Chapter 3610: Too Easy

“You can wave and guess another billion times and you still won’t be able to learn the mysteries of the diagrams.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head while looking at Yang Ling’s bitter expression.

“Why not?” Her bright eyes brimmed with curiosity.

“Because the diagrams weren’t created for your eyes, only a certain few.” Li Qiye revealed.

“For who? Who can understand them?” She asked.

“Someone who has understood the mysteries of the dao.” Li Qiye stared at the diagram and had a strange smile full of implications.

“Young Master, can you understand them? Or at least notice some clues?” Yang Ling was drawn in by the mysterious smile and asked.

“Yes, I understand them.” Li Qiye’s smile became brighter.

This comment instantly attracted everyone’s attention. The conversation earlier didn’t garner any because there were more than a thousand students here.

They grouped up and talked among themselves with a focus on the diagrams. No one paid attention to Li Qiye and Yang Ling.

However, when Li Qiye said that he understood them, the entire crowd was struck. Eyes were on him, wide open.

Even Yang Ling stared at him; the word “disbelief” clearly written on her face.

“Who is he?” Many had no idea who Li Qiye was.

“That’s the guy who rode the boar.” This entry of his had left a deep impression on the spectators. 

Not many actually came to Myriad Beast Mountains and saw him so the entry period was a bigger focus.

“So that’s him.” The students have definitely heard of this event.

“Where is he from, why is he shameless enough to make this claim?” Another student asked.

Skepticism was warranted in this case due to historical precedence. How could a junior like Li Qiye, a guy who rode a boar to the academy, dare to disrespect the wise sages before him?

“He’s from Myriad Beast Mountains.” One student had a guarded expression when talking about Li Qiye: “He summoned thousands of chaos primal beasts and massacred armies. He’s no slouch.” The bloody massacre was still haunting him recently.

“Yes, a teacher called him the son of the mountains, the favorite of the beasts.” Another student added.

“This isn’t Myriad Beast Mountains. Moreover, how can a wild child understand the mysteries left behind by Duality Master? He probably hasn’t even learned that many merit laws and they’re probably below average.” Someone who was there disagreed.

The two sides started talking about this matter.

“Young Master, which diagram and movement do you understand?” Yang Ling asked, not wanting to be presumptuous. She didn’t think that he understood the entire thing. Just understanding one diagram or seeing one clue was amazing enough.

“The entire thing.” Li Qiye nonchalantly responded.

“The entire thing?!” Yang Ling accidentally raised her voice due to the shock.

No genius or master in history has been able to understand the diagrams. Dhyana Dao Lord might be the only exception. Now, a nameless junior said that he understood the whole thing.

“Impossible.” A student retorted with haste. He snorted and said: “Just understanding one or two diagrams means that you can go down in history. What a joke, do you think you’re Dhyana Dao Lord?”

“According to the records, Sword God didn’t understand when Duality Master was carving down the diagrams. He asked and the master only answered with a smile. Do you know who Sword God is and what he represented during that era?” Another student voiced his disbelief.

In fact, no one here took him seriously because it was impossible. Some looked at him with disdain. Others didn’t bother commenting because there was no need to pay attention to a braggart.

“Young Master Li, please mind your words because this is Duality Academy, not Myriad Beast Mountains. You can say whatever you want back there due to a lack of listeners. Here, there are too many ears, it’ll bring needless trouble to you.” A kind soul reminded Li Qiye. One needed to be able to back up outrageous claims here or trouble would come.

“Yes, only the fish and birds listen to your crap back at the mountain range. Now, you have to be responsible for your words. It’s better to stop bragging from now on.” Another murmured.

“Young Master, even Sword God didn’t understand it.” Yang Ling quietly told Li Qiye.

She thought that he would be able to understand one or two diagrams but certainly not the whole thing. That’s why she reminded him with good intention.

“It’s not difficult at all. Duality Master’s intent is very short and simple.” Li Qiye smiled without bothering to look at the crowd.

“How audacious, to call an eternal mystery short and simple.” One unhappy student immediately blurted out.

“It’s true, you’re being too arrogant.” Even the neutral crowd started shaking their head, thinking that Li Qiye was being disrespectful to Duality Master.

“I heard someone was being ridiculous here. So it’s the brat from Myriad Beast Mountains.” A sneer came about.

People looked over and saw a group of friends approaching. The one in front was none other than Zhang Changyu. [1]

“Brat, you don’t know who Duality Master is? He’s the founder of our academy, the most peerless and brilliant existence in history. Your careless comments disparage both his prestige and the academy’s.” Zhang Changyu got close to Li Qiye and coldly uttered.

1. This used to be Zhang Yu. Zhang Changyu is correct

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