Chapter 3609: Who Can Understand?

Many diagrams were carved on the front of the boulder. Each was a simple movement - clearly depicting a merit law.

Yang Ling hurriedly pulled Li Qiye through the crowd so that they could look at the diagrams.

Today, the boulder served as a spiritual totem of the academy, not to mention the merit law left behind by Duality Master.

“This is the only merit law Duality Master left to the academy.” Yang Ling enthusiastically told Li Qiye.

This was also quite unbelievable. The founder of the academy only left one merit law to his legacy? This was another hot topic when it came to the academy. 

Nonetheless, the academy’s library of merit laws was definitely second to none in Eight Desolaces. 

They were all-inclusive from the myriad sects in the world. During the first day, numerous sects came to give the academy their scriptures. Even the holy ground gave the academy its strongest art - Buddha’s Six Dao created by Buddha Dao Lord.

This was Sacred Mountain’s ultimate art but they weren’t stingy with it.

Apricot Dao Lord also gave her own creation to the academy. Then there were masters from True Immortal, Pure Yang Clan, Lion’s Roar Country, and Righteous Sect; they also gave the academy equivalent merit laws.

Later on, the alumni added more to the list - Three Truths Dao Lord, Dhyana Dao Lord, Heaven Devourer Dao Lord…

All of these arts made the academy unique in Eight Desolaces. This made its founder seem rather stingy in comparison.

Of course, no one knew if it was only one merit law on this boulder. There could be more hidden here.

Because the diagrams were left behind by Duality, virtually all students would come here at least once to take a look. The majority also wanted to comprehend it.

According to the rumors, this merit law was nothing short of being unmatched and unbelievably mighty.

Numerous students were copying the movements and actions of the diagrams, waving their hands and such.

Unfortunately, this yielded zero results. Their effort didn’t matter. They eventually thought that these were simple and meaningless movements.

Some considered the little details of the diagram. There must be certain things hidden there. Alas, they didn’t find anything worthwhile.

“Did Duality Master really leave behind an unbeatable merit law?” One student who failed eventually became skeptical.

“Hard to say.” Another answered. 

In reality, he wasn’t the only one. If these diagrams weren’t left behind by Duality Master, they would have thought that these were ugly drawings. The carver was just trying to be mysterious.

Alas, since it was indeed created by Duality Master, who would dare to call it a pretentious and ugly art piece?

“Maybe we’re approaching this from the wrong angle.” One student spent half a day here and eventually gave up: “Don’t forget, Duality Master is a mortal. His perspective on cultivation might be completely different than ours.”

“That makes sense, maybe the movements are meant as exercises.” Another student thought that this wasn’t a merit law but didn’t dare to be too blunt.

“It’s not an exercise. This is absolutely a profound merit law. A dao lord once said that someone who understands the diagrams already has a firm grasp on the real meanings of the grand dao.” An older student shook his head.

The crowd exchanged glances. No one would doubt the words of a dao lord. They weren’t qualified to do so regardless of their talents.

“Has anyone done so in history?” A student asked curiously while looking at the diagrams.

“No.” The older student pondered before answering: “However, I’ve heard from Teacher Xiahou that after becoming a dao lord, Dhyana Dao Lord returned and stood before this boulder for a long time.”

“Dhyana Dao Lord?” The crowd became silent after hearing this title.

Buddha Holy Ground was a lineage with four dao lords. Dhyana was the third but some actually considered him the strongest, even surpassing Buddha Dao Lord.

There was a phrase in the holy ground - ask Buddha Dao Lord regarding Buddhism; Vajra Dao Lord for military questions; Dhyana Dao Lord for cultivation.

In fact, some listed Dhyana among the top ten dao lords with regard to strictly cultivation. 

“Rumor has it that Dhyana Dao Lord has finished the Buddhaomization Chapter so his grand dao attainment is incredible. I think he might have figured it out.” One student said with admiration.

“One of the Tetra Zen, Buddhaomization.” Another student added.

The dao lord used to be a prince who studied at the academy. He eventually came across a fortune containing a legendary scripture - Buddhaomization Chapter of the Tera Zen. This allowed him to become a Buddhist dao lord.

“You’re right, he should have been able to do it.” One more student said.

All eyes were on the older student, eagerly awaiting an answer. 

“I mean, a dao lord, the great Dhyana, should be able to figure it out, right?” Another murmured.

The older student smiled wryly and shook his head: “I don’t know. Teacher Xiahou said that he was here for three days and three nights. When he was about to leave, he only said excellent and nothing else.” [1]

The students exchanged glances, unaware of the actual result.

“Excellent?” One student pondered and said: “This is either a praise or an expression of admiration. It means that the dao lord has understood its profundity or the meanings of the diagrams. Duality Master must be trying to convey something with them.”

“The dao lord might have understood but he didn’t tell anyone else about the true nature of the diagrams.” The mystery remained.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while looking at the diagrams. It grew wider as if he was enjoying the work of art.

On the other hand, Yang Ling was imitating the movements in an earnest manner. Of course, she wasn’t the only one who did this. 

Unfortunately, this method didn’t yield any fruit.

“Sigh, I’ve copied them down and memorized them long ago. It’s useless, I have no idea what they are.” Yang Ling had a helpless expression.

1. Buddhist phrase that is translated as excellent/wonderful. Similar to amitabha

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