Chapter 3634: Buddha Bowing, Supremacy

Fan Bai reached the profound mysteries and dispelled all confusions at this moment.

There was only one phrase in her mind - Buddha Bowing.

All Buddhas shall bow before my supremacy…” She became immersed in an ocean of knowledge and fused with the boundless Buddhist dao.

“Start.” She spoke softly as if mumbling. However, everyone clearly heard her; the word continued to echo in their ears.

She closed her eyes and lowered her head, akin to a supreme Buddhist Lord ready to chant a great mantra. The gods and devils were instantly purified.

The students of Duality suddenly saw the scene changing, that Fan Bai was no longer a frightened girl or the Foredoomed Star. She was now an ancient Buddha from the past.

Just one word alone transformed her into this ultimate state. She could become the lord of a great domain, becoming part of the holy ground and an eternal Buddhist dao.

Yang Ling watched in astonishment. She had seen Fan Bai cultivating the simple movement before numerous times.

She thought that Fan Bai was wasting time and energy in doing so, going as far as wanting to teach her some merit laws from Duality.

The movement was considered simple and meaningless. It couldn’t be viewed as a technique. Even the simplest martial art from the mortal world was a hundred times better. Of course, this all changed once Fan Bai assumed her sacred state.

“Is this magic? We’re seeing things, right?” Some students composed themselves and shook their head.

“We’ll see about that! This is nothing but trickery, you can’t scare us. Let’s go!” Zhang Changyu shouted and glanced at his teammates.

He was the first to attack with a horizontal slash unleashing torrential waves of a dark green shade. They wanted to swallow Fan Bai and pierce her heart.

Yan Jingxuan also made his move by taking one powerful step forward to slam his sledgehammer downward: “Break!”

He released explosive sound waves with unstoppable momentum. The terrains in front were decimated.

“My turn!” Huang Qibing also attacked with haste, using both halberds at the same time. The right halberd resembled a black dragon with sharp claws capable of lacerating everything. The left halberd assumed the shape of a phoenix. It flapped its wings and shot out gales and feathers - all aiming at Fan Bai’s weak spots.

These three weren’t the best students in Duality. However, they were far stronger than cultivators at the same age.

On the other hand, Fan Bai was a junior who had only started cultivating recently. She absolutely stood zero chance.

Normally, just Changyu alone was more than enough to deal with someone like her. It was shocking to see the three working together. People would have made fun of them for doing so.

“How could a little girl stop their combined attack?” One student said: “Li Qiye is so despicable, offering the girl to them…”

As the three moves were soaring towards her, she finally lifted her hand in what seems to be slow motion.

However, she wasn’t that slow. It’s just that time and space seemed to be freezing from her hand movement. A new momentum was rising along with Buddhist mantra and grand dao.


This new affinity was firmly within her grasp. It felt so natural and voluntary. Fan Bai had a new aura but there was also a hint of Li Qiye’s presence.

“Buzz.” A Buddhist radiance engulfed her. Laws of this doctrine accumulated around her and mantras could be heard. Each could flatten 100,000 miles of land.

Her true fate emerged as she turned into the lord of Buddhism. The laws and dao of this belief seemed to be originating from her.

The students had no idea that in the holy land right now, the power of this affinity was gushing out just like an endless ocean. It continued flowing and entered her body, allowing her to use it freely.


In this blink of an eye on White Deer Peak, an old man opened his eyes and became startled: “Who is using this Buddhist power?” 

He activated his heavenly gaze and instantly saw Fan Bai’s hand movement since he was the closest there.


In an old shrine in Heavenly Dragon Temple, an aged monk felt this power and couldn’t sit still. He stared towards the horizon and placed his palms together: “Amitabha, a fortune for Buddhism.”


In a pavilion inside Divine Ghost Division, one old man stood up. His blood eyes could see through the samsara. He became startled and said: “Who is it? To have such high attainment in Buddhism, a high monk from Heavenly Dragon Temple?”


Deep in the royal palace of Vajra, two people became alarmed. One of them looked around, shocked. “There are only two people in the holy ground that can channel this much power, the donkey from Heavenly Dragon and that man, how can he be alive?”

The other smiled wryly and shook his head: “Another potential unrest, what a shame.”


Alas, these great masters failed to see one thing, even the old man in Duality didn’t notice it despite being so close.

They only saw how Fan Bai was channeling Buddhist energy from the holy ground, not that she has taken root in the ocean of Buddhism. There was a sliver of a different power emanating from her. It was murderous and contained the might of the high heaven.

However, its murderous affinity has been purified. Even those who could sense it wouldn’t think of it as aggressive, only that it was one of the purest forces in existence - the force of life.

This unique power was fusing perfectly with Fan Bai. The holy ground of Buddhism began serving to gestate this power along with Fan Bai.

On the other hand, this power also gave back to the holy ground. It refined worldly energies and essences then sent some back. Thus, the two affinities complemented each other in an immaculate manner.

Unfortunately, no one understood this wondrous process and that when Li Qiye changed Fan Bai’s fate, he also established a foundation for her to utilize these energies. Fan Bai herself had no idea.

“Boom!” The three opponents were confident of their sure-kill moves. Alas, they were blown flying and started vomiting blood. They then smashed into the ground, bloodied.

The spectators became astounded; some didn’t believe their own eyes at this battle that had just abruptly ended.


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