Chapter 3608: Daoslay Trinary

Only a few moves were carved on the boulder. Nonetheless, these cuts depicted a great master unleashing his supreme technique.

The gales emanating from them were incredible as if Mad Blade was here in person - one cut to split the sky and all momentums. He could look down on the world with his saber attainment.

During a careful observation, one would find themselves being engulfed by the saber momentum. Their legs would start trembling. A weaker cultivator wouldn’t be able to finish looking at one variation.

Mad Blade was true to his title. During his youth, he was insanely arrogant especially during his time at the academy.

His saber style was the same - unbridled and wild, brimming with arrogance. Because of this, people had different opinions regarding him.

Both Li Qiye and the old servant were looking at the saber technique.

“A load of crap.” The old man smiled and said: “So arrogant after learning a few mediocre slashes, thinking about invincibility already. Foolishness.”

“It’s okay.” Li Qiye responded: “There are flaws but calling it a supreme saber art isn’t an exaggeration. Just need to fix it and it’ll be immaculate.”

“You have any good ideas, Young Master?” The old man said.

“I’m sure you have better ones brewing in your mind since you have been looking at them for so long. Your ideas are more fleshed out.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“The saber always has flaws so the same with this dao.” The old man sentimentally said: “Even if I were to change these techniques, they won’t be better in the slightest. A few things are done and over with.”

“There are no perfect merit laws. To not have any is the real perfection. One can only try to improve infinitely. Each technique and move need flaws to have power.” Li Qiye continued: “Plus, the users matter too. A perfect merit law used by a weak cultivator would be full of openings. But a worthless move employed by a top master? It’ll be inches from perfection. Just focus on the user instead of the techniques. In a sense, merit laws shouldn’t be classified as weak or strong; all originated from the source of the grand dao. Only external factors distinguish them.”

“How insightful, Young Master.” The old man clapped and said: “So you’re unhappy with the current classification for merit laws?”

“Not to that extent, it’s just that people have different perspectives depending on their height.” Li Qiye said.

He paused for a bit and continued: “When taking the mysteries of the grand dao into account, it’s not wise to classify merit laws. However, it is useful for beginners to start with the right ones. This does limit their learning though, won’t be able to go farther and see the real profundity.”

“You’re right, Young Master.” The old man agreed: “Even yellow-level merit laws have a dao that can be comparable to the heaven level or even reach the limit of the dao. Unfortunately, the classification limited it to the yellow level.”

“But those with mediocre talents and a weak dao heart would find them easier to learn. Moreover, suitable merit laws at the right level will be more effective than higher-level ones.” Li Qiye defended the other side.

“True, power isn’t reliant on the level but rather suitability.” The old man nodded.

Li Qiye then turned towards the boulder and touched the cuts: “The slashes are too violent and direct, lowering the momentum by thirty percent will actually make it stronger and more flexible. It only needs three forms possessing both offense and defense. Such a technique will allow one to have unlimited murderous potential and the might to face all foes in a decisive manner…”

His touch penetrated the current saber technique. He then gradually moved his palms together and the cuts suddenly started moving as well. They changed and were united together into three slashes.

This was the result of numerous refinements and simplification, culminating in a domineering and violent saber technique capable of splitting the heaven.

“Incredible, this is absolutely unstoppable…” The old man’s eyes lit up after seeing the technique’s final form. He was able to see the countless variations and transformations of the three slashes.

Just like that, three supreme saber dao came into being.

“Invincibility…” The old man became immersed by the new dao, reaching sublimation. The three slashes opened a new door for him, allowing him to see the apex.

Li Qiye pulled his hands back and the light dispersed. The saber technique remained the same as before; everything just now seemed to be an illusion.

“This supreme saber technique deserves a name.” The old man regained his wits and requested.

“Hmm, call it Daoslay Trinary.” Li Qiye casually named it.

“Daoslay Trinary, I like it.” The old man thought that the name was suitable and wonderful. He clapped and sighed, still indulging in the great technique.

Li Qiye chuckled and left the old man to himself.

“Young Master, it’s been long enough that I thought that the gales have knocked you unconscious. I was about to go look for you. How are you doing?” Yang Ling heaved a sigh of relief and looked at him from top to bottom.

“I’m fine, my body is tough. That wasn’t enough to injure me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Then let’s keep going up. The next place is the lecture location of Duality Master.” Yang Ling grabbed Li Qiye’s hand again.

This area was referred to as the Enlightenment Platform. It hasn’t changed much after millions of years due to its significance for both Duality and the world.

It was located at the pinnacle of Comprehension. The place was flat and open with a single boulder next to the precipice.

Duality Boulder sat on top of this boulder to preach to the top masters from all over the world previously - Apricot Dao Lord, top Heavenly Sovereigns such as Sword God, old men that have been reclusive for millions of years…

On the boulder was a stone chair, quite large and simple. Nonetheless, it looked like a throne for an existence capable of grasping the universe.

The two saw many students gathered here. Some wanted to take a look at the famous dao platform. Others meditated in order to learn the dao, hoping to take advantage of the special atmosphere.

“Our Duality Master gave lectures in this place. It used to be lively beyond imagination due to the participants including reclusive masters…” Yang Ling spoke as if she was here in person back then.

This was understandable. All students took pride in this spot; it symbolized the prestige of the academy.

Remember, Duality Master was only a mortal yet the apex cultivators still came to listen - a powerful dao lord and people who have lived millions of years...

This was so unbelievable and illogical. However, it all made sense because the main character was Duality Master.

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