fairy. The two eventually got together. A mortal and a prestigious cultivator? How unbelievable.”

Her eyes brimmed with enthusiasm as she went on: “The most incredible thing was that their love stood strong and they grew old together as husband and wife, becoming a subject of envy…”

She had nothing but admiration and envy when talking about this famous legend. The story was indeed special.

After all, cultivators were virtually immortals in the eyes of regular mortals. They lived long and could travel freely with wondrous abilities.

Sadly, cultivators never cared about mortals. The latter was nothing more than ants.

Thus, a mortal and a fairy weren’t from the same world. The two shouldn’t even have the chance to meet.

Just imagine, a fairy of a sect had limitless potential. She could go on to become the sect master and be in charge of millions of lives. Moreover, she certainly had no lack of suitors. Prodigies from the other sects tried to court her.

Why did she fall in love with a mortal? Any listener would think that this was only a romantic fairy tale. Alas, these were the facts.

In the end, she chose to grow old with him. Remember, a cultivator could live for thousands of years or far longer. This was quite normal.

As for someone of her status and talents, she would have been able to live for tens of thousands of years without needing hibernation.

Therefore, her sacrifice became a song for future generations detailing the greatest love.

The Chi Clan became famous due to this story. They were founded by the two lovers and had always been reclusive. 

Later on, it became more well-known due to Scarlet Moon Dao Lord. The talented cultivator brought the clan back into Eight Desolaces. Otherwise, it would have been more forgotten.

“It’s just a false interpretation by future descendants.” Chi Xiaoyue sighed after seeing the excited Yang Ling.

Yang Ling calmed down and asked: “Senior Sister, is the story not true? Your progenitor wasn’t a mortal?”

“Our progenitor is indeed a mortal and his wife was a cultivator. However, a few things were exaggerated.” Xiaoyue had to reveal.

“So the story is still true.” Yang Ling let out a sigh of relief. The romantic tale was still grounded in reality.

“A mortal marrying a fairy must have been difficult.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“You really haven’t heard of it, Young Master? This tale is widespread in West King, there are many leisure books and plays about it.” Yang Ling was surprised.

“I see. It is worthy of being praised.” Li Qiye looked outside and chuckled.

This story amused him. People always wanted to embellish certain tales and legends. Alas, the truth was usually hidden. Plus, there was no point in digging it out.

Thus, Li Qiye himself also didn’t bother mentioning the minor details surfacing from his memories. It has been too long and he had almost forgotten about these people and events. This beautiful story and the perfect ending were better left alone.

“The inheritance of a bloodline, a sign of existence.” Li Qiye said sentimentally.

A dead person would eventually be forgotten. However, their bloodline could pass down for millions of years. At the very least, a piece of them continued to exist. Maybe in a sense, this was another reason for reproduction.

As Yang Ling was lost in appreciating the story, Chi Xiaoyue noticed Li Qiye’s strange expression. 

Though she couldn’t read him, she could see that he was thinking about something profound.

“What are you thinking about, Young Master?” She asked softly.

“I’m naturally appreciating the beautiful love, it’s not easy to be that dedicated to someone, very grand and admirable. A great outcome from a questionable beginning, a grand fortune after a potential disaster. This culminated into a perfect tale, few are as lucky.” Li Qiye stopped looking outside and said.

“Right, the ending is really perfect.” Yang Ling added.

“That’s what people say.” Xiaoyue nodded. Though exaggerated, this tale was still the beginning of her clan.

“Your progenitor’s wife is an amazing woman.” Li Qiye suddenly gave this opinion.

“You know more about the story?” Xiaoyue could tell that he knew something special. Today wasn’t the first time he heard of it.

“No, first time hearing this version.” Li Qiye chuckled, not worrying about the accuracies of the story. 

“You’ve heard other versions before?” Yang Ling became curious, wanting to know everything possible about this perfect love.

Li Qiye didn’t answer. He rather left future descendants with a perfect love story.

“Seems like my heart has grown soft with old age.” Li Qiye sighed and said.

“Old? Young Master, when we first met, I actually thought that you were younger than me.” Yang Ling stared at him and said.

Li Qiye smiled because Yang Ling couldn’t see through him.

On the other hand, Xiaoyue tilted her head while pondering. She thought that this guy was unfathomable.

Prior to this, she had heard about his experiences back in Myriad Beasts Mountain. Nonetheless, the students of Duality still talked about him with a touch of contempt.

Now, after actually meeting him, she thought that he wasn’t just a simple woodchopper.

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