Chapter 3611: Stone Chair Smash

Zhang Changyu immediately accused Li Qiye of a serious crime so that he would have the advantage.

“Zhang Changyu, what rubbish are you spewing?” Yang Ling wasn’t an idiot and could see that this would look quite bad for Li Qiye.

Yang Ling’s harsh comment in public embarrassed him. His expression turned to an unsightly shade of red.

He had a crush on her for a very long time now but she always picked Li Qiye’s side over him. This was too much to take.

“Regional Princess, I’m merely telling the truth. This guy is disrespecting our founder. Students like us have the responsibility to uphold the academy’s prestige. Why do you keep on protecting him? He’s not a student here.” He retorted.

A few students exchanged glances and started whispering. They obviously knew that Zhang Changyu had a hidden agenda. Li Qiye might have been haughty and ridiculous; disrespectful might be taking it too far.

They smiled since Zhang Changyu was being too obvious at assigning a crime to Li Qiye. Of course, they wouldn’t bother standing up for the guy.

They had no relationship with Li Qiye. Moreover, he wasn’t from Duality Academy while Zhang Changyu was a noble.

“The audacity!” Yang Ling’s expression soured as she shouted back: “If you wish to push the issue, then I’ll teach you a lesson. Let’s see if you have improved recently.” She took out her weapon.

Zhang Changyu staggered backward, not expecting the sudden eruption. His face turned redder since the situation became more awkward.

Many friends knew about his crush. Now, she even wanted to fight him in order to protect this savage. It made it difficult for him to look others in the eye.

He trembled with rage and glared at Li Qiye. All of his anger was directed towards him.

“Junior Sister, why are you angry? Changyu isn’t wrong.” A firm voice interrupted them.

People looked back and saw an older youth with many students following behind him.

He was handsome and had an innate air of nobility. His robe was outlined in gold, accentuating his aura. He was clearly born a noble.

“The young duke is here.” Others came forward to greet him. He clearly had a good social network at the academy.

“Senior Brother Yan.” Changyu also came over.

“Yan Jingxuan.” Yang Ling snorted, not giving him any face.

This newcomer was older and stronger than both Yang Ling and Yang Changyu. Most importantly, he was from the Yan. 

His father contributed enough to the dynasty to earn the duke title. He was quite mighty as well.

Furthermore, their clan was on the side of the Grand Chancellor. Thus, their backing was quite influential.

Jingxuan came over and took a look at Li Qiye: “This must be Young Master Li from Myriad Beast Mountains. Since you’re from the mountain range, you might not be familiar with certain rules. Just keep in mind that you do need to follow them while staying at Duality. Please show self-control.” 

“I am the rules.” Li Qiye chuckled and said without a care.

The students thought that they were hearing things. Though Jingxuan was threatening Li Qiye and backing Changyu up, he kept it polite.

On the other hand, Li Qiye showed zero civility and retaliated with a verbal slap. Jingxuan’s eyes turned cold as a result.

He was powerful and came from a prestigious clan. Few students from Duality dared to talk to him in this manner, let alone a woodchopper.

“This guy is insane. Duality isn’t a place for him to rampage.” One student shook his head.

“He is from the wilderness and doesn’t understand the complicated political scene at Vajra. Being drawn in will end with death.” An older student added.

Both the Zhang and the Yan were under the faction of the Grand Chancellor. That’s why they supported each other.

“Who the hell do you think you are?! Keep running your mouth shamelessly and you’ll see death-” Zhang Changyu shouted.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, the sky suddenly turned dark and he couldn’t finish his words. 

“Ah!” He couldn’t dodge in time and was smashed by something. Numerous bones were broken.

People calmed down and saw the weapon employed by Li Qiye - the stone chair on top of the boulder.

It belonged to Duality Master so it had a special significance at the academy. Now, it was used earlier to smash Changyu in a merciless manner. Most students had no idea how Li Qiye even did it; they didn’t see anything.

“What are you doing?!” Yan Jingxuan shouted and rushed forward.

“Slow down now.” Li Qiye moved his foot on top of Changyu’s head.

Jingxuan stopped right away, afraid that Li Qiye might stomp down and crush the guy’s head.

The crowd became restless. Li Qiye attacked without any warning and his weapon of choice was the most surprising thing.

No one in the academy would dare to touch that stone chair. Li Qiye was an exception.

“Isn’t this brat too cruel? He needs to at least say something first before attacking. It’s despicable.” One student quietly said.

“It’s because you don’t understand him.” Another said: “His cultivation is weak but he’s definitely brutal. I saw him schemed an army to death without batting an eye. One hundred thousand men died and their blood flowed like rivers. Killing one Zhang Changyu is nothing in comparison.”

“You’re right, he’s a monster.” A different student smiled wryly: “But this isn’t Myriad Beast. I don’t think an escalation will end well for him.”

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Changyu was both afraid and furious since Li Qiye’s foot was on top of his head.

“This is only a warning. Run your mouth in front of me again and it’ll be death.” Li Qiye looked down at him.

“You-” Zhang Changyu wanted to speak but couldn’t since Li Qiye pressed his foot down on the guy’s mouth.

Changyu couldn’t handle this public humiliation and was as livid as can be.

“Enough! Your action is over the top, too arrogant! This is Duality Academy!” Jingxuan furiously roared.

“So what? The location doesn’t matter to me.” Li Qiye replied.

“...” Jingxuan wasn’t used to this type of treatment before, leaving him at a loss for words.

Li Qiye stopped caring and walked away. Yang Ling regained her wits and hurriedly followed him.

Jingxuan watched the two of them leave; his eyes flashed with murderous intent.

“That brat’s movement earlier… it looks like one of the diagrams…” An extremely talented student among the crowd murmured. The way Li Qiye lifted up that chair seemed familiar.

“Impossible, he didn’t even practice, how could he perform one?” Another shook his head.

“It’s just a coincidence. There’s no way a woodchopper like him can understand the diagrams.” No one accepted that Li Qiye’s move originated from the diagram.

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