Chapter 3638: Chi Xiaoyue

“The branch here of Wish Ward is the largest one in the southern West King, you can spend three days and three nights there and it still won’t be enough. I’ve been there several times so let me guide you, Young Master.” Yang Ling also wanted to follow along after hearing Li Qiye’s intent on visiting Wish Ward. 

Li Qiye agreed and told the old servant and Fan Bai to stay in Duality. He packed lightly before embarking.

Yang Ling was ecstatic to be able to tag along. She prepared in a jiffy and waited for Li Qiye.

The two of them only got out of the entrance for a bit before a carriage slowly stopped near them.

“Creak.” The carriage door opened and a gorgeous girl walked out, brightening the scene in the process with her presence.

She had a special characteristic - a half-moon mark on her forehead. It didn’t hinder her beauty in the slightest and actually made her even more visually interesting.

She had a light touch-up of umber-black dye for her eyebrows; bright eyes and white teeth and a perfectly oval face. Her features were perfectly balanced, meaning that it was beautiful from all angles. One would never get tired of looking at her.

She wore a simple, light yellow dress - elegant yet vivacious. A pendant with a few gems was chosen. They made her look both youthful and noble. This was quite suiting for her aura - refined yet still amicable, hidden yet still prestigious. People wouldn’t view her as being superior or conceited.

This was akin to having a noble or a big sister for a neighbor - something quite pleasant to enjoy.

She also had an air of auspicious clouds around her. They didn’t originate from a merit law or cultivation but rather innate. It made her look mysterious.

“Princess Ling, Young Noble Li, where are you going? Would you want a ride?” Her voice was pleasant like an oriole chirping.

“Senior Sister Xiaoyue, we’re going to Wish Ward.” Yang Ling seemed excited to see this girl.

“What a coincidence, me too. Let’s go together?” Her reserved smile resembled a blossoming apricot. 

“Young Master, is that okay?” Yang Ling stared at Li Qiye, awaiting his decision.

Duality Academy was far away from Buddha Emperor Division. Moving on feet would take a considerable amount of time regardless of their speed.

“It’s fine.” Li Qiye smiled and carefully judged the girl without holding back, checking her inside and out.

She seemed free-spirited and at ease, not offended by his prying eyes.

The group entered the carriage and their journey began. From the outside, it resembled an ordinary carriage but inside was an independent dimension looking like a palace. Thus, this was a mobile palace.

“Senior Sister Xiaoyue, you travel with style.” Yang Ling judged the carriage and praised. She was a regional princess of Vajra but didn’t have a mobile palace.

“A senior in the clan lent it to me since my house is far from Duality.” The girl smiled.

Possessing this artifact meant having a prestigious background. However, her pleasant words showed no sign of arrogance.

In the middle of the palace was a master chair. Li Qiye walked there and lay down without any hesitation. He seemed to be at home.

The girl usually rested there but she didn’t mind Li Qiye taking her spot.

“Young Master, Senior Sister is one of the five heroes of Duality.” Yang Ling introduced the two since she thought that Li Qiye didn’t know.

“My name is Chi Xiaoyue, though this is our first meeting, I have heard of your name before since you’re quite famous.” Chi Xiaoyue bowed slightly.

Her title was Exquisite Pagoda. She usually kept to herself the most out of the five heroes. Moreover, she was the only one not from the holy ground.

Her clan was an ancient one located at the end of Righteous Sect. A mortal would never be able to traverse this distance, hence her comment earlier about the far journey.

“Call me Young Master.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Yang Ling shrugged, having grown used to his attitude.

Xiaoyue was surprised but she didn’t find this off-putting. She bowed and said: “Deference is no substitute for obedience. Nice to meet you, Young Master.”

“You’re smarter than that lightning sword or whatever, way stronger than them too.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly.

“Thank you, Young Master, for your generous praise.” She bowed again in a humble manner.

“From the Chi?” Li Qiye asked.

“Yes, do you know our clan?” She asked, curious.

She was surprised because she heard that Li Qiye grew up in Myriad Beast Mountains and didn’t interact with outsiders. Moreover, they were so far away from the holy ground.

“I’ve read about your clan before.” He smiled before pausing a bit and adding: “Time flies by so fast, things have changed.” He seemed to be ruminating after saying this.

“Young Master, Senior Sister’s clan had a dao lord before.” Yang Ling was afraid that Li Qiye didn’t know.

“The ancestor didn’t accept this title.” Xiaoyue sighed and said: “Something happened back then and the ancestor left early, not comparable to the other dao lords.”

“That aside, your ancestor really became a dao lord. It’s just that something unfortunate happened.” Yang Ling replied.

The holy ground wasn’t around when the Chi had a dao lord. Unfortunately, this dao lord entered the Life Forbidden Zone and never came out. This was a tragedy for their clan.

Since the start of the Myriad Dao Era, dao lords rarely disappeared without a cause. An exception was their dao lord - Scarlet Moon.

Back in the Chaos Era, many dao lords died or disappeared for a multitude of reasons. However, after numerous expeditions from Duck Egg Dao Lord, Azure Ancestor, Space Dragon Emperor, Golem Ancestor, Sword Queen, and many others, Eight Desolaces stabilized.

That’s why the case of Scarlet Moon Dao Lord from the Myriad Dao Era was considered aberrant.

Xiaoyue smiled and didn’t say anything. She didn’t take it too seriously.

“Your blood is quite pure.” Li Qiye suddenly changed the topic: “Two different bloodlines, I see, half from Pure and half from Half-moon. Two in the same body yet still pure, extremely rare.”

“You can see it?” Chi Xiaoyue became startled.

Her bloodlines weren’t considered a secret or anything but she never told outsiders. Moreover, her clan was reclusive as well. Only a few outsiders actually knew about her two grand bloodlines. Now, Li Qiye whom she had never met before was privy to this information.

“Yes. Half-moon and Pure Blood Tribe, so long ago.” He looked to be pondering again after saying this. 

It was because he had nearly forgotten due to the passage of time.

“Young Master, how do you know so much about the Chi?” Yang Ling was surprised too.

She only knew that Xiaoyue was from the Chi. However, her knowledge was limited to general information. For example, the dao lord who had an unknown fate.

“I’ve read enough books.” Li Qiye smirked.

“Really?” Yang Ling was skeptical. She didn’t think that the bloodline thing would be written down.

“Then do you know the most famous story about the Chi? The one that is admired by all?” She wanted to test Li Qiye.

“What story?” Li Qiye smiled.

“You don’t know then, it’s a story envied by all future generations.” Yang Ling was happy to have the upper hand.

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